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My Unfamiliar Family (2020)

Drama: My Unfamiliar Family (아는 건 별로 없지만) 가족입니다
Network: tvN
Episodes: 16
Release Date: June 1 – July 21, 2020
Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 21:00

This beautiful drama is about a family who has grown distant over the years because of past misunderstandings and sufferings. Once the secrets are revealed and they start to confront the past and their fears, will this family be able to withstand the pain and grow closer? Or will the secrets further tear them apart?

Main Cast
Jung Jin Young – Kim Sang Shik
Won Mi Kyung – Lee Jin Sook
Choo Ja Hyun – Kim Eun Joo
Han Ye Ri – Kim Eun Hee
Shin Jae Ha – Kim Jiwoo
Kim Ji Suk – Park Chan Hyuk
Kim Tae Hoon – Yoon Tae Hyung
Shin Dong Wook – Im Gun Joo


What a beautiful drama! To quote the mom, “What is family to you? Do you not know either? Have you never thought about it? Because I dont know either.” I think this was the main problem with their family. They didn’t know what it means to be family, not because they didn’t want to know, it’s just they grew up that way. I have always thought that the parents, both mom and dad, should be responsible for the family they created, and the children should also be responsible as part of that family. However, in this particularly family, they are so far apart from each other and I honestly would blame mom and dad.

I have no problems with Jinsook and Sangshik marrying because Jinsook was pregnant, because I can see that they were very much in love with each other for the first years together. What happened next is a big facepalm. Sangshik was always insecure that Jinsook still loves the babydaddy and is secretly meeting him and thus, he doesn’t trust any guy that Jinsook seems close to. Then an unfortunate accident changed his life forever when he decided to take responsibly for another family forever without telling his wife. Jinsook, feeling that Sangshik suddenly changed and became distant, start suspecting him of adultery, and bottled up her feelings inside. So the parents stopped communicating with each other, started getting bitter with each other’s behavior until bitterness turned to resentment and misery. All the while they never bothered to talk to each other!!! ARGH!!!

After 30+ years of this bad relationship, Jinsook’s finally had enough. She gather the 3 children and told them she is “graduating” from the marriage. Sangshik is angry, went hiking at night, got into an accident and almost died. When he woke up, his mind went back to when he was 22 years old – back when he was happy and he and Jinsook were very much in love. What a fantastic opener!

As Sangshik tries to reconcile the past Jinsook and the current Jinsook, they start to open up to each other. All the hate and anger came up and they start communicating. To be honest, I’m mostly on the side of Sangshik. I dont know if it’s because of the brilliant portrayal of the actor, that I couldn’t hate Sangshik even if i want to, but Jinsook’s character, although equally portrayed well, to me, came off as being very selfish. I know she also suffered a lot from Sangshik, but Sangshik honestly hurt Jinsook but was kind to the 3 children.

Jinsook, on the other hand, not only hurt Sangshik, but also unintentionally hurt the three children. She ran away with Eunjoo one day but eventually came back. She never apologized or explained to the family what happened; and just came back as if nothing happened. But that event changed everyone’s lives forever. Sangshik decided then that he will stop being her husband and start being the father of the kids and became a workaholic and depressed man who thought so many times of killing himself.

Eunjoo thought her mom took her because she want to kill her and left Eunhee, so the mom must have loved Eunhee more than her. She became resentful all the way when she was in college and she had to work her butt off to provide for the family, and the mom never even bothered to be grateful or appreciate what she has done, further driving Eunjoo to get married and leave her family behind. She also became very resentful towards the two siblings.

Eunhee thought the opposite. Her mom left her because the mom doesn’t love her, and only took Eunjoo (although she didn’t know what happened). She only felt resentment towards her mom and wondered what was lacking of her that her mom loved Eunjoo more than her. She is such a sweet and sensitive lady, but she became less confident and afraid to go for what she wants because she things she is not worth it.

Jiwoo, the youngest, grew up with such a tense environment – fighting siblings, silent parents that he wanted to run away because he doesn’t want to turn out like his father. He wanted to be free of his own family. He grabbed the first opportunity that he can and got completely scammed.
So yes, between the two, I think Jinsook was the worst parent than Sangshik.

