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Live eps. 7-12

It’s pretty hard to stop watching this show! This is not a fast paced show or filled with mystery or humor, but every scene just gets to you. i’m starting to love every single person in the division – they all have their own lives and struggles and they are dedicated with their jobs. Esp for the 3 rookies and demoted detective, you can see them grow up and mature in every episode. The whole division is also starting to come together as one united unit.

Hyeri – i started out annoyed with her because she kept whining and scowling but she is starting to grown on me. she is finally learning to appreciate her mentor, who might be old but still has a lot of things to teach her. I absolutely felt sad seeing him getting beat up by the kids and i’m so glad that Hyeri found a way to help him. Now they look so cute together – like father and daughter. i really hope Sambo gets to retire safely. I was thinking that Hyeri seems to match better with Sangsu compared to Jeong Oh but i also like the idea of another guy taking an interest in her.

Sangsu – even after 6 episodes, i still feel like he still isn’t man enough or a good match for Jeong Oh. He has grown up a lot and that’s partly due to Yangchon’s rough guidance and partly due to wanting to show off and try to be a better man for Jeong Oh. He still is a bit reckless though, sometimes much more than Yang chon. and i bet that’s how Yangchon was when he was younger. the problem is Sangsu doesn’t seem to be as smart as Yangchon and his cockiness and recklessness gets him and his mentor in trouble most of the time. I like that he is finally getting good cases and he is finally learning what it means to be a cop and to serve. I don’t mind his one sided love for Jeong Oh, i think it’s  cute and keeps him inspired, but i really dont feel that Jeong Oh has changed her mind. I see them only as good friends so i hope the show doesn’t ruin that and suddenly put them together coz that wouldn’t make a lot of sense.

Jeong-oh – she’s tough and brave, esp after finding out what she went through when she was young. im a little bit confused though. she met Jangmi when Jangmi rescued her in a dark warehouse- but we dont know why she was there and what happened. then we find out she was raped hence her hesitancy to build a relationship with guys. i also dont think she really wanted to be a cop after what happened when she was young. It seemed like she joined the academy because she couldn’t get a job. but im glad she did because she is one fine cop. im sure she will become a great detective like Jangmi one day. She is getting all the good cases. as for the romance, i think her character matches well with Myeongho, but it seems like he still hasn’t gotten over his dead girlfriend. and i read previews that they will break up soon. oh well, maybe it’s not the right time for them. she needs to concentrate in her career and learn to love herself first before she can fully love another person. As for Myeong ho, seems like he either needs more time to grieve or he has to take that first step to move on and choose happiness.

Yangchon – his character is complex and i cant feel his struggle of wanting to be a better family man yet still be dedicated to his job. i like that he has finally admitted to himself that he wasn’t the best person and that he is now trying to make amends. as i mentioned in my previous post, i felt that Jangmi is too cold, expression less and bland tone that i couldn’t understand how two guys are fighting over her. i still feel she is too cold but i can see that maybe she is like that because she has put a wall as she continues to face grim cases day by day. it must be really hard to see murders and rape and not let it affect you and not having your husband comforting you. i’m glad they are starting to be comfortable again with each other and maybe they can be together again as a couple.

i like the episodic cases but sometimes i feel it’s a bit unrealistic that they are able to catch every single serial rapist or bust an illegal prostitution ring and corrupt official in just a few days or weeks. i also like the little bits and pieces of advice and views on life, which is relatable to everyone watching the show.

im not sure what other big cases or climax they will write in the last few episodes but i hope it will be good. i’m dreading when this show ends – i hope the chief doesn’t die of cancer. will they all stay in the same division or go their separate ways? i hope there will be a season 2.

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Live eps. 3-6

I like the show because it gives a glimpse of what patrol cops go through every day and most of the cases and incidents they have shown so far are relatable and realistic, from the power tripping congressmen to entitled son of a rich family, to illegal prostution and simple drunk driving cases.

