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The Good Detective (2020)


Drama: The Good Detective (모범형사)
Network: JTBC
Episodes: 16
Release Date: July 6 – August 25, 2020
Runtime: Mon & Tue 21:30


Years ago, a man was wrongly accused of killing a woman and is now sentenced to death. Two detectives try to catch the real person responsible for killing a woman and fellow detective before it’s too late. But during their investigation, they face a lot of corruption and powerful figures, trying to stop them from revealing a bigger truth.


Whew! The never ending twists and turns just made the ending satisfying. The first couple of episodes were confusing to me, because it felt like there were too many characters and too many people involved that i didnt know where the story was headed. But once you get past Lee Dae Chul’s case, the story becomes clearer.

There were some moments where it gets frustrating because I wanted the team to find enough evidence to catch Jong Tae and Guk Hyun but they always get away and with everyone not helping, I also felt like them, that i just want to manipulate the case to get this over with.

I really liked the team. They worked really hard to solve the cases (and there were a lot and connected!!). I would say that after everything that has happened, justice has been served to the bad guys (in some way or the other). However, I thought that Superintendent Moon and Yoon Sangmi weren’t punished enough. Just because they repented and moved to the good guys side do not give them a free pass from due punishment.

I also appreciated how the stories and characters were written. Most of the characters were complex. As much as I would like to hate all the bad guys, the writers show us a different side to them, not to like or forgive them, but to understand their motivation. The same way that we also see that the good guys are not always so good. They also make bad decisions that can have great consequences, like when the Reporter didn’t tell the cops what she knew. And then there are people who are neither good or bad, but goes with the flow in order to survive. I guess that’s just how we are as human beings.

The show mostly was dark and gritty, but once in a while there’s some humor that lightens the mood (mostly from the VC team 2), and a subtle romance between Jihyuk and Jin, which balances the story drama. I loved how awkward Jihyuk is with Jin, he’s so adorable, Jin probably found him cute. And his smile is so charming 🙂

I also liked how the story delved with Dochang’s and Eunhye’s relationship. Although i didnt really like the sister and didnt care for her story, i loved how they eventually built their own family in the end.

Overall, this was a solid detective kdrama!

Rating: 8.5/10


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