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The Yin Yang Master: Dream of Eternity (2020)

Movie: The Yin Yang Master: Dream of Eternity (晴雅集)
Release Date: Dec 25, 2020
Duration: 2 hr. 12 min.
Country: China

Based on the novel Onmyoji, yin yang masters gather together to prevent a demonic serpent from escaping the royal court and taking over the country.

Main Cast:
Mark Chao – Qing Ming
Deng Lun – Boya
Ava Wang – Princess Zhang Ping
Wang Duo – He Shou Ye / Zhong Xing
Jessie Li – Long Ye

I watched both versions and I like this one better. Maybe because I watched this first or maybe because i like the emotional story more than the other one.

The visuals were amazing. Too amazing sometimes that it looks too unreal, then I realize I’m watching a fantasy movie so I should expect a lot of CGI.

I liked the friendship between Qingming and Boya. They started antagonistic with each other (well, more on Boya as the angry kid and Qingming as the cool one). I feel like Boya learned to mature because of Qing Ming while Qing Ming found a friend.

The mystery of the villain was predictable and even though I hated the Princess and Shouyue, i still cried for their sad fate. A little too long for the in the second half but it gave some emotional depth to the story. I loved the giant serpent and the fight scene between it and Qing Ming /Boya. It was huge, I didn’t know how Qing Ming can take down the serpent!

What I didn’t understand is the presence of the hair demon. She killed the old master and tried to kill Long Ye, for what? It later turns out she was against the Empress (so why was she helping her?) Or was it because the hair demon was under the control of Shouye so she is forced to kill? Whatever, but it was creepy.

Rating: 8.5/10

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Q1 2021 Drama List Report

Hello! Just wanted to recap all dramas that i completed watching from Jan to March 2021.

January 2021
1. Kairos – 9/10
2. Hot Stove League – 9/10
3. The Penthouse S1 – 9/10

February 2021
4. Delayed Justice – 8/10
5. Lovestruck in the City – 7/10

March 2021
6. Awaken – 8.5/10
7. True Beauty – 9/10
8. Homemade Love Story – 7.5/10
9. Love Alarm S2
10. This Guy is the Biggest Mistake in My Life (JDrama)

Total Completed Dramas in Q1 is 10.

1. What Happened to Mr Cha – 6/10
2. Korean Pork Belly Rhapsody – 9/10
3. Space Sweepers
4. I Can Speak – 8.5/10


  • L.U.C.A The Beginning
  • Once Again
  • The Penthouse S2
  • Scripting Your Destiny
  • Oh Master
  • Sisyphus The Myth
  • Vincenzo
  • Romantic Doctor Kim S1
  • Navillera
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Penthouse S2 (2021)

Drama: Penthouse 2 (펜트하우스 2)
Network: SBS
Episodes: 13
Release Date: February 19 – April 2, 2021
Runtime: Friday & Saturday 22:00-23:10

Season 2 of the fabulous and crazy lives of the families living in Hera Palace.

Main Cast
Uhm Ki Joon – Joo Dan Tae
Kim So Yeon – Cheon Seojin
Eugene – Oh Yoon Hee
Yoon Jong Hoon – Ha Yoon Cheol
Shin Eun Kyung – Kang Mari
Bong Tae Gyu – Lee Kyu Jin
Yoon Joo Hee – Go Sang A
Kim Young Dae – Joo Seok Hoon
Han Ji Hyun – Joo Seo Kyung
Choi Ye Bin – Ha Eun Byul
Kim Hyun Soo – Bae Rona
Jin Ji Hee – Kang Jenny
Lee Tae Vin – Lee Minhyuk
Park Eun Seok – Logan Lee

If you’d like to read my review of Season 1:

Season 2 goes right into the story since we only have 12 episodes and we don’t need any more introductions to the whole gang. I loved that every episode was fast paced, there’s something happening in every scene that you can’t stop watching.