The 3 rookies are partnered with a mentor. Sangsu with Yang chon started off as oil and water and it was mostly because Sang su is too arrogant and lacked self awareness. He thinks he a damn good cop when he is just a newbie. I was annoyed by him during the first 2 cases and i dont need to be a cop to tell him that the reason why he doesnt seem to be a good cop is because he doesnt know how to balnce his role.. you cant be too much by the book you should be able to be flexible when needed. Its not all black and white, choosing between saving a life vs preserving evidence – he needs to have better judgment, better ‘diskarte’ and creative in coming uo with ideas and solutions to problems. Yang chon may seem like a hard ass jerk but to me, he is not. He is a good cop and maybe he just needs to be more vocal in teaching the rookie instead of using his fists and thinking the rookie is dumb. But im glad they are slowly getting the hang of their partnership.

As for Yang chon and the wife, i think Yangchon is better off without her. Yang chon is definitely a bad husband to her but like what Yang chon said, asking for a divorce so suddenly is jist unfair. There are so many chances she could have called out Yangchon on his behavior but she just kept silent and taking it all in before she finally burst. If she is expecting him to be her husband and partner she should have done the same to him. They definitely sucked at communication. Plus wife’s face is alsways so expressionless and her tone of voice is so flat, who would be excited to be with her? Definitely the marriage broke down due to both of them,not just Yang chon. I think they will probably end up together in the end and be much happier but for now i preder them divorced and focused on the cases.

Hyeri is partnered with the old cop. I liked Hyeri when they were still in the academy. Now she is so annoying as she keeps whining that she is not get the better cases. For one,she is just an average cop. Two, she also seemed like an entitled kid, expecting things to be handed to her without giving any respect to her elders or even willing to learn new things to become better at her job. Who would want her as a partner? As for the mentor,i like him. Some people may discard him coz he is old but he seems to be very experienced. I am sure once Hyeri stops bitching and starts listening,she might get a lot of tips for the old man. I do wish she get her share of good cases too so she has chance to grow up.

Definitely the lead star and my favorite character is Jeong o. She is smart, tough, sensitive and quick to pick up things. I guess thats why everyone seems to like her. In just a few episodes she has been involved in a murder, fight that led her to taser a oregnant woman and now an illegal prostitution case. She has been lucky so far in getting the big cases but it must also be tough on her to have to deal with so many things at once. I also like what she said to her mentor, Namil. Just because she is single without wife and kid doesnt mean it is fine for her to lose her job. She also has her own family to take care of. And i agree 100%.

As for the potential love triangle between Jeong o, Myeong ho and Sangsu, my current choice is Myeong ho because he is older, more experienced, and handsome. He is also dedicated to his job and looks like a damn good and honest cop. Feels like they would match well coz Jeong o is also similar to him.

I dont like the current Sangsu because i feel like he is not man enough for Jeong o and needs to mature a bit. But im not discounting him coz they have gone through a lot together, since the academy so they might have more things in common and connections maybe more deeper. Plus i have a feeling they will end up together since they are both the leads. So as long as Sang su steps up and becomes the man for Jeong o then im fine with their pairing. Right now though i dont feel any romantic chemistry between the two. More on just friendship compared to the sweet vibes coming off Myeongho and Jeongo.

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Live eps. 1-2


Drama: Live (라이브)
Network: tvN
Release Date: March 10, 2018 – ongoing
Runtime: Sat. & Sun. 21:00

Live tells the story of police officers – from the lowest field cadets and patrol officers, to their superiors including corporals, captains, and more – as they form the ‘Live’ team at the Hongil patrol division. Each officer has their own story, and each works hard in their own places at one of the busiest, most stressful jobs in the world, in order to earn a living.

Cast                                                                                                                                                      Jung Yu-mi – Han Jung-oh
Lee Kwang-soo – Yeom Sang-soo
Bae Sung-woo – Oh Yang-chon
Bae Jong-ok – Ahn Jang-mi

First impressions

I really like how they started the show (episode 1) with a background of the main characters, esp. for Jung oh and Sangsoo, to show how they ended up applying for an police job. One got scammed, the other couldn’t get a decent job because she was a female. They both chance upon seeing the ad for police recruitment inside a train and worked hard to get in. I liked how they showed a little bit of how police recruitments works and how difficult it is to get in, it’s not just studying for 3 years to pass the exams, you also have to be physically, mentally and emotionally ready for the job. I was rooting for them and their friends when they finally graduated. I like the 2 characters – both are strong and empathetic – they really want to be great at their jobs and make a real difference.