What’s worse is the parents let the children grow up that way. It was only in episode 15 when the mom finally had enough and scolded her children’s behavior, something she should have done years ago. She is the mom. She has the right to tell her children when they are acting up or wrong. But she didn’t now and now she is getting angry and wants to be free of her children and do whatever she wants. The minor thing that i didn’t like about this drama is how in the end, the mom didn’t seem to fully apologize for what happened. Sure, she talked and opened up to her children individually, but she always made it look like she was the victim. that she suffered all this time for them. But not being accountable for why her children were like this.

But I could also understand her. She just wanted to get away and be free for once in her life and not taking in all the problems and bottling it up. So yes, I didn’t mind that she left the family for a solo trip for a year. I thought it was a great idea and you can clearly see when she came back, she looked so peaceful and happy.

And to Sangshik, it was definitely wrong to hide the accident from his wife and making her misunderstand. Maybe if he told the truth years ago, this wouldn’t have happened. They might still be happy and their children are not traumatized by their childhood.

I loved that Sangshik and Jinsook were able to rediscover their love again once they were able to talk about their issues. They looked so happy, especially in the end when they decided to let their adult children live their own lives and they live on their own too 🙂

Eunjoo was one of the saddest characters in this drama. She finds out her husband is gay and she is not her father’s daughter. All her past resentment as mentioned above, no wonder Eunjoo grew up cold. I love that her voice is like honey but her words are sharp like arrows shooting (to quote Eunhee). I disliked her character at first, I knew she was a direct person but you can be direct without being tactless or hurting other people. But as we find out what happened to her, I grew to understand her and what she went through. She mellowed during the last few episodes, when she learned to accept her family and other people’s “faults” and differences. I hated her husband for hurting Eunjoo, but i loved how they wrapped up their story. In the end, they will always care for each other because they were family once. I also loved the relationship between Eunjoo and Eunhee. Two sisters who couldn’t be more different. Yet, they are sisters and they are now able to lean on each other.

I was surprised to see Kwon Yul in the last couple of episodes. I thought he was just a cameo but surprised he ended up being the friend that Eunjoo needed. He looked so handsome and adorable with his sunshine-y personality and cute smile. and he is like the male version of Eunhee!

My favorite characters in this show are Eunhee and Chanhyuk 🙂 I loved them so much. From the time we see them fighting while the cheating boyfriend looked on, until they finally told their feelings for each other. It took almost 14 episodes of push-and-pull that I almost gave up on them. Eunhee kept friendzoning Chanhyuk and Chanhyuk not doing anything when he thought he missed his chance. I’m so glad that Eunjoo finally spoke to Chanhyuk and told him that Eunhee thinks she isn’t worth it that’s why she pushes people she likes because she thinks she wont get them anyway. Because of that, he finally found the courage to speak up and tell her what he felt so long ago, especially when he confirmed that Eunhee has always liked him too! (Hello, almost everyone in their college circle thought they will end up together except them!) I just love the friends to lovers trope!

I especially loved that he proposed in that wall where it almost started. All the 3 scenes – when they were younger, when Eunhee imagined kissing Chanhyuk and Chanhyuk finally kissing her were all beautifully shot, i want to go to that place!! 🙂
I’m happy when they got together and it was all worth it! (The amount of kisses they shared in the last episode made up for the long wait!) 😍

Overall, i really loved this drama. Despite the heavy storyline, i was able to bingewatch this show in less than a week! if you have time, please go and watch this amazing drama because I think each one can relate to the characters or situations at some point in our lives.

To quote the ending, “As complicated as I am, we have family”.

Rating: 9.5/10
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Triad Princess (2019)

Drama: Triad Princess (極道千金)
Genre: Action, romance, comedy
Episodes: 6
Broadcast network: Netflix
Broadcast period: 2019-Dec-06
Country: Taiwan

The daughter of a gangster dreams of being independent and away from the shadow of her father. She runs away and finds work as a bodyguard of a famous actress, who is also the love team of her favorite actor!

Main Cast
Jasper Liu – Xu Yi Hang
Eugenie Liu – Angie
Chang Zhang Xing – Lin Gui
Hong Yan Xiang – Ding Ding
Cecilia Choi – Julia
Tsao Yu Ning – Eddie Chin

Short but oh so sweet! I was expecting this to be a light cheesy romcom but was surprised that it also had a lot of heart! Despite only having 6 episodes and the super quick romance between Yihang and Angie, i totally believed in them and wanted them to be together!