The group dynamics changed from season 1 to season 2 — Ha Yoon Chul is not the guy who couldn’t do anything anymore, in fact, he did a lot of terrible and pivotal things in this season. On one hand, I hated him for betraying Yoon hee again, but I can’t blame him, because he was forced to do it given the situation and he was repentant of his actions by end of the season. I still want him to end up with Yoonhee, when this drama is over.

I have a love and hate relationship with Yoonhee, mostly because she keeps making bad decisions after another. And she is so noisy — crying, shouting, hysterical. This time, Yoonhee is more subdued and mature, which I liked because I feel like she learned her lesson and she is more patient in her plans.

Kang Mari and Jenny — they actually became nice in season 2. After realizing they’re not as rich as the others, I thought they were evil for acting as if they’re above Yoonhee/Rona when they’re just the same level as her. I loved that Yoonhee had some friend in Mari. But of course, Mari and Jenny went back to their own selfish evil selves by end of the season. I’m still curious what kind of havoc Jenny’s father will do in season 3. All we know is that the husband went to prison instead of Joo Dan Tae, so definitely he will want to seek his revenge. Did he used to be the wealthy one before Dan Tae took over? Secretary Do seems to be under him. Is he going to be the bad guy in Season 3 or will he be the one to help Yoonhee and the ladies bring down Joo Dan Tae once and for all?

Cheon Seo Jin absolutely love her. Even when she is being terrible, i pity her. Especially in Season 2. Seojin’s fall from grace and the power struggle between Seojin and Dantae were the main plot points in season 2. They were such a great evil team in Season 1 and I just know that once they start fighting with each other, it will be fantastic! Joo Dan Tae eventually “wins” over Seojin. Locking Seojin in a room and the implied scene that he tortured her were absolutely horrifying!

Oh Joo Dan Tae. I loved him even when he is the devil himself. But he’s went too far in season 2 that even I can’t stomach all the bad things he has done. Murdered his wife, cheated on his wife with 3 other ladies, trying to steal Suryeon and Seojin’s money, tortured his children and current wife. The worst for me was killing Rona – that was too much. How the ladies were able to work together to take down Joo Dan Tae was one of the most satisfying scenes! I was laughing at Seojin’s acting the whole time!

We finally got the resolution to Min Seol Ah’s case. Everyone got what they deserved. The Hera Palace group all went to jail. Yoonhee got 3 years. I think 3 is too low although I understand she was forgiven and was repentant. She still killed someone so I thought she would get at least 5 years. Seojin got 7 years (even though she didn’t kill anyone but she still did a lot of other things too). The best is Dan Tae getting life is prison. I wondered how we will get out of prison considering he has to be in season 3. And honestly, the surprising twist at the end is both shocking and “unfair!”

About the kids — Rona is still a brat, I was somehow relieved that she was the one who got “killed” in this season because I don’t really like her that much. I’m just tolerating her because I want Yoonhee and Seokhoon to be happy. I still love Seokyung – she is just like her dad who is crafty and manipulative but with Suryeon’s charm. Eunbyul — I also don’t like her and I wouldn’t mind if she doesn’t return to Hera Palace anymore. Unfortunately, Seojin and Yoonchul will probably find a way to get her back from the psycho nanny (too bad!). It’s hard to take pity on her because she is never nice, even when she knew she almost got Rona killed, she wasn’t repentant and was still very self-absorbed.

I think Penthouse is one of the best makjang dramas in the last few years. It’s not as stress inducing and high blood pressure raising as The World of the Married but it’s more fun and crazy.

I’m probably one of the minority who doesn’t like Shim Suryeon, Na Ae Gyo and Logan Lee. Especially Suryeon – she is the main lead and the “good” person in the entire story, but I find her boring. Even Logan Lee – i don’t understand why a lot of viewers love him. I feel like we dont know anything about him, and he is just there to have someone help the “good” team. Definitely do not like the weird romantic relationship between him and Suryeon. He is definitely younger than Suryeon right? and he is the adopted brother of Suryeon’s daughter! Super odd!