We also get introduced to a badass detective, Yangchon, who was their first trainor. He is one of the youngest and best detectives in the agency, but he’s cocky, reckless and not that likeable in the agency. He is also insensitive – especially to his wife. He is a workaholic and would rather spend his time solving cases and chasing suspects than with his wife and family. I feel bad for the wife – she is also a cop and aside from that, the burden of keeping their family together and raising the 2 kids must be hard for her, when the husband is no help. She has been contemplating on divorcing Yangchon for a while now and she finally decides to do it when both her parents died and Yangchon didn’t seem to care.

However, Yangchon has his own problems. He was spending his time trying to solve an old case before his mentor retires and he finally did when him and his mentor (Ho cheol) caught the suspect. While i dont really like Yangchon because he is such an ass that needs to be shut down a notch to be more humble, I commend him for being a great police officer. Even if they’re offduty, he saw a drunk trying to kill himself by drowning in the ocean and he didnt even hesitate to run and save him. The bad part is Ho-cheol followed him and fearing he also drowned, ran after him. Alas, Ho-cheol didn’t make it and Yangchon was filled with regrets. In my opinion, Ho-cheol shouldn’t have ran after Yangchon. He already knows how bad the current was he should have just ran to the nearest police station or called for help faster. On the other hand, Yangchon, should have reassured Ho-cheol to not go in and that he will be back. But we need this scene to make Yang chon more human and gave the police chief reason to demote him.

We are further introduced to the rest of the police cast – and i am super happy to see familiar faces – feels like all my favorites sidekicks/dads/bosses are in the show! I’m not yet sure what their rankings are but we have Jang Hyun Sung, Sung Dong Il, Lee Si Eon. I’m also looking forward to meeting new cute faces – Shin Dong Wook as Myung Ho, a straight laced guy in the team – there was one case where instead of reporting one police or covering it up, he decided to tell the police to report himself. i thought that was a great idea. Kim Gun Woo – also helping the 2 newbies get accustomed to the patrol division.

At the end of episode 2, the team gets a violent crime case – while the newbies wanted to get one instead of cleaning up after drunks, the rest of the team are not happy – since that means a lot of hard work and late nights to solve the case.

overall, the show looks promising. It’s from the same writers as It’s Okay, That’s Love, and based on the first 2 episodes, i feel like this show is going to just get real good!

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[throwback] It’s Okay, That’s Love (2014)



Thought i will do a throwback drama every month. So to start the year right, i’m choosing It’s Okay, That’s Love as my throwback drama for January 2018.

Drama: It’s Ok, This is Love (괜찮아, 사랑이야)
Network: SBS
Episodes: 16
Release Date: July 23 – September 11, 2014
Runtime: Wed. & Thu. 21:55

Jang Jae-Yeol is a mystery writer and radio DJ. Ji Hae-Soo is going through her first year fellowship in psychiatry at a University Hospital. After she meets Jang Jae-Yeol, both their lives go through big changes.

Main Cast                                                                                                                                              Jo In-sung as Jang Jae-yeol
Gong Hyo-jin as Ji Hae-soo
Sung Dong-il as Jo Dong-min
Lee Kwang-soo as Park Soo-kwang
Jin Kyung as Lee Young-jin


Through more than 15 years that I have watched and love watching korean dramas, i have tended to shy away from the more melodramatic dramas, especially if they involve a lot of tears and death. and it’s usually because watching kdramas has been my way of escaping from reality even for a few hours a week, and destressing from the hectic work. i don’t want to feel to overwhelmed with emotions when all i want is some light hearted comedy and romance. occasionally i do watch heavy dramas but i have always selected the trendy dramas. one of my key resolutions this year in terms of watching dramas is to watch more mature dramas – not that it means watching less trendy shows – just adding more variety in the shows that i’m watching. So as a start, i chose this drama in Netflix.

I have not watched Jo In Sung in a long time — I will always remember his as that cute guy in the New Nonstop show whose girlfriend is Park Kyung Rim. (yes that’s shows how old i am and how long ago i started watching). I do watch his movies from time to time but it’s been so long since i’ve actually sat down and stared at his beautiful face for 16 episodes. On the other hand, i think i have watched a majority of Hyo Jin’s dramas. She is not the prettiest Korean actress out there, but i love that she has this charisma when she’s on screen, she has great chemistry with all her male costars, her acting is so natural and raw, and she just looks good in every thing she wears. i also loved the costars – Sung Dong Il, Lee Kwang Soo and Jin Kyung – i wassur that there will be a lot of laughs and heartaches with these 3.


