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My only love song eps 17-20 (end)

I didnt like the ending!!!!!

Sorry had to get it out if the way. It wasnt bad but it left a lot of questions. And it felt so abrupt. He was walking then suddenly he was there with soo jeong in seoul. The entire show we were shown that boong boong somehow controlled the story and how they transported from one place to another so the ending didnt make sense! And i wanted an epilogue. I love On dal’s reactions everytime he saw a modern gadget  can you imagine what would happen to him when he realizes he is in seoul? He would probably pee in his pants lol!! But i guess thats not the main point of the story.

What i did like was moo myung becoking on dal. I didnt expect that so i thought that was a creative way of making sure pyeong gang still ends up with on dal. And moo myung can finally speak!! I would have liked them to travel with on dal to the future but i guess they are better suited in that period.

And sam yong and gwangnyeon haha. So funny how he meets different people with the same face and he falls in love every single time.

As for il yong it is a bit extreme for a guy who seems so soft and effeminate when he speaks and acts but is very brutal and cunning. I defintely wasnt sad when he died. He deserved it not because he was an ass but because he was committing treason.

I didnt really like the king but i liked the director! Wonder how he knew samyong and soo jeong were time traveling. And so sweet of him to wait for them for months.

As for the our lead soo jeong i liked her spunk and bravery. She may have been depicted as as rude and bratty at the start but im glad she toned it down a bit in the latter parts. And she matured. Instead of just thinking if herself she started to care for samyong for on dal and for her friends.

Overall this drama had a lot of flaws but it also had a lot of charm that makes you want to watch til the end. Plus its onky less than 30 mins per episode so its a quick watch. You might get annoyed with the replays and fillers but you can just fast forward them if you dont want to relive the previous scenes.

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My only love song eps 10-16

Fun moments

-On Dal and Soo Jeong confessing their feelings through the truth all the kissing and sweet moments

-Soo jeong and Samyong bringing modern stuff to the group like the firelighter, drinking games, Princess wearing the schoolgirl uniform

– when the Princess finally realizes that Moo myung is a man and confessing to him

– when we found out that On Dal is actually royalty (but wtf finding out Ilyong killed his dad)

– when On Dal does not seem to run out of fake moustaches (haha)

– Ilyong and Soo Jeong scene in the market where he followed her back and Ilyong liking Soo jeong after just one encounter

WTF moments

– when On Dal almost looked like he liked the Princess and asked her to stay with him thereby leading the princess on

– after confessing the princess just got so pissed at Moo myung over everything

– On Dal’s sudden change in behavior and his betrayal to the group..i have no idea what he is thinking of or why he is doing it ( is it because of his mom or his dad)?

– when they alluded that Moo myung got beheaded but was actually alive (was it for Ilyong’s benefit)?

– when they dont need Boong Boong to teleport (really?) And when boong boong went back to modern Seoul and left Soo Jeong and Sam yong. I seriously want to kill BB!!!

– when On Dal stabbed Soo Jeong!!!!! WtF (hating On Dal now)

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my only love song eps 2-9

I like…

  • how every episode starts with a short background or history of each character, but at the same time the character being introduced has a smooth flow to the current storyline
  • relationships are starting to blossom or get real – from sojeong to ondal, pyung gang to moo myung
  • that each episode is a mix of drama, romance and a little bit of comedy
  • how moo myung doesn’t speak yet everyone seem to understand him (and he looks a bit like kim soo hyun)
  • the song “Another You” by Yuna (AOA)

i dont like…

  • that they keep leaving sam yong inside the car (i wonder if he’s even hungry or how he can pee/poop)
  • that everytime On Dal starts to feel something for So Jeong, he keeps pushing her away by threatening to kill her (really? can’t you just say you’re not interested)
  • Ilyong is so obsessed with his beauty. i can’t imagine a guy being so “macho”yet thinks of himself as beautiful as a flower (but he is hilarious)
  • Boong boong and her crazy moods – there really is no “rule”when she becomes alive, she has become more of a plot mover (and fast teleportation device – who needs a horse). and i dont understand how everyone thinks of her as a bird (is there a bird that’s as big as her?). and i guess they dont really need gas for her since she just “wakes up”whenever she wants to
  • how each episode is only less than 30 mins and part of the 30 mins are mostly fillers (repeating scenes from the previous episodes)

