Hi, here’s a list and links to all my google play games and quizzes! I hope you guys have fun playing these games.

Name the Korean Actor: Ultimate Quiz: http://bit.ly/2uWMPt4

KDrama Super Quiz: bit.ly/2udblWz

Guess the KDrama Actor: http://bit.ly/2vb2SDU

KPop MV Quiz: bit.ly/2VzKXRV

Best KPOP Quiz: http://bit.ly/37B4LXv

Super Korean Actor Quiz: https://bit.ly/31t34Lx

Guess the Korean Actor: https://bit.ly/3onypcu

Other games:

Find Words: Cats: http://bit.ly/37xP2Zp

Find Words: Dogs: http://bit.ly/2HUkxm2

Best Animation Movie Quiz: http://bit.ly/2TpWaDk

Guess the Netflix Show: bit.ly/2QgeHQx

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