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Black episode 1


Drama: Black (블랙)
Network: OCN
Episodes: 18
Release Date: October 14 – December 10, 2017
Runtime: Sat. & Sun. 22:20
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Black is a detective possessed by the Grim Reaper. Ha-Ram can see shadows of death. These two struggle to save the lives of people, breaking the rules of heaven.

Song Seung-heon – Han Moo-gang (Detective) / Black (Grim Reaper #444)
Go Ara – Kang Ha-ram
Lee El – Yoon Soo-wan
Kim Dong-jun – Oh Man-soo


I didn’t expect this show to have a bit of comedy despite the dark mood. Show started great with the detectives going to a crime scene and black throwing up all over the body. LOL.

Then come next scene we see black and haram meet at a burger shop. Thought its gunny she was wearing double shades. Then that brutal death of her ex boyfriend. I guess this is what i should expect from the show. A mix of comedy and horror.

Hello to my current favorite manager/team leader.

Black is hilarious. He is weak and throws up alot. Anywhere. Everywhere. Song seung hun really suits comedy more than drama.

The next scene of Ara predicting the plane will crash is eerie. And she gets accused of being a terrorist. She says she can foresee death. I feel so bad for Haram. Her ability sucks a lot.

And this cutie (who looks like Han Ga In) heard her say she can foresee death. And hes from an insurance company. Who has to make his dad proud and make Royeol the best insurance company in Korea. Hm.. Im sensing he will use Haram for his company.

I like that we got this conversation at the start of the show. Now all we need is another prediction for black to believe Haram.

And a good prediction she made as she sees a shadow at the back of thr guy who is known in the neighborhood for crying wolf for the past 2 years.

So looks like she can see all sorts of death, not just gruesome murders. And she sees it just a few minutes before death. I wonder if she can really help prevemt death if the person believes in her. Or is it like final destination where you would really die if youre destined to die.

I like what black said to Haram. “the fact that you can foresee death. It’s really cool because that means you can save people’s lives. You should prove it to yourself. That what you have is actually a blessing. Not a curse.”

By now i still dont know what black’s real name is (intentional?). So i will continue calling him black.

Now on to the original murder case. They found silicone on the body and black went to the doctor to find out the patients name. Surprisingly doctor said hes a guy who underwent sex reassignment surgery. When black saw who it was, he looked shocked. I wonder if he knew her. And why did he lie to the captain that he didnt find anything from the doctor?

Then next we see black going to an adandonment warehouse where we see him remember his past. He was outside seeing 2 girls fighting. He goes inside and sees an old school id pin. He was also looking at a 20year old fire case.. Hmm wonder if its related to his past and if he decided to be a cop because of this?

He went back to the station and looked for the girl with the school id from old yearbook pictures. And looks like he recognized her as one of the girls fighting.

And OMG!! Its his friend!! So whats in that tape that Moo gang is looking for?

Haram is now standing bravely and touching shadows on purpose to see how theyll die. First one the mom will die of illness so she couldnt help her. The next guy she touched..she saw something and called up Moo gang, who was preoccupied and told her it was just drunk talk. Lol just when she made the effort to cut her bangs.

Nice guy Moo gang eventually showed up and they were able to arrest the guy. Now lets see if she has prevented death of the guy or not. Turns out she saw a hostage crisis in the mall where the guy was taken hostage and killed.

But wait a minute the hostake taker can just take any other hostage right? And someone else can get killed? So they decided to try to prevent the hostage. And catch the guy before he does anything. Should i be scared that he gets jailed with the would be hostage?

On a side note, which i think would be a central part of the story is that haram and moo gang used to be close classmates. Dont know how they dont recognize each other. People dont stop looking like themselves even after a long time, unless one undergoes drastic surgery.

I knew it was too good to be true! The caught the wrong guy now Moo gang is the hostage!!!

Turns out the would be hostage was the one who was supposed to meet someone in the mall. And now his fate of dying moved to Moo gang as the new hostage!! He got shot, rushed to the hospital and his friend tried to revived him but Moo gang flatlined.

Then he wakes up from the dead!!! With a new fierce attitude and looking like a hot Terminator.

Comments: im intrigued with the show’s premise but there seems to be a lot of things going.. From the murder case of the transgender, to the Mujin fire, to the warehouse friend, plus im assuming we will get weekly cases for Haram and Moogang to solve. Plus add the romance factor and whatever drama Haram has to face. Oh and the cutie insurance guy and the actor. The drama looks ambitious as it tries to tackle all these different storylines and i hope it works.

I also like that the mood isnt too dark, with bits of humor and drama to minimize the darkness of the murders and death.

I like both characters i think they have good chemistry together.

Cant wait to see the next episode!


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