Angie looked as cool when she is tough and fighting the guys, but then gets super cute and swoony everytime she hears and see Yihang. She wants to get away from her father’s strict rules and overprotectiveness by running away and trying to work on her own. She gets a chance to be the bodyguard of a famous actress, who is the love team of her favorite actor! I love that Angie is more than just a sheltered “princess”. She is actually level headed and willing to help someone in need. She yearns to have her own and be independent but how can she get away from her family and their lifestyle?

On the other hand, Yihang is so cute with his adorable dimples and wide smile! He is the actor known for his good looks but wants to be taken more seriously. He is starting to write his own script but the increasing pressure from media and netizen to have this “good guy image” is suffocating him.

There’s an instant connection between Angie and Yihang and they immediately fall in love. A little bit rushed but considering the drama had 6 episodes, they were still able to write the romance in a way that it was believable and you would root for them to beat the odds.

Angie is so sick of lousy boyfriends who always cheated on her so she felt disappointed and let down when Yihang publicly told everyone she was just an assistant when he just texted her a few minutes ago and he is ready to go public with them. I totally understand why Angie reacted that way, but i also wished she gave him a chance to explain. Between Yihang and Angie, Yihang had so much more to lose! And yet in the end he stopped not because he was afraid of his popularity but he was afraid that his fans and the public will bully Angie and treat her negatively. On the other hand, Angie didn’t think think of the possiblity that her family ties will bring him down and she only left when she felt let down. I thought if Angie really loved him and was as selfless as Yihang was, she also would have paused or tried to understand him.

I liked the addition of Eddie Chin as the fiance who seemed like a nice guy, but totally blew my mind when we find out he’s a jerk! Well, what do we expect? he’s the son of a ganglord in HK and is used to getting things his way.

I also liked the stories of the other characters –
– Sophie was like a b*tch robot but i cried when she said “i love morons”. I wished she would live more and be happier. She shouldn’t blame herself for an accident.
– I also liked Liu Yin and i hope she finds Hao Hao! I hate the ex, i can’t believe they expect to just throw him in the water and die. I mean, Yihang is still alive right? and Grr! that ending with Eddie teaming up with the ex is going to be bad.
– Ding ding and Gui were so funny and cute at the same time!

Please tell me there is going to be a season two!

Rating: 8.5/10
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Old School Intern (2020)

Drama: Kkondae Intern (꼰대인턴)
Network: MBC
Episodes: 24
Release Date: May 20 – June 25, 2020
Runtime: Wednesday & Thursday 21:00

Ga Yeol Chan used to be an intern at Ongol Foods and his boss is Lee Mansic. A tragic event forces Yeol Chan to resign from Ongol. Now a successful manager at Joonsu Foods, he was surprised to discover Lee Mansic joining Joonsu as a senior intern. Yeol Chan vows to seek revenge on Mansic.

Main Cast
Park Hae Jin – Ga Yeol Chan
Kim Eung Soo – Lee Man Sic
Park Ki Woong – Namgoong Joonsu
Han Ji Eun – Lee Tae Ri

I started watching this drama as it was promoted to an office comedy type of drama. I imagined kind of like “The Intern” movie. But the first 4 episodes were actually hard to watch. This is because the show started with showing the dark past between Lee Mansic and Ga Yeol Chan. The way Lee Mansic treated Ga Yeol Chan was really terrible that you would root for Yeol Chan to seek his revenge on Mansic. But when they finally met at Joonsu foods, I was surprised how much I sympathized with Mansic instead of Yeol Chan! Which is weird because Yeol Chan was supposed to be the victim and Mansic the bully. I think this is partly because Kim Eung Soo did an amazing job playing Lee Mansic. Second because I thought, “Ga Yeol Chan should know better than this!”

I’ve been in the workforce for almost 20 years and I’ve seen different personalities in the work place. And considering that my job sometimes makes me at odds with my stakeholders, I always thought of myself that, I should always try to understand them and think of how i would feel if i were in their shoes. That way, i can anticipate how they react and also think of how to make the relationship better. Likewise, me and my friends have always said that when you’ve been treated badly at work and you get to be on the other side, there are 2 things people usually do: (1) to seek revenge and be as awful as how you treated previously or (2) be the better person and make sure the other people wont feel the way you did before.

And i put this same principle to Ga Yeol Chan. and that’s why I was mostly disappointed in him for the first half of the show. He knows what it felt like to be bullied, to not be respected and to treat others unkindly. Yet that is what he was doing to his team. On the outside, he comes off as super nice, great boss, compassionate but when no one is looking, he puts them down, thinks that they are all stupid and he’s the magnanimous boss. Grr! Irritated me a lot!

