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I Picked Up A Celebrity on the Street (2018)

Drama: I Picked Up A Star on The Road (나는 길에서 연예인을 주웠다)
Network: Viki, Oksusu
Episodes: 10
Air Date: Nov 1, 2018 – Dec 14, 2018
Air Days: Thursday and Friday
Country: South Korea

A drunk girl accidentally knocks a guy unconscious after mistaking him for her awful boss. Thinking she may have killed him, she brought him back to her house.

Main Cast
Sung Hoon – Kang Joon Hyuk
Kim Ga Eun – Lee Yeon Seo
Kim Jong Hoon – Nak Goo

The plot was so ridiculous that I almost thought of dropping this after ep 2. But it was also so intriguing and funny so I continued watching. I think by episode 3 I started appreciating the dark humor. Plus Sung Hoon is so handsome as grouchy arrogant Hallyu star!

The female lead is not too bright but I’m impressed how creative and out of the box she is in coming up with solutions to her problem. (If only she channeled it at work too hehe) Afraid she killed a person? Drag him home and really kill him. He woke up and threatens to report you to the police? Kidnap him and hold him hostage! Worried he might escape? Sign a contract that he agrees to live with you without escaping! HAHAHAHA!!! Totally absurd but the leads are so hilarious and cute together! Of course they will fall in love in the end! Stockholm syndrome kdrama style!

More than the kidnapping, this was also about Joon Hyeok investigating who was trying to kill him. I had an initial guess who it was (I ended up being right) but I didn’t know the motive. The reveal was as dark as the mood of the second half and liked it.

At first I didn’t care about the second lead. He was annoying but harmless. My eyes were focused on Sung Hoon lol. But Nak Goo made a good impression on me when he started becoming a star. He is a nice guy and always thought of Yeonseo first, but nice guys doesn’t always get you the girl.

I also liked how much the trio have grown up so much by the end of the drama. Joon hyuk became softer and nicer, Yeonseo became happier and more hardworking and Nakgoo finally found his passion.

The OST was fantastic! Im getting LSS from listening to swing swing swing baby🎶🎶

The ending came too fast, wish it have added one extra episode or extended 30 more mins, just so we can see more sweet scenes between the couple

Rating: 8/10


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