i wonder…

  • if so jeong and samyong will ever go back to the present time?
  • if ondal, pyung gang and moo myung will go with them?
  • if moo myung will ever speak?
  • what’s the point of so jeong going back in time?
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my only love song (2017) episode 1


My Only Love Song
Hangul: 마이 온리 러브송
Network: Netflix
Episodes: 20
Release Date: June 9, 2017
Runtime: 30 minutes
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea


Song Soo-Jung (Kong Seung-Yeon) is a top star and she is very arrogant. She classifies people by how much money they have. Suddenly, she goes back in time to the Joseon era and meets On Dal (Lee Jong-Hyun). He will do anything to make money, but in fact he is generous to the weak and poor.

First impressions:

I was looking for a fun and light hearted romance so I thought of checking out this new show. The show started with a story about Princess Pyung Gang wanting to marry On Dal, but the King refuses so he disowns the princess and she leaves the kingdom, searching for On Dal. They got together and were married and since On Dal was good with horses, On Dal because a great general until he died in a war. When they were burying him they couldn’t lift his coffin until the princess came, stroked (or kiss?) his coffin and then the soldiers were able to lift the coffin. Their story because the “love story of the century”.

Then next scene we meet Soo Jung, who is a top Korean star with a gentle image in front of the public but is very rude and arrogant and hard to work with. She is not happy with the scene and the way the story is unfolding and she was ranting to the director. during the break, we find out that she is playing Princess Pyung Gang and the story is about the love story with On Dal, however, since the director thought fusion period drama is more popular, the story was changed to the princess having a half-sister and they will be vying for the same guy. Soo Jung is not pleased, since she does not want to have a love rival with a newbie actress. Later on, she finds out that her supposedly boyfriend is engaged to the newbie actress!! Oh no! Soo Jung got so angry and kicked her on the face (haha!). She ran away from the set by driving off with on old van whose GPS is talking and directing her to go to a certain destination. Next scene we see her back in Joseon period (unbeknownst to her) and thinking she was still in a period drama set and the soldiers were supporting actors and was shouting arrogantly at them. She was captured and placed in a cell where she meets a guy named On Dal.

The premise itself sounds very similar to Queen Inhyun’s Man – she was also an actress, playing the same character that was related to the period where she time travelled. The personality of the lead heroine, though, is very different. She is bitchy and snooty because she is the top star in Korea and thinks she can just shout at people and she can get what she wants. We dont know yet her back story – i feel like there’s a backstory about her and why she became like that. As for On Dal, I dont have an opinion yet since I only saw him in one scene – but looks like he is either a thief or a guy who loves money, as he saw Soo Jung was wearing jewelry and tried to seduce her (in a very funny way). The drama and the direction is not bad – there’s drama and then there’s exaggerated funny scenes – for now I find it funny but maybe it needs to be toned down a bit so that it would match with some of the scenes and wouldn’t look too comical.

Will i continue watching? Yes, I’m hoping the guy and girl will have lots of funny scenes and I’m interested to see how the time travel thing will work. I’m also interested to know what the main plot is. I mean it’s definitely not just about their love story – there would be some political plots there somewhere. I’m also curious to see who the real Princess Pyung Gang is in the period and how she would fit into Soo Jung and On Dal – is she the princess? or there’s another princess and she will steal On Dal away from her?

One thing I’m confused – not sure why the drama is called My Only Love Song and how it fits to the entire plot.

Unfortunately, since i’m watching in Netflix, i can’t take screenshots of the show.