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Terius Behind Me eps. 13-17

Best things that happened in these episodes:

Smart Aerin finding out the truth about Kim Bon and her boss. On one hand, I find it hard to believe that she is so good at putting two and two together and is even better than Jiyeon, on the other hard, I remember this is just a drama and it really helps to push the story forward. Now that she knows, she can start helping Bon and his incompetent agents.

Kim Bon and the twins are still as adorable as ever! Bon is acting more and more like a great father to them. I’m scared to imagine the twins in grave danger and separating them from Bon. that scene where the twins played doctor and placed bandaids all over his face and arms were so hilarious!

Aerin’s poor driving skills and seeing Kim Bon’s face are priceless scenes! The usual cool and collected Bon just lost it as he shouted at Aerin and held on the handle all throughout the ride. I’m surprised Bon didn’t just stop and get off the car, and more surprised he wasn’t scared that his car will be a wreck. oh and Bon feeling so thankful when Aerin said she will try to protect him from harm.

The showdown between the lady agent and Bon. Bon jumping from the bridge and getting hit by K’s gun. Aerin making do with her promise to protect him by swimming and saving him (quite unbelievable again but I’ve suspended all common sense and am just enjoying the show). Did K take the usb from the hourglass??

Kooky Yongtae almost getting killed by K, kidnapping Aerin and going crazy. I think he will be crossing over to the good guys team very soon! I’m suddenly curious on the forthcoming bromance between him and Bon. will it be quite as fun as Bon and Sangryeol?

Who is the voice?? Who is the mole in the NIS? How can we stop K? Is Sangryeol’s wife that bad ass lady assassin in the red killer heels? When will the King castle neighbors join forces with NIS? Why is this show so fun to watch? Can’t wait for the next episodes!


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