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Happy New Year 2021!

Thank you 2020 is over and we survived. I gave up on writing new years’ resolution years ago because I know i usually don’t complete them (haha). Instead, i just continue to do my best in my personal life and career, because i want to be more flexible, esp amidst a world of uncertainty.

For me, a healthy mindset is more important because that’s what will help me cope and thrive in this new normal. But still, some minimum goals are needed so we dont feel like we wasted our time and efforts.

In terms of my watching habits, i think i fid a good job last year in spicing up the kind of dramas i watch. For example, i have started watching more dramas based on plot, and as a result, i discovered new actors and actresses like Lee Yuri and Yeong Junghun in Lies of Lies. Similarly, i have found a new appreciation for my old favorites like Jang Hyuk and Kim Haneul.

I have watched more OCN dramas and scifi, crime dramas than i used to, something i have always want to but never had a chance given my lack of time. I have changed my opinion on Chinese dramas, i think there are some good dramas out there, and not as cheesy and cringey as i thought most of them are.

As i enter the new year, i wish to continue giving myself time to watch dramas. If i watched 49 dramas last year, i’m hoping to watch 50 this year, or more. I promise to watch more Chinese (and/or Taiwanese) dramas this year. And more of those historical Chinese dramas (eg Ashes of Love). I promise to watch more Japanese dramas (i only watched on last year).

I promise to watch more sageuks (eg. Kim Yoo Jung and Kim Sohyun’s new dramas). I promise to watch the old fantastic dramas I’ve always wanted to but keep putting off (eg. Stranger, Signal, Romantic Dr Kim). Speaking of which, i would like to watch more medical dramas since that’s the genre that i only watch once or twice a year. I want to watch more asian movies.

I will continue to work on my unboxing videos of Kdrama OSTs and Kpop Cds in my Youtube channel. And lastly, I will continue writing about Kdramas.

Happy new year and stay healthy!


daydreamer, bookworm, music lover, movie addict. in my alternate universe, i am an a-list popstar and a best selling novelist.

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