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laurel tree tailors eps 21-25

some quick thoughts as i watched the episodes

-love that they won the tailor competition. im really hoping that their shop will be as big and famous as meesa apparel. i didnt like that hyosang had to cheat. he was able to push dongjin out, cant he at least be fair and face him equally?


-dongjin is slowly showing that he likes her and he is so sweet. so funny that he was still denying that he liked her and how she was so direct in asking him. at this point im not sure how she feels about him.


-dongsook’s new suitor’s lips are distracting lol. he is half funny half annoying and i think it is just because he is an old bachelor. i think he is a good catch for someone who would love how rich and thrifty he is (and he does not look bad for his age) ,  but just not suited to dong sook as she is more the romantic type and doesnt really care about money. but for now i find it entertaining to watch them together. i hope more than the comic relief, dong sook will learn to become a better person and find her own happiness.


-it is nice that sun nyeo is having more friends, esp with hyosang’s mom. i find both of them funny and they definitely need more friends that support them. but sun nyeo’s jealousy is starting to get tiring. sam do is obviously very loyal and puts up with her craziness and she should support him more. i know sam do can be weak and a softie but sun nyeo keeps throwing tantrums and getting angry. she should use her energy in helping her husband with their money problems.



-aww grandpa giving grandma the ring is so sweet. but I feel sad knowing that the actress is gone.


-yunshil felt disappointed when dongjin said he gave her a wrong idea and treats her as a coworker. guess it looks like she also like him and as confused as him. sometimes i dont know if she is just naive but i want dongjin to just grab her and kiss her senseless lol (that would be an unforgettable birthday gift)  but it is good to keep them apart now while they are figuring out their feelings.

-hyowon is always putting the blame and getting angry at nice taeyang when she cant control her own feelings. i liked her when was more caring and less whiny and fake

-sungjoon needs to be more flexible. he wont be able to find work if he keeps singing the same song and insisting that he is a rock ballad singer. cant he understand that rock is out and he has to follow the trend if he wants to come back? it is not selling out if he tries other genres like trot. instead i think it is a challenge to his artistry and will expand his range. if he really is an artist he can take anything and make it his own. i hope his storyline gets better.


-okay felt like sungjoon heard me coz he finally cut his godawful hair and moustache and took the trot singer job at the cabaret. but dang here cones dongsook again pulling him down with her naive idealistic dreams. now i feel bad for mr park. i think he is trying his best and he deserves someone way better than dumb dongsook.


-wow that love call confession from dongjin and them meeting face to face as yunshil hears him say i like you is daebak!

-oh no that was not the reaction i was expecting from Yun shil. im confused. does she like him or not?? i understand she cant believe that a guy like him would like her, but dong jin already said he did and she just left and doing embrassing stuff. so does she just feel awkward? she really hasnt thought abt him? or she is so happy that she cant work?

-(on a side note, im happy to hear that the actors got married in real life and expecting a baby!) i know they prolly rushed the marriage and that they have been only dating for a while (and lee dong gun just broke up  with jiyeon), but sometimes when the right person comes, there will be no hesitation and you just know it. the number of years wouldnt matter.

-woohoo! i love how fierce tae yang is to hyo sang. i do hope tae yang brings him down coz hyo sang is such a petty jerk. so will tae yang join wolgyesu? i hope he does. still dont like the whiny hyowon. right now she is not what tae yang needs.. another female who is weak that he has to take care of. he needs a kick ass girlfriend who will support him and appreciate, not a psycho needy girl. gah!!! tell me that was not tae yangs heart beating!!!

-yay tae yang finally moved on from ji yun and deleted her number. nice to see cold hearted gold digger drunk and miserable.. looks like she hasnt moved on. hyo won moving out of her house and into tae yangs dorm house is hilarious!! maybe we will see more cuteness and less neediness in the next episodescry.JPG


-i like how tae yang told dong jin to keep pushing forward like a bulldozer and he is relentlessly pursuing yun shil. in real life i would probably be as annoyed as yun shil too. and she finally turned him down. not sure what the reason is but i hope it is because she doesnt like him yet so that it wouldnt feel rushed and the storyline can be exolored further in the next few episodes.

that’s it for now. on to the new 10 episodes!


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