As for Na Aegyo, it’s highly unbelievable that no one found out that she was impersonating Suryeon. I mean Suryeon didn’t even know until 2 years ago! I feel like Na Aegyo was just written in to make a fabulous twist to Suryeon’s story, which I have no problem with. I just hope that the writer will stop fake killing characters and bringing them alive by the end of the story in season 3. I definitely am looking forward to the new characters!!

Rating: 9.5/10

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L.U.C.A. The Beginning (2021)

Drama: L.U.C.A.: The Beginning (루카: 더 비기닝)
Network: tvN
Episodes: 12
Release Date: February 1 – March 9, 2021
Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 21:00

A cross breed human/monster trying to find his way in the world.

Main Cast
Kim Rae Won – Zi-O
Lee Dahee – Ha Neul Ae Gu Reum
Kim Sung Oh – Yi Son
Jin Kyung – Hwang Jung Ah
Ahn Nae Sang – Ryu Jeung Kwon
Kim Sang Ho – Choi Jin Hwan


These people are crazy.

Said the bad detective. Best way to sum up this drama.

Interesting premise and first few episodes. Not sure when the story started to get messy. I think ep 7-8. To some it maybe the best part of the story (and where it should have ended). To me it was the worst part of the story and shouldn’t have happened.

I liked badass Gureum at the start. But I didn’t like her in the middle. It was really all her fault. She knew Zi0 was dangerous yet she was stupid enough to fall in love and get pregnant. Her actions are also erratic and reckless.

Do you know what the last element is that makes a human a human being? LOVE.

What use is it if you love someone but you can’t protect them? The entire world shuns us and judges us. Is that love?

This is what happens when you get married and have a child without proper preparation and conversation between the couple. Clash of parenting skills and values.

I was disappointed in Zi0. He was the male lead and yet it felt like he was the real villain after everything else that happened. I really wanted him to find his happiness. But he became the monster that people expected him to be.

Do you think you’re some kind of king now that you’ve seen people kneel before you? I’m the one who put you in that position!

Cult leader/mom and Zi0 fighting for power

The conversations and debates about cults, governments, cloning, human vs monster, etc were interesting but were not executed well enough for viewers to feel inspired. Most of the time the characters’ actions and subsequent decisions contradicted themselves that’s why I was mostly confused what this drama really wanted to tell us.

Those crazy believers are the foundation of this place. The fact that they kneeled before you means that you’re now the King of this church.”

Am I supposed to be happy that I’m a cult leader now?

episode 11 i think. Crazy scientist talking to Zi0

How many are you planning to create?

Around 10,000. Do you know the smallest country in the world is the Vatican City? 1 pope and 10,000 people.

I actually like the crazy scientist’s vision!

Skip ep 9-10 or fast forward them (like i did). Everyone’s actions and decisions has stopped making sense by this time. They just kept running after Zi0 and Gureum. And semi-good people kept dying, the bad ones kept surviving. It was exhausting. I particularly hate that guy that kept running after Zi0 (and won’t freaking die!!). When Zi0 asked, “What do you want?” He said:

I don’t know. If you do this job for a long time, you just do it without knowing why.”

episode 12, Guy with a bad hand tells Zi0

WTF!! Exactly why half of the time I was so confused and I didn’t care if he dies. Or even when Yoona wanted his freedom and she got killed by Zi0. I felt zero ounce of pity for Yoona or this guy. Coz he was so wrong yet acted like he was right to kill Zi0.

From the very start I thought the best possible ending was to kill off Zi0 and put everything back in its place. But the ending actually made sense for a scifi drama. Scary if it happens in real life though. and haha, after the cult church, deputy kim, detective, etc fighting over Zi0, the crazy scientist won because not only did he get Zi0 on his side, even the government and his research finally paid off! Just like what Deputy Kim told the scientist, “You have ambition, but you don’t have greed.” That’s probably why he survived and thrives.

