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i hear your voice eps 8-15

originally written in August 2014 and November 2014

Episode 8

-i thought joongook can fool do yeon with his story.. Im glad that do yeon is smart a d told him that she was also a witness to the crime
– when hyesung finally realizes er kast conversation with her mom.. The scene was heartbreaking!!
-oh no gwanwoo.. Do not fall for joongook’s lies!!!
-i feel bad for gwanwoo. I know hes just doing his job but damn can you see you’re hurting hyosung?
-im impressed by hyosung’s heart and spirit and bravery. Fight on!! pls do yeon help her!! Oh maybe do yeon’s daddy can help too!
– lawyer cha is really good but i wished he didnt he display it now.. What happens now that he gets acquitted? Will he still come for hyosung? And even the kid? How come the verdict is still one month away? Guess they have time.
-haha only a kid will thank gwanwoo because now he has a chance with hyosung!
-they finally go to their aquarium date. Nice to see sooha being a mature guy, walking away and telling hyoaung to wait and accept gwanwoo. And i admit it is quite cool of him to grab her and kiss her.. That surely made hyosung thin of him more as a man now.
I still not sold on the noona romance. It would have been more believable if he was in college. I really feel that theyre better off as close senior-junior rship. But lets see how the writers can take their rship to the next level.

btw, here’s a shot of Hyesung’s pretty home


Episode 9
-so its one month later and the verdict will be announced soon.. And it’s not guilty!! Where will the story go next?
-interestingly.. Whats the story about the cellmate, do yeon and dad? Maybe the dad atole the cellmate’s daughter who is now.. Do yeon??
-gwanwoo finally reads the case from 10years ago and realizes what he has juat done.. He made his work a priority and didnt protect hyosung.
– oh no. The terrorizing starts now!! No wait its the kid.. Whats his plan? To put out the scent on joongook or to force joongook to face him first?
– that fight scene.. Omggg he didnt up stabbing hyosung!! And joongook stabs the kid!! Feels like romeo and juliet. Kid almost suffocates him but eventually released him to save hyosung. This just keepa getting better!! And now  gwanwoo finally sees joongook’s true colors and they get a witness! But how will they explain that the knife is sooha’s.. Oh wait joongook also has fine prints on it when he stabbed the kid.
-and joongook is back as a suspect. And cha resigns. He shoukd have done that the minute he was assigned to the joongook case. I dont understand lawyer shin at all!!
– hmmm did joongook cut off his hand and is oretending to be dead??
-it’s now one yr later and hyosung is back to her old “who cares” self and do yeons hair is longer! Gwanwoo is working in a jimjilbang. So whats lawyer shin gonna do? And will do yeon help bring her fire back?
– and they finally find Sooha!! Wait what.?!? HE HAS AMNESIA??? really??

Episode 10
The episode started slow, mostly to re introduce the people back to the story. I love that do yeon and huesung ate fighting fairly in the courtroom, without any malice. I love that cha and the team are helping hyesung defend sooha. I love how the episode showed both sides – their strategy to dispute each other’s evidence. And i love how while the story is unfolding infront of the jury, we see sooha slowly regaining his memory.. But not eniught to really know what happened that fateful night. The twist at the end wasnt really a twist as from the start i thought that with joon guk being very calculating, he could pull this kind of scheme and get away with let’s see how the story goes..

Episode 11
Ohhh right… Hwang dal jeong and min joonguk were cellmates!!! Ouch.. Do yeon using joonguk’s acquittal as her closing statement really hits home but i dont think it’s good analogy when there are fewer evidence this time around. Love hyesung’s rebuttal. I believe it really could go either way depending on which side you interpret. And yes innocent until proven guilty makes more sense than guilty until proven innocent because this shows our belief that humans are naturally good. And i like how  jang finally understood why cha did what he did during her moms mirder trial. She should have been more convincing proving joonguk’s guilt and since they didnt, they lost. And lets admit it.. Isnt that also the point of a trial? It’s not whos guilty or innocent but whose lawyer is better at presenting the case.
Hmm. Suspicious ahjumma why did she report sooha? Who made her report him?
Still so curious about doyeons dad and hwang dal jeong… Maybe doyeons dad was the one his wife had an affair with???
Aww i feel bad for cha.. You really cant force yourself to like someone when you dont, no matter how great a guy he is
Haha funny hyesung is avoiding sooha! Wonder why.. Because she is falling for him? Or doesnt want the burden of being near him thus would rather cut ties and move on? I prolly would do the same but not as harsh. And yes use your brains.. pls choose cha instead!!!
Omg.. Of course joonguk is back terrorizing the reporter!!
Nooooo….so she really likes sooha!!!! Arghhhh!! As a kid or as a man???? Dang!! (yes thats how much i disagree despite loving this show!!)

