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My Fellow Citizens (2019)

Profile Drama: My Fellow Citizens (국민 여러분)
Network: KBS2
Episodes: 36
Release Date: April 1 – May 28, 2019
Runtime: Mon & Tue 22:00
A con artist, who unknowingly married a detective specializing in intellectual crimes, was blackmailed by the daughter of a gang boss that he previously scammed to run for a national assembly position. Can he win the election before the citizens (and his wife) find out the truth?

Main Cast
Choi Siwon – Yang Jung Gook
Lee Yoo Young – Kim Mi Young
Kim Min Jung – Park Hoo Ja
Kim Ui Seong – Kim Joo Myung

This drama got me hooked from the first episode! It was crucial to see the two main leads meet and fall in love and get married, because this will set off the series of events that happens throughout the drama. Even for just half of the first episode, I could already feel their love for each other, and their chemistry and I was as shocked as Jung Gook when they were in the car and he finally found out that the girl he married was a cop! It was both horrifying and hilarious! Without the strong foundation of the two leads, I think this drama would have flopped because we wouldn’t be rooting for them to stay together.

The second great thing about this show is the cat and mouse game between Jung Gook and Hoo Ja. Kim Min Jung is such a great actress! She was both terrifying to cross with and so funny at the same time. I was laughing when she was scolding her driver, “You can kill people but you can’t make a u-turn? U-TURN!!!” Hahaha! She was scheming and manipulative and uses her power, money and people’s greed to turn things into her favor.

Unfortunately she meets Jung Gook – he may be a suave con artist, but we later find out that he actually has a lot of integrity once he put his heart and effort in the right place, and he is hella street smart. I love that they tried to outsmart each other (with Jung Gook mostly winning). Just like what Mi Young told Jung Gook, she knows he is smart and his brains move fast, that he has thought of all the possible ideas before making actual moves. The only downside of the back and forth fight between Hoo Ja and Jung Gook is that it went on for too long. I think it should have stopped by episode 12 or 13 and the third act should have focused more on Jung Gook’s fight against the rest of the corrupt politicians.

When Jung Gook found out he married a cop, he deliberately put a big wall over Mi Young, and that caused a strain in their marriage. Mi Young was sad and confused by what happened. I can imagine. You were so in love with each other then as soon as you got married, your husband pulled away from you. Jung Gook was always conflicted because he loves Mi Young and does not want to hurt her, yet he knows he can’t let her know who he is. Add the complication of Hoo Ja trying to ruin his and Mi Young’s life, he had to do all he can to protect her, or at least not harm her when the truth finally comes out. I could feel Jung Gook’s dilemma. How do you tell your wife, who is already angry at you, more truths and lies that will further ruin your marriage? Although I’m sad they didn’t have more romantic moments esp during the last few episodes, I still loved the slow change in their relationship, as they grow closer and realize that they still love each other, through thick and thin, and they will weather the storm together.

The third thing I love about this drama is the whole election season and politics! It feels so realistic. I realized, every single country’s government is the same. There will always be corruption, honest and greedy politicians, big corporations and wealthy people trying to influence the government through money. and in the end, it is always the average citizens who has to suffer. I think it two ways. The shameless politicians who try to sweet talk into voting for them but totally changes once they get elected. And the average citizens who as much as they want to vote for the person they like, are lied into voting for these greedy people. It’s too difficult to discern who is better than the other, or who would make a difference in their lives. All we average folks can do is just hope that the government do at least what is expected for them to do and not take too much money from the pot. It’s sad right?

I think majority of the episodes focused on the campaign season, which i loved although i read that others found it boring. I thought it was so interesting watching the episodes from the early campaign where they were almost at the bottom of the polls, to slowly gaining ground, until Jung Gook finally won the elections. Parallel to that, we also saw Jung Gook slowly mature as he started learning about the people and reflecting on what he has done. There were a lot of dirty politics along the way and he had his trustworthy campaign manager and team to help him.