Actually have nothing else good to say about this drama. Felt like i have been watching this for far too long even though it was only for 12 episodes and i fast forwarded a lot of the scenes.

Too bad. Coz I was really excited when this drama first came out!

Rating: 6/10

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This Guy is the Biggest Mistake in My Life (2020)

Drama: This Guy is the Biggest Mistake in My Life (この男は人生最大の過ちです)
Network: TV Asahi, ABC
Episodes: 10
Release Date: January 18 – March 21, 2020 (TV Asahi) / January 19 – March 22, 2020 (ABC)
Runtime: Saturday 26:30 (TV Asahi) / Sunday 23:35 (ABC)
Country: Japan

Sato was mourning the loss of her dog Chocolate when a guy hit on her in a bar. She gets angry and scolds him. He was shocked and immediately fell in love with her. The next day, he turns out to be his boss and calls him into her office. He tells her to treat her like her slave and follows her everywhere.

Main Cast
Mokomichi Hayami – Kyoichi Amagi
Airi Matsui – Yui Sato
Michiko Tanaka – Sae Mishima
Jingi Irie – So Natori
Yuta Hiraoka – Koshiro Aida

I really liked the first 5 episodes (or up until their trip to the ryokan.) The drama was laugh out loud funny and light. But the second half felt different, with the addition of Sae and Aida and got a little boring.

This is a manga adaptation so i threw all logic and real life out of the window. The guy is creepy and stalkerish but he sounds sincere and seems to really like Sato. He just needed to tone down his obsessive ways or learn to control himself and listen to Sato. Moco was so good at portraying Amagi. He never got angry or raised his voice. He loved her for who she was, gave her everything she wanted and more. I think if he actually stopped stalking her and treated her properly, Sato would have fallen head over heels for him too. I know it’s wrong, but I laughed every time Amagi holds on to and smells her ankles. And that episode where he brought a whole feast to her office so she can have dinner. The food spelled out her name and the dessert was a cake with her face. ROTFL!!!

I wasn’t really sure how Sato really felt which was disappointing because the show kept emphasizing that people need to be honest with their own feelings. Half of the time, it felt like Sato liked him back but just got creeped out of his behavior, sometimes it felt like she was pitying him, then she would burst and slam him to the floor. “Stop following me!” But she kept joining him for dinner, talking to him, cared for him. When Sato though Amagi died, she laid out her honest feelings to Amagi but when he woke up, she denied it and beat him up again. Between the two, I actually felt bad for Amagi and wished he wises up and leave Sato to find another nicer woman.

Good thing this drama was short. 10 episodes at 20 mins (or less) per episode. So this was a breezy watch. There’s not much character growth though and nothing really happened story-wise. The guy just kept pursuing Sato. Sato will feel bad, think that maybe she likes him, then will beat up Amagi And stalk off. Amagi gets turned on and continue to pursue her. Repeat 10x.

I didn’t like Sae. I thought she was an unnecessary nuisance to the story – meant to make Sato feel jealous. And she didn’t. or so I think. It felt like she was jealous or is it more like being possessive because Amagi’s affections are not centered on her?? (But she still won’t accept his feelings).

A part of me thinks she should have just chosen Aida then Amagi will stop chasing her. (But Aida is also a little bit weird).

I didn’t expect the ending (is that it???). I thought the time alone would have made Sato realize that she likes Amagi but when Amagi showed up and gave her the curative medicine, she just got angry again and beat him up. I saw the medicine and thought “Awwww. he really likes her!!” It was the sweetest proposal I’ve seen. Can’t she appreciate his efforts even if she turns down his affections?

Another laugh out loud moment was the realization that Amagi was in every picture of her trip. It was so dang hilarious!!!

Do I want a season 2? Not really.

Rating: 7/10