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Tale of the Nine Tailed: Character Thoughts


After watching the first 2 episodes of the drama, Here’s my opinion on the main characters for this drama

Lee Yeon (Portrayed by Lee Dong Wook)


For some reason, his personality is somewhat similar to the Grim Reaper character from Goblin. A special being who got accustomed to a modern day living. His go-to food is “Mint Choco” Ice Cream. He also works for the Afterlife Immigration Office wherein he captures (or kills) specific nine-tailed foxes that disrupt order.

He also gave up being a mountain spirit in order to revive her dead girlfriend (which was portrayed by Jo Bo Ah). We have yet to see the events that happened as to why that woman died.

Nam Ji Ah (Portrayed by Jo Bo Ah)


The woman who was in search of the mysterious man that he encountered when she lost her parents due to a road accident that was caused by supernatural beings (safe to say that was caused by other nine-tailed foxes). She works as a producer for a TV network that focuses on paranormal activities. She is more like a detective when uncovering facts from mysterious that happened during the first episode wherein she discovered fox fur on the missing bride and revealing that the bus accident survivor was indeed not human. She also made a perfect plan to reveal that Lee Yeon was not a human being by jumping off the building with the original copy of the leaked video where we saw Lee Yeon and Lee Rang (portrayed by Kim Beom) fight and use their superhuman abilities.

Lee Rang (Kim Beom)


Lee Yeon’s younger brother, who is somewhat similar to Loki’s personality: cunning, deceiving and somewhat immature. His motives are yet to be revealed but he definitely knows something about the dead girlfriend that Lee Yeon is waiting for.

So far, the first two episodes are really interesting. I am looking forward on how will the story unfold for the upcoming weeks.

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