The minute i saw Kim Ui Seong i thought, yup, he’s definitely the bad guy – i mean he has played the bad characters – W, Train to Busan, Mr Sunshine, MoTA – so i shudder every time i see him on screen. Surprisingly, he was fantastic in this show as a good guy! Turns out he used to be just like Jung Gook, young, optimistic and honest politician who really wanted to do a good guy for the people. But over the years, he just got dismayed at the politics until he got bitten by the system and started engaging in the same dirty tactics he used to hate. Seeing Jung Gook reminded him of his younger self and that pushed him to help Jung Gook win over Hoo Ja and against the corrupt system. I loved what he said to Jung Gook during the last few episodes.
KJM: “You’ve changed a lot since I first met you.”
YJG: I guess my position changed me.
KJM: Your position changed you? That’s gibberish. I think you found the right position.

I agree. Jung Gook actually had a good heart, except he grew up coming from a con artist family so that’s all he knew what to do. But given the right things, he actually shined. And I think a major selling point of Jung Gook is the role was played by Choi Siwon, who looks super handsome as the charming and slick con artist but sincere and sweet husband and politician. Half of the time, I think is this still Jung Gook, or is this already Siwon? I think that’s why a lot of people thought and is thinking that Siwon will eventually run for the National Assembly, because he just looked so good at it. Heck, if he ever run for office, people will probably vote for him!

Overall, I loved this drama. It had a great balance of comedy (Jung Gook’s sister is a riot!!), action (Mi Young’s team trying to catch Hoo Ja), suspense (the fight between Hoo Ja’s sisters), drama (all the politics talk and elections and getting the law repealed) and HEART (the commentary about government, working for the people, integrity and honesty). oh and a little romance.

Leaving her Yang Jung Gook’s message: “Don’t abandon the people for your personal gains. That is the least you should do for the people.”

Rating: 8/10
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Mr Sunshine Eps. 1-6


Drama: Mr. Sunshine (미스터 션샤인)
Network: tvN
Episodes: 24
Release Date: July 7 – September 30, 2018
Runtime: Sat. & Sun. 21:00

During the United States expedition to Joseon (South Korea) in 1871, a boy from Joseon boards an American warship and goes to America. As an adult, he returns to his home country as an American soldier stationed in the country.

Lee Byung Hun – Eugene Choi
Kim Tae Ri – Go Ae Shin
Yoo Yeon Seok – Goo Dong Mae
Kim Min Jung – Hina
Byun Yo Han – Kim Hee Sung

First impressions:
I kept seeing this in my Netflix so one night i was bored and watched the first episode. I loved it!

1. The scenary and cinematography is so lush and beautiful. Even the sets look so authentic. The clothes are beautiful and all the cast looked good.

2. The story feels very similar to what happened to our country in 1898 when the spanish were overstaying their welcome, the Americans have arrived, looking to conquer and the local government and rebels are fighting against each other, trying to vie for the land. thus, the story somehow feels close to my heart althrough i know this is fiction but based on certain events in Korean history.

3. The actors are wonderful. I dont particularly like Lee Byung Hun – mostly because of his face and how stoic he always look (feels like only his mouth is moving most of the time) but I’m interested to see his character’s journey from being a slave hating Joseon to being an American soldier but starting to feel for his homeland again.

It’s the first time i’ve seen Kim Tae Ri act – she seems young but is a very promising actress. I loved how complex her character is – she is still stuck in her nobility and privilege yet wants to do something for her country. A little bit idealistic for now but i like how strong she is.

Dong Mae is the Korean butcher’s son who became a Japanese gangster – some people say sell out but i understand he did it to survive. he mostly broods and looks dirty most of the time (and his fake moustache is icky), i still haven’t decided if he’s a good or bad guy. I have a feeling he will eventually be good.

