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rich man poor woman eps 5-11 (end)

originally posted in April 2014.

episode 5

looks like makoto and hyuga went on a field trip. it’s nice to see a story progression on how a system or a project is built from the concept to the testing and the problems related to it like servers, funding, etc. i also liked seeing hyuga the young entrepreneur and aoyama the old entrepreneur meet – hyuga can learn a thing or two from him. i like how makoto is always there supporting him and giving him (or reminding him?) a fresh perspective – i dont think hyuga has a lot of confidantes in the office, except for asahina.


speaking of asahina, he is slowly turning into the bad friend i was fearing him to be. the first few episodes we saw him being such a good friend and mentor but suddenly, because of that one thing sakuragi said in the second episode about him being a coward who never fails, he is now harboring plans to put down hyuga.. now i wonder how long he has been stirring in jealousy and harboring such thoughts about hyuga. when hyuga proposed selling his shares i immediately knew that was asahina’s plan to become a major shareholder and force him out.. but what’s the point? he would get the company but hyuga is the heart and soul of the company. i doubt if asahina is a genius enough to take over or maybe he just wants to prove to hyuga that he bested him? as for hyuga, that would be a huge blow to him, being betrayed by a good friend and losing the company but then so what? he can just put up another company — im sure all the employees would gladly leave asahina and follow him.. i guess his only problem would be funding. but if a person is good and he creates a good product then success and money will eventually follow him.

i still dont know about yoko – i still think she is nothing but an extra person that hyuga interacts with.. i also dont know how he feels about her.. does he like her or is he attracted to her? what about makoto? does he think of makoto only as his cute annoying secretary / toy to play with?

episode 6

asahina suddenly confessing to it a ruse or is it for real? to me it feels forced.. and a little creepy. at first i like yoko and her forwardness to hyuga.. now it just feels desperate. i feel bad for hyuga.. and you can see that when he feels sad his thoughts are of makoto.. i guess he’s starting to feel something for her? i hope? 🙂 i would like to see how the writers will handle the whole personal info leak story – will this drag on until he discovers it was asahina?

episode 7

big things happened in this episode. finally, asahina stopped manipulating from behind the scenes and started fighting hyuga face to face like a man – even though the way he did it is still from behind, at least now that it’s all out in the open, the battle can start. the show doesn’t really give us a hint of what asahina is plotting so kinda hard to determine what he is doing – at first, seems like he got hyuga moved to VP role but then at the last part, hyuga announced that he was not only stepping down as president, but also quitting the company – is that what asahina originally wanted? or he’s also surprised/ecstatic by this surprising move?

also, im glad that sakuragi called hyuga to warn him about asahina. you can really see that if you treat a person well, they will repay that favor in kindness too. i dont know why yamagami decided to side with asahina, i was hoping he was the sane one who will side with hyuga.

again im saying that hyuga may have left the company and asahina got next innovation, but how is he confident that he can bring next innovation to the next level when the real brain is gone? he does have the personal file project – and i guess hyuga can’t take it with him since it is next innovation’s project now.

i love how makoto is so sweet and really wants to stay beside hyuga but sometimes i want to smack some sense into her. she always misses her interviw for hyuga. girl – if he wants you, he will come to you so just focus on your work. and in the first part of the episode during dinner and when makoto and hyuga were walking.. hyuga may not speak much but his eyes and actions betray his feelings. oguri is such a great actor! plus, i feel that hyuga likes her, he just doesn’t want to make a move now.. just like he told makoto.. to focus on herself first.

about yoko..i understand she is torn between her brother and hyuga.. if it were me i probably would have a hard time.. protect your brother or tell your crush about your brother’s evil plans? and i think the cute sous chef likes yoko 🙂

episode 8

what a sad episode! the ultimate betrayal by asahina and the humiliation hyuga faced in front of the staff made me cry. i want hyuga to rise up and crush asahina!!! and i was a little happy that yoko slapped her brother infront of everyone! and for makoto to reject asahina. i love how makoto is so cheerful and sunshiney and she made the cutest and sweetest love confession. now hyuga can you please kiss her?


episode 9

guess this episode was needed to see how hyuga will start from scratch and how makoto will help / transform him to become a better person.


episode 10

so cute to see hyuga agonize and miss makoto — guess this was needed for hyuga to be able to sort out his feelings for her.

i wish it was makoto who was with hyuga when he met his mom but it was funny to see him in makoto’s family’s restaurant and her family is talking about him. and i guess this was a continuation of when yoko and hyuga met on a train years ago (and their closure). i still believe yoko as a character was not necessary at all (except to provide a fake rival for makoto)

im not sure why and i dont agree with hyuga going back to next innovation but i guess the moral of the story is being able to forgive asahina and that their friendship is strong. i do feel bad about wonder wall team (those who trusted and followed hyuga ended up with sakuragi). if hyuga has to come back to next innovation, i want to see the board of directors and shareholders grovel and beg him to come back!

lastly, i agree that makoto needs to work away from him – so that she can find her own happiness and forge her own career path. but ggrrrr!!! i didn’t even realize that when hyuga told her that he is now looking for someone else, that makoto will think of asahina! i guess same with hyuga and when she told hyuga that she’s working for the lab, he decided not to correct her. arggh!!! i was shouting on the screen at hyuga and telling him to go back and run after makoto and tell her he loves her! they can still be together even if they’re working in different companies!!!


episode 11

perfect way to wrap up the series!
toru is back as head of next innovation, joins hands with ji tech to save the company like what asahina wanted, asahina and toru are friends again, yoko and asahina reconciles and the only thing left is for toru to finally confess his feelings to makoto.
i understand makoto.. she wants to know where she stands with toru and toru does not know how to show his feelings. for the first few minutes when he blew up at makoto for going to brazil and insulting her job, argh i wanted to tell him no, but im glad he immediately called up makoto to apologize. and it’s so nice that everytime there is something he feels happy about, makoto is the first one he calls up.
the confession at the airport is so cute and heartfelt.. they are so adorable together!


so toru’s team is back at next innovation.. so what happened to wonder wall? a year and 9 months later we see asahina is back too and it was a heartfelt moment.. i still dont know what to think of this but the writer wants a happy ending and i guess im fine with it. and the surprise when makoto comes back is so wonderful!!


overall, this was a great show! im so glad i took the time to watch this! and this will definitely go into my favorites list!

can’t wait to watch the SP!


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