And i compare him to Lee Mansic. He’s so experienced in dealing with people, even when he knows Ga Yeol Chan is treating him like trash, he stood up for himself and treated work as work. Yes, he has done so many bad things in his work life, but as he said during the last few episodes to the board of directors when he was trying to defend Ga Yeol Chan — who hasn’t done things because the boss told them too? It is hard to do it but someone’s got to do it and they become the “bad guys”. And what’s good with Lee Mansic is that he actually reflects on his actions. He knows when he’s done bad things, and he knows when he needs to back down and apologize. He tries hard to grit his teeth and move forward even when things are terrible.

To be honest, i almost dropped the show around episode 5 because I didn’t like Ga Yeol Chan and i didn’t like his team — i thought they were so incompetent – the 2 permanent employees were slackers, the lady contractual had b*tch face everyday, the girl intern was so weird, and the guy intern was creepy and vindictive. The only person I liked was Lee Mansic. And it was enough for me to continue watching, because I couldn’t wait for the day when Ga Yeol Chan wakes up and he and Lee Mansic teams up to take down the bad guys. At this point, i thought the “bad guy” was Namgoong Joonsu, who i can’t understand why he is so intent on pulling Yeol Chan down when he spends the whole day just talking and plotting inane things with the manager. I dont think i even saw him work once!

But i’m glad i stuck it out with the show. I loved all the office drama where they have to fix various issues that happens, like angry consumers, developing new ramen product. And i liked the slow growth and maturity of the team. Well, mostly the gradual realization of Yeol chan of how he judges too easily and puts down people so much (although i thought this should have happened early on).

I especially loved when he said, “That’s when i realized that I had been too quick to judge based on my own standards, without remembering how clumsy I had been in the beginning. I looked down on them just like the people who had looked down on me. You shouldn’t judge a person that easily. They were never useless from the get-go.” I agree with him. Everyone brings something to the table, and sometimes, it is the diversity that makes life interesting because that’s when you learn so much more and you appreciate the people around you.

Likewise, this drama also showed the maturity of Mansic too. He has spent most of his life thinking he’s the older one, but it’s also nice to listen to the young people too. They have new creative ideas that older people dont think of, partly because we are stuck to our ways or we never thought of it. I loved the scene between his daughter when she said, not in an angry tone, but in a loving way, “That’s why you need to stop saying things like ‘back in my days’. You should humble yourself when you approach younger people. And hear them out on their ideas instead of asserting only yours.” I do note that this should go both ways. Younger people also should listen and respect the older generation too.

I still didn’t like the guy intern that much and i didn’t really care for his romance with the lady contractual, but the story wasn’t bad. I also still didn’t like the two slackers.

I did like the girl intern – like i said before, she started really weird and i thought she is immature, but she eventually grew on me. I wished they showed how nice and smart she is early on. and I’m happy they didn’t pursue the loveline between her and Yeol Chan because it felt off from the very start. And the unexpected surprise, learning that she is Mansic’s daughter was so funny, and somehow they earlier episodes finally started making sense. and I loved the father-daughter team/relationship. Again, i wish this happened earlier on.

As for the “bad guy”, I’ve always had some niggling feeling that Joonsu wasn’t the villain of the drama, and I was right. It was the lady! Ugh! *Side note: she seems to be all over kdramaland nowadays, she needs to be careful not to be “too much” out there or people might get fed up with her

Oh, and i want to give a shout out to the 2 other senior interns – they were both kickass! (Especially Anastacia – wow she is so beautiful and elegant!)

Overall, this drama was not bad, it had comedy, action (the warehouse gang fight scene was one of the funniest i’ve seen in a while), drama, lots of food (mostly ramen), lots of lessons learned about life and about work. And of course, the bromance between Yeol Chan and Mansic!! It felt like Mansic became part mentor, part father to Yeol Chan, which i loved.

Rating: 7.5/10

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The World of the Married (2020)

Drama: The World of the Married (부부의 세계)
Network: JTBC
Episodes: 16
Release Date: March 27 – May 16, 2020
Runtime: Friday & Saturday 22:50

A woman discovers that her husband has been having an affair with a younger woman.

