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The Lonely and Great God: Goblin Episode 04

When we see something unusual from our morning newspaper, blame it to Kim Shin. His mood swings was reduced to being a modern bipolar syndrome. It’s kinda funny when it was outlined one by one. It’s also funny to see Deok-Hwa serving the bad news to him and for Kim Shin to see in disbelief.


Remember the kid that he helped out in Paris in the 60s? It turns out that he became a lawyer for the needy people. This scene really touched my heart as he explained that he helped a lot of people throughout his existence and yet very few made the choice to make their lives better after a miracle was handed out to them. These side stories really puts me in tears.

Deok-Hwa and Grim Reaper can really go along when they are watching their Morning Drama. their reaction when a revelation was revealed left me laughing for a while.


I’m warming to Eun-tak’s character, who’s always been likeable, but often hard to take seriously. But the more we see her through Kim Shin’s eyes, the more she becomes lovable and thoughtful, and her brightness in and of itself becomes something to admire. It’s almost too simple that the sunny character is the perfect foil for the gloomy one, but when we see just how much happiness she brings into his life, written all over his face like that, it’s hard not to think that there’s something special about the marriage of light and darkness.

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