Episode 12
Im glad that both doyeon and cha are competent enough to start piecing the puzzle even coming from different angles. Joonguk strikes again.. Killing the witness. Hope he doesnt find the oyher truck driver!!
Doyeon and hyesung drunk are funny.. And we see them confronting ad talking about their past.
Lastly we see sooha regaining his memory of both his part and that night with joon gook.. And another thing that ive been wondering since episode one.. “Why did joon gook kill sooha’s dad?” Also gets answered. And another emotional scene between sooha and joon gook at the end! And his ability to hear people’s thoughts is back!

episode 13
so soo ha’s hearing ability is back and hes hiding it from girl. hate how he thinks he can protect her by hiding things from her. noble but naive.
im really curious abt the former judge hwang dal joong. did he steal his daughter ?
the cute effort to keep girl and boy together (eg. fake cockroach) is getting corny. its like trying to force audience that he is a man and capable of protecting her. i think she is feeling attachment not love. ugh.
hmm is soo ha thinking of becoming a cop?
hwang dal joongs wife is alive? interesting. feel bad for him for being in jail for 26yrs.if i were the lawyer i will help him get his justice! maybe its the former judge who is habing the affair with his wife because he is so guilty.
girl vs girl in the court room. don’t they have any other lawyers and public defenders? why do they always have to be in court together?
so min joon gook is back prank calling the girls house. feels like rehashing the previous episodes and just qaiting for the last episodes for the climax.
so funny guu asking favor from jang. haha.
oh she hwang dal joongs wife gave their daughter to the judge (should be do yeon) as payment for putting the husband in jail? i think any jury will understand why he would try to stab his wife.
min joon gook reminds me of kim tae woo from god. haha. there he goes being creepy again.
oohh so what seo dae seok feels is guilt and he got blackmailed to take in the daughter.
omg! lawyer cha and joon gook! i love joon gook he is so cool and brave.
soo ha finally reveals he regained his memory and ability.

episode 14
so did joon gook tell the full story to lawyer cha? oh he did so now even lawyer cha kniws and hea hiding the story.
argh why wont sooha tell thw whole truth to hyesong!! and that puppy dog thing is so irritating
so she finally tells her she likes him too. and im glad shes mature enough about it. but still seeing them together romantically makes me cringe esp since they try to make it too innocent.
im excited to watch the jury trial of hwang dal joong.
nice how hyesong still thinks of her friend and how this will all  affect her. argh i dont like the dad even if he was blackmailed he shouldnt be like that.
how boys dont know abt girls. the more u hide the more she will get angry if she later finds out. why do they always eat at the same places? haha
i pity Do yeon. id rather learn it from a friend than in court in front of everyone
yay she finally wants to tell the truth to do yeon

episode 15
of course do yeon is gonna go crazy and bitchslap hyesong haha.
omg for the first time i feel for do yeon. she must be so shocked to find out the truth.
last episode she didnt want to say anything for fear that do yeon will get her lofe shaken up. but now shes on fire she cant see how mich do yeon is hurting from all this. a touching moment when soo ha heard do yeons thoughts about her father.. which was exactly how he felt when he found out the truth from joon gook.
and i love the parallellism of do yeona story to soohas dilemma. now he has to decide if hes going to be honest or not. very risky move but being honest is better than betraying someones trust.
so true lawyer cha is so mature i also dont understand what hyesong saw in sooha!!!!
we finally get to slowly see what happened between soohas dad and joongook that atarted all this.
so stubborn to the end, do yeon’s dad
loving the whole trial. we finally see do yeon break down and acknowledge her real dad.

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i hear your voice eps 1-6

originally written in July 2014


I Hear Your Voice

Title: 너의 목소리가 들려 / Neoui Moksoriga Deulryeo
Also known as: I Can Hear Your Voice
Genre: Romance, supernatural, thriller, law, mystery
Episodes: 18
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2013-Jun-05 to 2013-Aug-01
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:00
Original Soundtrack: I Hear Your Voice OST

A thriller courtroom drama with fantasy and romantic comedy elements. It will depict the story of Jang Hye Sung (Lee Bo Young), a bold, sassy, thick-faced, comical, and materialistic public defender who becomes a lawyer after overcoming poverty and painful memories from her childhood, comes to realizations about society and justice after meeting Park Soo Ha (Lee Jong Suk), a 19-year-old boy who reads other people’s thoughts and Cha Kwan Woo (Yoon Sang Hyun), an innocent lawyer who lives a disciplined life. Jang Hye Sung is actually Soo Ha’s first love after she gave a decisive testimony on his father’s murder case 10 years ago and Soo Ha promised to protect her from the killer’s threats. Meanwhile, Cha Kwan Woo is Jang Hye Sung’s fellow lawyer who is a cheerful and idealistic former cop even though his character a bit slow, he is nice and pleasant with a firm idea of his principles and justice. Together they will team up to to find the justice in the courtroom and solve the toughest cases with less than 1% chance of winning.