Main Cast
Kim Hee Ae – Ji Sun Woo
Park Hae Jun – Lee Tae Oh
Han So Hee – Yeo Da Kyung

Wah!!! From the very first scene where we get a passionate bed scene between the couple, I just knew that this show will fall very very hard and will get crazy. I was right! This drama was a rollercoaster of emotions, mostly dark and bitter and angst and evil! This definitely deserved all the ratings it got all throughout its run.

Where do i start? Dr Ji Sun Woo. You know i liked her at the start, she was smart, elegant, and she looked like a great mother and wife. But as the story unfolds, I realized that she wasn’t. I honestly thought the way she addressed the affair and all her actions after were not classy at all. She was mentally unstable and selfish. She keeps saying she is doing it to protect her son and she hates her husband, yet she just did what she wanted without thinking of the repercussions and the people she hurt. Yes, she was hurt too but she didn’t have to drag everyone’s else’s lives down with her. I felt like the neighbor and Da Kyung (more on her later), was stronger and classier than her. they knew when to finally back down and leave when they realized they were hurting themselves and move away from Gosan and all the tragic past.

Sunwoo had every chance to get away, the minute she found out about the affair, she could have just asked for a divorce and leave town. When Tae Oh came back and left to look for a new place to settle, she should have done that, rather than go back to Gosan. But no, she held on to Gosan for some reason, and wouldn’t leave the town. Even when Joon Young (More on him later too) agreed.

So if you ask me, Tae Oh started the whole thing by having an affair, but it was Sunwoo who ruined everything. Had she cleared her mind, the outcome would probably be better. She would be happier, in another town, with Joon Young, without toxic ex husband and vengeful mistress, and with a handsome and understanding man like Dr Kim.

And another thought, Sunwoo didn’t have a real friend in Gosan. The neighborhood wives were all b*tches, and the snake double agent doctor friend was bad. I don’t even know why Sunwoo continues to be friends with the doctor lady. and it also wasn’t clear why she was being so sneaky. I thought she secretly liked Tae Oh but it wasn’t the case. Or maybe she was envious of Sunwoo. I think if she had just one true friend, who could have had her back or real-talked her, she wouldn’t have been this irrational.

Tae Oh. What to say about him? He must have felt so incompetent beside his lovely and successful wife. And he must hate how people thinks he is just living off his wife. Sometimes i feel bad for him, it’s not like he is a mooch. He is trying to work hard, though his hard work hasn’t been paying off. And he was a great dad to Joon Young. I have no problems with Tae Oh being the househusband and Sunwoo is the breadwinner. I think it doesn’t matter as long as it doesn’t bother the couple. But apparently it did bother Tae Oh. So much that he fell in love with a much younger girl, who made him feel like a man that could make a difference. This is the exact thing that i couldn’t really grasp. Sunwoo had no problems being the breadwinner. She never insulted Tae Oh for not being successful. In fact, she was supportive of him and always helped him. She never made him feel small and she just loved him as he was. So I couldn’t understand what drove him to have an affair.

Although in the later episodes we all realized that Da Kyung is like a younger version of Sun woo. Maybe all this time, Tae Oh wanted to go back to that time when they were young and Tae Oh was the man in the relationship, Sunwoo wasn’t too successful. Or maybe Da Kyung was the “what could have been” if Tae Oh was the successful one and Sunwoo was the supporting wife.

Most often times I hated Tae Oh for hurting Sunwoo so much, not just with his actions, but with his words. Like it was all Sunwoo’s fault, that she made all the mess, that she didn’t have the right to get angry. Park Hae Joon did a fantastic job as Tae Oh, the guy you love to hate, but is so pitiful, you want to understand him but then he goes crazy again and you want to kill him. That’s the rollercoaster of emotions you will suffer from the whole time!

I didn’t watch Doctor Foster because i didn’t want to know the ending, so I was imagining will Tae Oh die so that the whole problem will stop? Or will Sunwoo die to make it more tragic? Or will they just get back together in the end to make the story more interesting (like that Gone Girl movie).

Oh Da Kyung. If i were her friend or a sister, i would have told her not to have an affair with Tae Oh. She is young, beautiful and rich. She can have all the best guys in the world, why would she choose an old incompetent fool like Tae Oh? Like seriously. her parents, no matter how wealthy and caring they seem to be, apparently didn’t raise her well.

