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Rookie Historian ep. 6-8

Because it’s the long weekend, I am able to do a triple release. I’m starting to get invested in the story, so I couldn’t limit myself to 60 seconds. This exercise of reviewing an episode in just a minute is harder than I thought! Not because I can’t think of anything to say, but because I have too many things to say! But the restriction is a good thing because it makes me think of the crucial points that I want to talk about.

Episode 6

Hae Ryung files a petition to prevent the clerks from entering the palace. In retaliation, the clerks refused to work in the Royal Office of Decrees and HR ends up doing the clerk duties. Prince Down pretends to be one of the clerks and helps Hae Ryung for the day.

Episode 7

Prince Dowon was sent by the King to go to Pyongyang Province and console the sick people. Hae Ryung joins the trip and meets a past acquaintance. A simple trip turns out to be crucial when they realize that all is not well in the village. They also meet Mohwa, a female physician who proposes a radical solution to cure smallpox.

Episode 8

Prince Down makes a brave decision that can make or break the cure to smallpox. Mohwa is hunted by the gang of the Second state counsellor and manages to escape, but she leaves the prince’s group without a word. Prince Dowon travels back to the palace 10 days after the King demanded his return and faces the King’s wrath.


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