Hee Song (hello, guy from Misaeng) looks charming and devilish. He is educated, carefree and i think it’s mostly because of feeling a little guilty of coming from a rich but evil family. His father and grandfather is so bad, i’m surprised he turned out nice. Not sure how he will end up supporting the revolution but i’m interested to see him change from a party boy to a great freedom fighter.

Kim Min Jung in Man to Man was so ugly because of her haircut. Here in this drama, she is breathtakingly beautiful. I love her perfectly round face, thick lush lips and flawless skin. I have a feeling she is going to be one heck of a woman later on, also joining the fight for Korean’s freedom.

So far, after episode 6, i feel like the story is still shaping up, the characters are not yet finished being introduced, but the plot lines are starting to firm up, with the bad guy arriving (hello traitor Wan Ik, who is the same bad guy from W), the 3 guys seemingly going after Ae shin. I’m afraid to find out who will die in the end – for Korea and for Ae shin – i have a feeling it’s either going to be Hee sung or Dong Me or both. Eugene can’t die right since he has to end up with Ae shin. Speaking of which, one thing that is hard to believe is not just the age gap between the LBH and KTR, it’s how young KTR looks here and when you side her with LBH, it just looks weird – she looks like his daughter already. But Eugune’s gaze is so magnetic and he looks dashing in his uniform, no wonder Lady Aeshin is so charmed and utterly smitten with him.

I started watching this show around mid-September but because the pacing is a bit slow and the story is heavy, it is taking me a while to watch. I cant marathon the show because 1 episode makes me feel so bad that i have to stop and for another day or two before i continue watching. But i’m so interested to see how the story will unfold. I hope there will be more action and intrigue so that it wont get boring!

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Man to Man eps 3-4

Quick summary of what happened in the 2 episodes. 

Woo hyung was recovering from the car accident and was feeling down. He wanted to cancel all his activities including going to Russia for Chairman Victor’s birthday. Oh no since that’s the whole point Seoul woo posed as his bodyguard. That won’t do so he devised of a way to make him feel like working again. In the meantime Do ha and Seul woo was helping him with his line. This was a funny scene where Seul woo was acting so unemotional while Do ha was over acting. Yet woo gang chose Seul woo as his acting partner and this time Seul woo was in full acting mode to the point of crying tears. Haha. 

Seul woo sat down with woo gang to convince him to work again and woo gang mentioned that he used to love someone so much but she left him when he had an accident. They didn’t even break up she just got married to someone else. And Seul woo told him that the stockholder of Chewing entertainment is Mi eun and he should use his anger and hate to be better (or something like that). 

The next day woo gang gathered everyone and told them that he was leaving Chewing and starting his own company and his staff should think if they want to join him. Or course Do Hà is joining him. Meanwhile in another scene woo gang lashed out at the manager for not telling him about MI Eun. 

And the Russia trip is back on their schedule. The new scenes were of the team going to the party. I must say Doha looked pretty in her dress plus her hair looks so much nicer without the ugly bangs. 

The plan was when woo gang gets invited to the special room, Seul woo will have a chance to go behind the curtains and look for the wood carvings. Unfortunately Woo gang begged Chairman Victor to let Seul woo in too since they are brothers.

I just love Seul woo’s facial expressions aside from the usual stoic look such as this one when he didnt know how to tell woo gang that he doesnt want to go in and realizing his plan might backfire. 

He eventually follows them inside thinking he will just do plan b which is getting the help of the general he broke out of prison in the previous episodes. While in the secret room he saw the wood carving!! During the blackout he was able to steal the wood carving however he almost got caught so we quickly went down and grabbed Doha as if they were embracing and the guards left. Do ha was surprised and felt her heart beat fast. Seul woo told her to ignore what he did. He gave the wood carving to the prosecutor. 


yay! Mission Moscow is done and he can quit being a bodyguard. Back in Seoul Seul woo and prosecutor found a ring hidden inside the wood carving. Looks like they have to find the other 2 wood carvings to get the full key to work. Side note I love how Seul woo is so different when he is off duty. He wears baggy clothes and looks so chill and relaxed. 