Steal someone’s husband and flaunt it in everyone’s faces as if she had every right to do so? without remorse just because she thinks Tae Oh loves her? Stupid enough to get knocked up? I mean, hello, if you really can’t help but love a married man, at least be discreet about it and take care of yourself. Make sure you don’t get pregnant!!

And what did the parents do? They supported her (which was fine, they’re her parents) but again, they got angry at Sunwoo for revealing the affair and tried to bring everyone in the neighborhood against the legal wife? And when Tae Oh and DA Kyung came back to town, all successful, the parents again, helped them settle back in the town, and was trying to blackmail and humiliate Sunwoo to leave town. If they were good parents, they should have told Tae Oh and Da Kyung never to come back to town and hold a successful life in Seoul. That’s what you can do to protect your child from the hate.

As much as I want to understand Da Kyung, I can’t. She was really so bad to Sunwoo, and she used Joon Young by pretending to be the nice stepmom but actually scheming to get him shipped to boarding school was terrible! If she really loved Tae Oh, she should have been ready to accept Joon Young (and Sunwoo) will be in their lives forever. Joon Young was almost warming up to Da Kyung and Tae Oh was loving her even more. I think for Sunwoo, Da Kyung probably also felt insecure with the older and wiser woman and she is scared of Tae Oh falling in love with Sunwoo again. This is a hard choice. If she didn’t purposely bait Sunwoo, i think Sunwoo would have left her alone and their lives would have been peaceful. Maybe they could have even co-existed in the same town. I mean, in real life, a lot of couples are able to settle their differences and their modern family setup works.

As they say, in every broken relationship, it’s the child that eventually suffers. and Joon Young is the extreme example of what happens to kids in a divorced family. Joon Young started off as a very nice and sweet young man. Then when he found out his dad was having an affair, he became selfish and asked the mother not to divorce the dad. he probably felt scared of the change, worried of how his friends will treat him, and had no one to talk to.

At first i thought Joon Young was an ungrateful selfish brat, then later on i realized how awful he has been feeling. His parents who he loves so much are fighting to death, no one is talking to him directly, not even Sunwoo. He feels betrayed by his dad, and he gets to see the woman who broke his parents’ marriage apart and publicly humiliated his family in front of the whole town acting like the nice sweet stepmom. and he has a baby half sister who everyone dotes on and he feels lost and alone. Poor Joon Young.

I think the last scene where Sunwoo went back to help Tae Oh even when Joon Young told her not to was the last straw for him. Time and time again he has been very disappointed with Sunwoo’s actions – despite all that Tae Oh has done to Sunwoo, she keeps coming back to him and for more and i think Joon Young couldn’t accept that. He also mentioned that he feels it was his fault – had he not recorded his dad, maybe the mom wouldn’t find out. Maybe if they stopped fighting over him, they will stop battling. and i think that’s why he ran away. To get away from all the angst, for his family to stop fighting since he is gone. it is true what happened. When Tae Oh and Sunwoo realized what happened, after all the awful things they’ve done to each other, the most precious thing that wanted to protect was gone.

The ending felt bittersweet. Everyone moved on. But Sunwoo, she wasn’t better off. She lost the thing she wanted the most but life moves on and all she can do is move forward and wait for the day Joon Young finally comes back. To be honest, I didn’t like the ending.

One, after all the rollercoaster ride, and all the angst and drama, the last episode didn’t feel satisfying. But maybe that’s what this show is trying to tell us. You should protect the people you love, lay down your pride if needed, think what is best for them because in the end, nothing matters when you lose them.

Second, i find it absurd that no one can find Joon Young after how many years. He’s a kid, with no money and so sheltered, he probably has never done any work in his life. Where did he go? Where did he hide? Did he stay in Gosan or he found a way to move to another place?

Third, did Joon Young really come back or was it Sunwoo’s imagination? Why would he even come back? Did he miss his mom? Did he realize he can’t continue living alone with nothing to do? Did he just lie low until all the pain is gone before he had the nerve to come back again? So many questions and it’s up to us to answer them.

Rating: 8.5/10 (i rated this as a 9 all the way to ep 15 but pulled down the rating after the lackluster ending)

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Rookie Historian ep 1

In the first episode, we get to see noble lady Hae Ryung, a lover of european literature and young prince, Yi Rim, writer of the famous romance novel. The two meets and have opposing views on Maehwa’s novel. Here’s my first impresssions on the two main characters, Hae Ryung and Yi Rim. Will the smart and fiesty lady be a good match for the sweet and innocent prince?