I admit, i have only ever watched one of his dramas (Love in the Moonlight), which i absolutely adore and keep re-watching, but when I heard that he was coming to Manila, i did not hesitate and bought ticket to his fanmeeting. He is such a sweetie that I wanted to see him in person. And he didn’t disappoint! He was the nice, sincere guy I expected him to be – and he totally blew me away with his personality, energy and singing, dancing, and rapping skills! He’s too young for me to crush on, I feel like he’s more the younger brother i want to have and i will just pinch his adorable cheeks all day.

I admit, i was a bit disappointed with the 1st part of the fanmeeting – the fan interaction was not as many and as funny as So Ji Sub’s fanmeeting, but he totally made up for it with the one hour concert! I can’t believe someone has that much energy and passion to just give his all and even after the concert ended, and i queued for the hitouch session, when i finally got my chance to see him in the flesh, he looked so fresh (like he just didn’t do a 2.5 hour fanmeeting) and he just kept smiling and saying hi to everyone! Just made me all the more impressed with him.

anyways, here are some videos i took of the show with some of my comments.

second set

third set

last set + group picture + fanvideo

encore and goodbye

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Nope, he's still not done. After a few minutes he came back out for encore. He danced to a string if hits like What is Love, Pretty U, Boy with Luv and sang 2 more songs before he really said goodbye. Fans also sang a short happy birthday song to him which he appreciated. After the 2.5 hour fanmeeting/concert, everyone queued for the hitouch session with him. Wow he must be exhausted but he was still smiling and greeting each one happily when i hi fived him and i was in the early queue. My fangirl heart is full. I think this guy will just keep getting popular coz not only is he a great actor, he is also very sincere and down to earth. #parkbogumactor #parkboguminmanila #parkbogummnl #parkbogum #bogummy #concert #fangirling #fanmeeting #fangirls #fangirl #kdramafan

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I also uploaded more videos in youtube channel

I’m currently 3/4ths away from finishing Encounter, will post my review as soon as I can.

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