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Hwayugi eps 3-5

This is a Hong sisters drama alright. Just like in Masters Sun, they came up with an absurd reason why the couple always has to be together and justify all the skinship. This time, Ogong got locked in a Geumganggo which is a bracelet where he becomes in love with Samjang and feels pain when Samjang feela pain. I find this less believable than Masters sun because it makes me feel uncomfortable that they are forced to like each other. And i cant believe that Samjang is actually falling for the sweet words when she knows it’s not real. Is it because she is so starved for affection that as soon as a guy stays with her or does things for her she already likes him. Tsk tsk. And how is it that she is already falling for him when they have only encountered each other a few times? I feel sad for the girl. On the other hand, i like how Lee Seung gi is delivering Ogong’s lines. Too funny to see him angry but spouting sweet cheesy words. Im sure he will end up really liking her in the end.

Another plot that does not make sense is Samjangs mission to rid the earth of bad people or else the world will collapse or go into war. Why her? She doesnt even have any power. I think it’s a ruse to keep Ogong occupied and make use of his power instead of causing trouble all the time. What is bad is Samjang getting pulled into schemes involuntarily.

As for Devil King, i like his character right now he is so funny and tries to keep the other guys in line. But ahh we find out the reason why he wants to be a diety so bad.. It’s to rescue his love from the cycle she is trapped in. I still dont understand how She was in the film when the film is not a real world.. And is she supposed to reincarnate over and over again.. Is it as the same person or different persons but gets killed everytime? I think this storyline needs to improve. Also im surprised by thr end of episode 5, ogong tricked Devil king to drink Samjangs blood now looks like he will also start liking Samjang. So now what happens to thr first love?? Nad why bring him as a love triangle for Ogong and Samjang? We obviously know that Samjang does not feel anything for Devil king so i dont think she will feel confused at all. Poor Devil king now he is also forced to like Samjang who i think doesnt really have any charming qualities for men to fight over for.

Im interested to see how Zombie Richies case will unravel. But first, another story that makes no sense. She was reported in the news as a trainee that is missing yet no one has figured out who she is or has even bothered checking for her. Right now she is jist there as part of the weird group. Im interested to find out how her death is connected to that political candidate, who happens to be connected to the korea foundation lady. Hmm.. Seems there is a bigger political story in the works.

I like the episodic cases.. Some are fillers like the motel ghost and the condo ghost while some serves as a way to move the story forward. I still didnt u derstand the red kimono kid story.. If she killed the korea foundation lady.. So who is she? She is a japanese ancestor who possessed the old lady and bent on restoring the japanese connections in modern day korea? And since Ogong burbed the film set, what happened to Devil King’s love.. Did she also perish in the fire or did she found a way to escape?

Too many questions and too many inconsistenices but at least the storylines are funny, the group is wacky. We have a secretary dog, piggie kpop star, the siblings, the mobilephone chairman, devil, Ogong, Samjang and Samjang’s secretary with a distracting setof brown eyes (contacts?). Im also starting to hear more funny quotes like Devil kings”you passed” and Ogong’s “i love you” that is standard in any Hong sisters drama.


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