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my only love song eps 2-9

I like…

  • how every episode starts with a short background or history of each character, but at the same time the character being introduced has a smooth flow to the current storyline
  • relationships are starting to blossom or get real – from sojeong to ondal, pyung gang to moo myung
  • that each episode is a mix of drama, romance and a little bit of comedy
  • how moo myung doesn’t speak yet everyone seem to understand him (and he looks a bit like kim soo hyun)
  • the song “Another You” by Yuna (AOA)

i dont like…

  • that they keep leaving sam yong inside the car (i wonder if he’s even hungry or how he can pee/poop)
  • that everytime On Dal starts to feel something for So Jeong, he keeps pushing her away by threatening to kill her (really? can’t you just say you’re not interested)
  • Ilyong is so obsessed with his beauty. i can’t imagine a guy being so “macho”yet thinks of himself as beautiful as a flower (but he is hilarious)
  • Boong boong and her crazy moods – there really is no “rule”when she becomes alive, she has become more of a plot mover (and fast teleportation device – who needs a horse). and i dont understand how everyone thinks of her as a bird (is there a bird that’s as big as her?). and i guess they dont really need gas for her since she just “wakes up”whenever she wants to
  • how each episode is only less than 30 mins and part of the 30 mins are mostly fillers (repeating scenes from the previous episodes)

i wonder…

  • if so jeong and samyong will ever go back to the present time?
  • if ondal, pyung gang and moo myung will go with them?
  • if moo myung will ever speak?
  • what’s the point of so jeong going back in time?


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