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Youn’s kitchen S2E1

The second season of Youn’s Kitchen premiered last Saturday with Park Seojun replacing ShinGu as the part timer. This time, they were opening their restairant in Garachino village, Terafine Island, Spain! Wow i loved the location.. It looked very idyllic and peaceful, and the natural pools looked so amazing!

The team were amazed and pressured by their new restaurant. It definitely looked classier than the Bali place, which was more of a casual snack bar. Thia time, their menu consists of beef bibimbap and hotteok.

Their challenge aside from selling the food ia the language. While there are a lot of tourista who speak English, they also had to learn Spanish, at least in restaurant terms to be able to speak to some of the customers. In the previews being shown, it looks like the director did a good job in choosing Seojun as he is used to cooking, has experience in working at a restaurant and was able to memorize and conversein Spanish. 

Im looking forward to the next episodesto see how the people react and received Korean cuisine. I am sure they dont get Korean food as much as other countries. 


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