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Sell Your Haunted House (2021)

Drama: Daebak Real Estate (대박부동산)
Network: KBS2
Episodes: 16
Release Date: April 14 – June 9, 2021
Runtime: Weds. & Thurs. 21:30
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Daebak Real Estate specializes in selling haunted houses. Jia will exorcise the ghosts and her secretary Hwa Jeong will sell the house. Inbum and Jichul scam people by creating fake ghosts to scare them and selling machines to detect these ghosts. Jia and Inbum meet while working on the same case and start to work together to find out what really happened 20 years ago.

Main Cast
Jang Nara – Hong Jia
Jung Yong Hwa – Oh In bum
Kang Mal Geum – Jung Hwa Jeong
Kang Hong Suk – Heo Jichul
Ahn Gil Kang – Do Hak Sung

This drama reminded me a lot of The Master’s Sun – episodic cases with an overarching story, the girl can see ghosts and needs to touch the guy for support (in Master’s Sun, the ghosts disappear whenever she touches him, here, she needs his warmth to bring up her temperature after the exorcism), but the tone and the story is different.

I love the perfect combination of badass Jia and cool In Bum 🥰 They complemented each other well. I didn’t mind that they didn’t end up together as a couple, because although it felt like Inbum liked her, it also felt more like kinship because they understand what the other is going through and are supportive of each other. Also, they are like Kdrama version of ghostbusters with the giant stapler, the needle and Inbum’s fake electro-something machine!

No matter how many times they show it, I can’t get enough of Inbum whenever he is possessed by the spirits and Jia stabbing them. I didn’t have a “favorite” case (i’ve already forgotten the cases now that I’m writing this). I wished they continued with the episodic cases but towards the middle the main story was taking over and it was losing a little bit steam. I think it’s because Do Hak Sun as the main villain was boring. There was no motivation at all why I should care about him or why I should be scared of it. He was just annoying and I wanted him to go away. I’m not sure if I like how his character ended – did I want him to pay for his crimes in prison, or did I want him to die immediately without fanfare? Either way, I’m just glad that he’s gone and burning in hell forever.

As for the main storyline, I don’t know if I should feel sad for Inbum’s uncle or angry. He did set fire to the village that killed people, but all this time he just keeps shouting, Give me my apartment, without really reflecting on the death he created. His grudge why he remained an unrested spirit is because he felt unfair for not getting the apartment, and not because he killed people and feeling remorseful.

I have mixed emotions about Jia and Jia’s mom, and I think that’s exactly how Jia feels. On one hand, she is angry that Jia’s mom chose to kill herself than stay with her, making her an orphan. But once the real events were revealed, we realized that Jia’s mom sacrificed herself for the better good, and it was Jia who stabbed her mom. I think Jia needed people to tell her that she didn’t really “kill” her mom and she should stop feeling guilty about it. And I loved that through her exorcism, she was able to understand her mother’s actions that night, because faced with the same situation, she will do the same thing. The exorcism of the egg ghost wasn’t as spectaculas as I expected it to be though. I loved that Jia’s mom had a nice sendoff. I thought they were going to give her a fantastic goodbye but what we got was beautiful and perfect.

The brightest thing about the show is not just Jung Yong Hwa looking so handsome as Inbum, but also his bromance with Jichul. They are too sweet! Even that scene where they said I love you to each other was both poignant and funny.

I knew somehow Hwa Jeong has a secret but I’m glad it wasn’t that bad. She also had a burden of taking care of Jia at a young age. Maybe she should have trusted Jia more but understandable. I also loved Jia’s mom showing herself to Hwa Jeong to say thank you. Hwa Jeong’s face as she sees her mentor/idol made me tear up.

Rating: 8.5/10


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