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Hi Bye, Mama! – The Honest Review


It’s been a while since my last entry. While I’m writing this entry, I would like to say to all that is affected with what’s happening across the world to stay safe and better days will be back soon.

I wasn’t able to watch “Crash Landing on You” however, I was looking forward on how TvN will continue the momentum after CLOY’s massive success. Luckily it was a show called “Hi Bye, Mama!”

(Spoilers Ahead… If you haven’t watched this wonderful drama, I suggest you watch it from start to finish, it is definitely worth watching).

The Main Plot


Cha Yu-ri (Portrayed by Kim Tae Hee) is a ghost wandering for 5 years instead of being reincarnated. She passed away after an accident leaving her husband Jo Gang-Hwa (Portrayed by Lee Kyu Hyung) and her new born daughter Jo Seo-Woo (Portrayed by Seo Woo Jin — yes he’s a boy portraying a daughter due to his resemblance to Kim Tae Hee, Seo-Woo will later be portrayed by Park Jung Yeon).

It was shown that Cha Yu-ri never left her family for 5 years. Not only her family but we can see her visit her close friend Ko Hyun-Jung (Portrayed by Shin Dong Mi) and her parents particularly her mom Jeon Eun-Sook (Portrayed by Kim Mi Kyung).

Due to an unlikely event caused by her frustration by not being able to hold her daughter, she suddenly came back to life and only has 49 days to “take her place” if she wants to live. But later on she founds out that her daughter Jo Seo-Woo has started to see ghosts and her husband has remarried to Oh Min-Jung (Portrayed by Go Byo Gyeol).

My Thoughts About the Drama

My plan was just to watch a light drama without any complicated storylines, but to my surprise the drama has exceeded my expectations (which reminds me of watching ‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo’ over ‘The Legend of the Blue Sea’).

Unlike with other K-Dramas, the story was focused on different kinds of love and relationships.

“A Mother’s Love”



This drama has shown that a mother would do everything for their children’s sake. The center focus of the entire drama. Cha Yu-ri’s love for her daughter proves that even in death, a mother go beyond and further to show their love. And that same love that made Cha Yu-ri decide “not” to take her place so that Seo-Woo will no longer have to see ghosts and to ensure her daughter’s happiness. This was also the main reason why Cha Yu-ri was resurrected as it was revealed that her mom prayed everyday and left a wish to the Gods. That wish was to see her dead daughter one more time. Probably any mother with the same situation would definitely want to have the same opportunity (which reminds me of the Korean Documentary where a Mom was able to see her dead daughter through VR)

“A Child’s Love”

Jeon Eun-Sook was one of the few people that was really affected by Cha Yu-ri’s death. We can see her crying in private every time she remembers her daughter. The scenes were we see Cha Yu-ri secretly provides medicine for her mom was really a heart-warming scene.

“Friendship Goals”


Ko Hyun-Jung is Cha Yu-ri’s close friend (more of an elder sister), The person that is responsible for introducing Cha Yu-ri to Jo Gang-Hwa. She can be portrayed as Cha Yu-ri’s protector and her second Mom. Their bond (or sometimes misadventures) was shown on multiple occassions. She was really hurt when Cha Yu-ri passed away as she was ordered by her Mother-in-Law to not go on her funeral. That scene where she saw Cha Yu-ri for the first time after she was returned to life temporarily was really a tear jerker.


The friendship among the ghosts has added a nice touch to the series. Their daily ramblings and reflections have shown us that even in the after life, they are still human beings that get hurt, and happy as well.


The most notable friendship in the series is the short bond that Cha Yu-ri and Oh Min-Jung made. At first it was just a Mom/School Helper relationship which evolved to a a deeper bond. I was so worried about Oh Min-jung whether the show would portray her as the evil stepmom but that wasn’t the case. She was too nice and at the end, she stepped back to let everyone heal the way they needed to. And with Cha Yu-ri’s brief return, she finally understands that she is Seo-woo’s real mother. She earned the approval and gratitude of Cha Yu-ri.

After watching the entire series, it thought me an important lesson in life. Life is a gift that we need to enjoy every single day with the people that we love the most.


(This scene really made me cry)

I’d be lying if writing this review is easy. This drama has made me cry on multiple occasions especially on the final episode. Hitting the right spots to say the least.

2 thoughts on “Hi Bye, Mama! – The Honest Review

  1. Ah, it’s been a month since I finished watching this and its impact is still on me. Reading your review reminds of that scene where Hyun Jung is prohibited by her mother in law to go to Yuri’s funeral. It’s also refreshing to see in a drama where the stepmom is not evil. I love all the cast! I love this drama! 💖


  2. Hi Nath, Thank you for the comment! I think this is the first drama where in the step mom was portrayed on a different light. We normally think that Step Moms are evil on almost every movie/drama that we have watched but for this drama it just proves that not all Step Moms are evil, but instead she was portrayed as a loyal wife and a mother that loves her daughter even though she is not the biological mother.


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