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[throwback] i need romance 2011

since February is the love month, i chose I Need Romance 2011 as my throwback drama of the month. i remember when this show came out i thought it was a good step forward from the usual Korean dramas that focused on the cute and PG 13 romance. Instead, the conversations about sex and relationships were frank and straightforward, with lots of sexy scenes (still PG 15 but more skin and kissing) and the stories were more relatable and close to reality.


Drama: I Need Romance (로맨스가 필요해)
Network: tvN
Episodes: 16
Release Date: June 13 – August 2, 2011
Runtime: Mondays & Tuesdays 23:00

“I Need Romance” depicts the love lives of three 33-year-old single women.

Jo Yeo-jeong – Sunwoo In-young
Kim Jeong-hoon – Kim Sung-soo
Choi Yeo-jin – Park Seo-yeon
Choi Song-hyun – Kang Hyun-joo
Choi Jin-hyuk – Bae Sung-hyun

My thoughts of the drama:

First off, i love the the 3 best friends! i love that they hang out regularly, have awesome fashion style, can talk about career, sex, relationships frankly, have different boy experiences and support each other.

The main girl is In Young, who is bubbly and charming and in a 10 year relationship with Sung soo. The main conflict is that she caughts him cheating for the 2nd time and breaks up with him. Well, not really break up, but more like fight, get back, fight, break up, friends, get back, friends, fight.. well you get the picture. then In young gets into a relationship with her younger colleague, who turns out to the almost perfect – rich, handsome, sexy, sweet. I’ve read a lot of comments saying that they didn’t like the ending because In Young ended up with Sung soo instead of Sung Hyun, who was way better. Well, if this was the usual Korean drama, i would say, yes, she should have ended up with Sung hyun. But think about it.. in reality, most likely an average person would end up with Sung soo. it’s not about the cheating, but it’s more on the relationship itself. Let’s face it. People make mistakes. Couples make mistakes. and don’t be naive, i’m sure if you ask any long-standing couple, they will tell you that at one or two points in their relationship, one has cheated or has thought of cheating. Again i’m not condoning or accepting cheating. what’s interesting to me is how In Young and Sung soo worked out and decided to commit themselves fully to the relationship. Of course, not all relationships will get a second chance. there are some that will break because they’re are not meant to be or it’s not the right person or relationship for them. I thought Sung soo and In young, even though Sung soo is quite boring, actually works well together. They’ve known each other for a long time, they support each other even when they were broken. I thought the whole Sung Hyun thing was a distraction from the story, but also a good tool for In young and Sung soo to really examine their relationship, realize how much they really mean to each other and revive their fading romance. As for sung Hyun, i know he did do a lot of things for In young but he was asking her to move to the US, change her name and everything to fit in his life. and that made In Young reject his proposal. she is right, she should love herself more than the guy and maybe as one of the girls said, she loved him just until  there, not enough to move and heaven for him. Which is not bad, love isn’t always equal or the same in every relationship and with every girl/guy you meet. Likewise, for Sung Hyun, he realized that he also can not sacrifice some things – which also meant that he loved her almost that much too. So i would say, they did love each other even in that short time, but that was it. and always remember, just  because the girl or the guy is pretty/handsome/rich/successful etc does not automatically mean you should choose him/her. There should be a balance of friendship, commitment and compatibility too. Without these, the physical things will just fall apart and the relationship will not last.

As for Hyun ju, i feel bad for her with the ex. but knowing that her story is a virgin lady with not a lot of relationship experiences, i wished they gave her more guys to meet in the show. She ended up only have 1 guy and the conflict was more on how she can accept him, since he wasn’t rich, successful, educated like her. i still liked this couple despite their differences – in fact Hyun ju said to the girls, relationship and love is when you make an effort to learn and be interested in your partner’s interests. and i think that’s true. you dont have to love you guy or girl’s favorite show or book or music, but at least be interested enough to learn more about it, let him/her do it and embrace your differences. it makes your relationship better since both of you grow and learn new things about each other.

My favorite among the girls has to be Seo yeon. i love that she is quite cool in her relationships. she always gives out the best love advice and relationship tips. Of course, she also has bad personality when it comes to relationshps – she gets involved in married men and dates two guys at the same time and ends up hurting the other party. this is the main point that i hoped she learns to fix. between Alex and Joon, i actually rooted for Seo Yeon to be with Joon. Alex is too tame and too down to earth to handle the sexy and charming Seo Yeon. Meanwhile, i was disappointed that Joon and Seo Yeon did not end up together .In fact, if i was the 4th friend, i will kick Seo yeon for ruining her relationship with Joon. Joon is able to handle her moods, her abrasive behavior, accepts her for who she is, even when work gets in the way most of the time. I felt sad for Joon – seems like when Seo Yeon forgot they had a movie date, Joon looked really sad, and probably he realized that Seo Yeon is really like that, and will never settle down. I just hoped that they can still be friends. when Seo yeon tried calling Joon he ignored her and she smiled. i dont know what that meant but im imagining that they will end up together.

Overall, i liked the drama. there were some parts that felt like the story is going around in circles, esp with Sung soo and In Young’s “are they or aren’t they” but ultimately i enjoyed seeing them in a better relationship.


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