After watching episode 1, i actually thought hard if i should continue watching or not. and it’s mainly because i didn’t like Hae soo because she annoyed me. On the other hand, I instantly liked Jae yeol. The story felt off for me and i wasn’t sure what i was getting into. I also didn’t read the plot or any spoilers so I had no idea what this show was all about (or how it would break me to pieces later on). But the scenary and cinematography was clean and gorgeous, and the soundtrack felt so light, as if i’m on the beach relaxing that i tried watching episode 2 a week later and never looked back.

There were a lot of things that i liked about the show. The biggest part is Hae Soo and Jae Yeol’s relationship. i really didn’t like them together at first. i thought they were too wrong for each other. and not episode after episode as i watched their scenes together i find that they were just right for each other. they understood each other without demanding too much. they can fight and give all that they can, but they can also say sorry, compromise and laugh at it later. i also loved how they’re both independent hard working professionals who gave each other their own space when needed but are always in touch.

I also loved the whole group together. their friendship felt so real and relatable. they may nag at each other, fight, say hurtful things but at the end of the day, they will be there to support each other and sit down and have a laugh together. it’s the people you can be mean to, who can tell you honestly thoughts when if it hurts, are the best people to be with. it’s the people you can count on and know they have your back. But they are all crazy weirdos too and i’m sure my friends have our own crazies too.

What else do i love? The hospital case studies. we have lots of dramas about cops, doctors and surgeries, school, ghosts, but i dont think there has been a show about psychologists. it was very interesting for me to hear about the cases. there has been so much taboo about mental disorder and mental health. i for one admit, that i still need to read up on this topic and be more sympathetic. and i’m sure a lot of people too. but the topics and how they treat the patients made me realize that this is a big issue and mental health needs to be understood more.

And more than the case studies, each person’s relationships and stories were also very interesting. we see Hae soo’s mom have an affair with another man to cope with her handicapped husband. This has made Hae soo have a sexual problem. Then the 2 divorced couple still trying to stay friends despite their past. One guy with Tourette system and a young troublemaker. Two brothers at odds because of the mother and the stepfather. One mother with disassociation. there were too many storylines but everything just gelled together and hooked me.

The first half felt oh so happy and light but at the same time I felt uneasy because I can see Jae Yeol getting worse and I was scared to see the day he spiral and fall, and that’s what happened in the second half of the drama. I felt so sad seeing Jae yeol in the hospital and seeing his friends trying to help him but could only wait until Jae Yeol help himself. The second half was not an easy watch. i felt heavy after every episode that i had to stop after one episode and watch the next one a few days later. I was also curious to see how they will resolve the conflict. Of course this is a korean drama. I know Jae yeol and Hae soo will be together in the end. I loved that scene when Jae yeol finally confronted his hallucination and bid goodbye. I loved the scene where Jaebum finally finds out the truth about how his own brother betrayed him and how he interacted with his mom after. I think her mom’s disassociation was never addressed though, like they just let her be in her bubble. I guess it really wont do any good if they reveal it to her now. and at least she started going to counselling with Jaebum.

I actually also thought that the two ex married couple will get together in the end, there was just so much sizzling chemistry between them i thought at the last that they will just grab each other and kiss. but no they didn’t. they ended up talking about what happened, with the girl apologizing and accepting responsibility for their failed relationship.

As for Soo Kwang’s relationship i also liked how it went from one sided to the bratty young girl falling in love with the mature guy, and also changing her ways to be better. my only problem is the age gap. im not exactly sure how old Soo Kwang is, but i thought he was already in his late 20s so being in a relationship with a college student feels wrong.

Overall i loved this drama. I didn’t expected it so that’s what makes it all better. i also loved the soundtrack. credits to the uploaders below.

Little Sun’s “Sunboat”

“Hero”by Family of the Year

Kae Sun’s “Ship and the Globe

the korean songs were also nice. like Love Fiction by Ülala Session

Chen’s Best Luck

and of course this beautiful duet by Crush and Punch called “Sleepless Night”