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Another new year of kdramas!

Hello! My new year’s resolution is to watch more kdramas (I think I tell this to myself every year lol). Looking back, I watched around 15 dramas in 2018 so that’s at least one drama a month. I think I took a lot of time watching My Golden Life – 50+ episodes is no joke (it is almost equivalent to watching 3 dramas!)

January – It’s Okay That’s Love (made me cry a lot), Kahogo no Kahoko
February – I Need Romance 2011
March – Strange Daughter in Law (made me feel good inside)
April – Live, Hwayugi
May – Another Oh Hae Young (made me cry buckets of tears)
June – Let’s Eat 2 (made me too hungry), 20th Century Boy & Girl (so sweet)
July – 1% of Anything (another couple goals)
August – My Golden Life (rollercoaster of emotions)
September – Drinking Solo (got too thirsty)
October – Misaeng (made me glad I work in a great company)
November – Terius Behind Me (So Ji Sub!!!), Buamdong Revenge Club
December – The Package (felt like I was in Paris with them), What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (all the feels for Park Seo Jeon)

I think overall, 2018 was a good year, I kind of mixed up the dramas – romance, office drama, slice of life, action, fantasy. I didn’t get to watch sageuks though. Lots of hotties – So Ji sub, Jo In sung, Park Seo Joon, Ha Suk Jin. Discovered a new favorite – Lee Yo Won and remembered an old favorite – Park Si Hoo.

I haven’t posted much because i’m still in the midst of watching different shows, but will definitely try to finish and post a few this month.

Currently watching:
Memories of the Alhambra – episode 13 (I’m itching to post but i’ll wait until I complete the entire series. Please don’t disappoint me like W!)

Mr. Sunshine – episode 12
Moon Lovers – episode 7
My Horrible Boss – episode 14

Suits – episode 13


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2 thoughts on “Another new year of kdramas!

  1. Its good that you are watching selected drama and loving what you watch. The number of dramas that I watch have reduced over the years. Its sad that nothing much interests me and I am constantly in drama slump.


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