Next up Seul woo was thinking of ways to get out of his job. At first he started creating a bomb to fake kill himself but prosecutor said it was not a good idea since it will be a big news in Korea and everyone will recognize him. Thus he suggested to do annoy woo gang even to fire him or let him quit. Seul woo looks like he will be relishing playing the bad guy and get back at woo gwang. 

The next day Seul woo went to the shoot late with an annoyed expression and sat down in woo gangs chair. And basically tried to piss everyone off. But funnily woo gang though he was sick or in a bad mood and even offered to take him to the hospital while the 2 girl staff thought he was a hot bad boy. 

Do ha still could not get over what Seul woo did in Russia and her best friend said that Seul woo obviously likes her and the way to determine is jealousy and worry. 

Later Seul woo told woo gang he wanted to quit but he didn’t accept his resignation. I felt bad for woo gang since he really felt like they were close while Seul woo wanted to go so badly. 

Woo gwang suggested to have a team dinner at his house to celebrate their new company. . During the dinner Seul woo kept his bad mood attitude while Do ha felt bad coz she thought he was quitting because of her. And started drinking and no one wants a drunk Do Ha. So Seul woo got up and drank 2 so just and told her to stop drinking. It was funny that Do Ha misinterpreted his action was worrying about her while the only reason Seul woo wanted her to stop was so he won’t be subjected a her drunkenness and he had to drink so much so ju.

After drinking the soju Seul woo got up and left. Do ha followed and told him that he must really like her but she doesn’t. Seul woo almost laughed and realized that she must have thought he actually liked her when he was just using her for his mission. And so he said it doesn’t matter dont worry about it and went home. 

The next day we see do ha visiting her dad in prison. She is not happy because it has been the 8th time he was jailed for fraud. Then he asked if Do ha still has that thing that he gave her before and that he needs it. (I think it’s something related to the wood carvings because the prosecutor and the other guy was talking about a CI who has information). 

After Doha went to Seul woo’s houseto talk to him. Seul woo looks pissed that she is so dramatic and keeps thinking he likes her so he got really brutal and told her that he will never like her type. He was so harsh that Do Hà was left crying from his hurtful words. And as he left the cafe he got a call from the prosecutor saying that he has to stay as a bodyguard for the next mission. Seul woo’s was so angry coz he just dissed and hurt Do ha so how can he just take back his words he hurled? Good thing he is a quick thinker so as Do ha went out he grabbed her and kissed her. 

Here’s some pics of Seul woo during their talks and I did a screenshot coz he looks so fine. 


Oh no while I feel bad for Doha being used by Seulwoo I still don’t like this match because I feel that they are just too different. And if I were Doha I would slap Seul woo for saying mean things then kissing her and confusing her. And looks like Seulwoo will be kissing up to her since he needs that thing that her father has which is in Do ha’s possession. I am going to root for Do ha in thr next episode as she tries to cut him down coz he deserves it. 

As for Mieun I didn’t recap her parts but it looks like she broke up with Woo gwang to marry Seung jae to help the other guy for something I don’t know yet. But it’s obvious she still loves him and is trying to support him the way she can now. 

I like the lighter side of Seul woo with his funny reactions and chilling at his garage even when he is plotting or making bombs. I also feel bad that he probably doesn’t have a lot of friends and the Chewing team might be the closest he has for a family. I’m excited for his next mission in Bangkok I wonder what craziness he has to do and how he can continue being a bodyguard without exposing himself. I also hope that he will start to genuinely like woo gang and have more b romance moments. 

I hope there will be more storyline for Woo gang aside from being an actor. Hope he starts investigating on his own about his accident. Maybe he will find out Seoul woo’s secret and help him. Anything aside from just being funny and shooting a film. 

Seung jae and the other guy’s story is something I don’t really care about. Will wait until they discover about Seul woo then maybe the action will begin.