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The Lonely and Great God: Goblin Episode 03

Eun-tak sees the sword! It is quite odd why she didn’t tell Kim Shin that she can actually see it. (By the way, I tried editing my photo with a sword stuck to my body as well. turned out nice after all LOL)


It is safe to assume that this whole time, he’s had the sword stuck in his heart and the show just chose not to show it? It does quite feel odd if we see every scene that the sword is stuck through his chest.

We all know how care-free both Grim Reaper and Kim Shin can be, well there you have it. Deok-hwa now knows that the tenant is a Grim Reaper. I feel bad when Kim Shin said that he was a murderer before in his past life. It goes to show that even Grim Reapers have feelings as well and they might be sensitive about it.

We get to see the first encounter of Sunny and Grim Reaper. It felt really awkward, yet very funny at the same time. This leads to my next question: What is their connection to each other and why does the deity have in mind for those two to meet?


But far and away, I’m really loving the Reaper-Goblin duo, because no matter how much they bicker and say they hate each other, they’re clearly having a bond for each other, and it refreshing to see that both lonely souls have a friend (who is your rival also) who understands a bit of what it feels like to have a curse. I mean, sure Reaper would love to see our Goblin die, and Goblin says he hates a Reaper in every lifetime, but it took about two minutes after actually hurting his feelings to go and make up. Their tandem is really worth watching.


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