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Hwayugi eps. 6-8

Of i can name the pairing of Ogong and Seon mi, i would name them the Wishy washy couple. Im getting confused with their feelings.When one goes in, the other moves out.this happened in the 3 episodes.they both can’t admit that they like each other and i understand why but it’s getting a bit frustrating when every other scene is of them brooding.

The addition of a new guy didnt really help as he didnt have enough charisma and power to tore the wishy washy couple apart. Seonmi remembers Jonayhan but she didnt really like him she is just happy to hear a human actually likes her. I’m not sure where the storyline will this jist a tool to force yhem to admit their feelings for each other or if it’s just a funny way to refetence okja.

Likewise i also didnt see the point of Devil king drinking Samjang’s blood. Im thinking it is just a great cliffhanger for the previous episode because they were able to fix it in the next one by Devil king drinking an antidote to neutralize her blood.

Im getting more curious with Zombie girl’s story. Turns out she was accidentally ran over by the politician i thought she did something bad has having an affair. Nonetheless i guess the monster group will be helping her later on avenge her death and bring down the guy (and maybe expose more corruption and evil things)?

The episodic ghost cases are just did introduce us to another character the jade prince or something who is an octopus that possessed Alice’s body. Bora was kind of hilarious trying to act like a guy. The mermaid story was also chilling.shows that even humans are bad to monsters.

Im not sure if there will be a love triangle between PK Alice and zombie girl. But im rooting for PK and Zombie girl.just dont know how coz Zombie is rotting everyday.

Overall the storyline is very slow. i still don’t know where everything will lead to. we keep hearing that samjang has to finish her mission (we dont know what and when) and we dont really know what happens after and when the Geaumgango disappears. For now i’m just enjoying the ride.


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