Main Cast
Lee Bo Young as Jang Hye Sung
Kim So Hyun as young Hye Sung
Lee Jong Suk as Park Soo Ha
Goo Seung Hyun as child Soo Ha
Yoon Sang Hyun as Cha Kwan Woo
Lee Da Hee as Seo Do Yeon / Hwang Ga Yeon
Jung Min Ah as young Do Yeon

I heard good reviews about this drama and this was the breakthrough drama for both lee bo young and lee jong suk. Finally was in the mood to watch this show this week.

Episode 1
Wow what a great first episode! We get to see soo ha and hyosung now and flashbacks about what happened in the past. It also showed their personality and how they became what they are now. I also like how sooha has an ability to read minds. I know there is going to be a noona dongseng romance.. This one im not quite sure it looks a bit creepy but let’s see how they would develop the story. Im also quite interested to see how the plot will move as the criminal will be released soon. And wonder what role will the other lawyer play. The acting is top notch, the pacing is fast the story is riveting!

Episode 2
I love the twist! Who would hve thought the two girls will meet again and both have become lawyers and on opposite sides? The case is interesting and serves as a good way for sooha and hyosung to meet.her office seems to be lighthearted, lawyer shin maybe tough now but I’m sure he will be a great mentor to hyosung. Gwanwoo is still a bumbling guy wonder how he can help her or if he will be a second lead? Now let’s see if hyosung is a great public defender or not!

Episode 3
I thought the case would be light but it was a good way to send a strong message against bullying. Sooha’s crush is kinda cute and him being able to read minds and help hyosung is a nice way to develop their relationship. Gwanwoo and hyosung pretending to be high school students were funny. Nice to finally see the office root for hyosung.oh no killer is out and has started his revenge against hyosung! The thing about the phone at the end is creepy!! Not sure how min joongook’s cellmate will fit into the story as sinduk is his Lawyer. Doyeon is still the same as she was when they were young will we get to see her more in the next couple of episodes? And i love how hyosung is back as tough as ever! Maybe now she can stop hiding and start living her life!

Great show, really loving it so far! Good mix of fun, drama, suspense and heart! For the remaining episodes, i decided to write my thoughts while watching it live.

Episode 4
– Haha sooha’s illusion and fantasy of hyosung totally shattered after seeing her at home.
– Love how seungbin and hyosung are now friends.
– The creepiest one is a guy who seems to be good but is really dangerous.
– Sorry but lee jongsuk looks really weird.. Like a duck!
– Hyosung zipping her jacket all the way up her face looks too funny!


– The case about the twins is interesting. Im sure there is a way to tell them apart.
– Brave move for sooha to befriend the killer. Odd killer cant remember sooha but remebers hyosung clearly. Oh wait now killer knows sooha!
– Cute team dinner scene and hyosung is a funny drunk! Im a little disappointed that hyosung is being portrayed to be an average lawyer. Or maybe it’s because we havent seen her full potential. Awww is hyosung started to crush on lawyer cha? 🙂
– I also love the relationship between hyosung and her mom.
– And lastly, love the ost!
– Shet!! Hyosung finally knows that joongook is out and will most likely come after her!! I feel bad for her like i wanted to go to her and stay with her. But she still doesnt know who sooha is!
– Shet again! Joongook confronts sooha and taunts him to hit him. And hyosung finally knows the truth about sooha! I think they are going to make a great team!
– The actor playing the killer is quite effective!
– I love how fast paced the story is going, keeps up on our toed and at the edge of our seats. There are no dragging moments and suspense just keeps building!

Episode 5
– Having 2 cops as friends/allies i guess can be good for them though i dont know how comoetent they are. Haha. Nice plot.. Now theyre stuck pretending to live together.i love her house! It’s as messy as mine 🙂
– The two lawyers are so cute. At first i thought lawyer cha is such a pansy goody goody now he seems so sweet and earnest!
– Hahaha so hyosung’s mom is trying to set them up without their knowing?!? Lol!!
– Sooha finally realizes he still likes hyosung.
– Ahh killer is too smart!! Oh no he’s going for her mom!! Noooooo! Umma don’t hire that bastard!!!
– I wish hyosung would rely on her skills than sooha. I would respect her more.
– The other guy in the office is such a cutie!
– Do yeon is such a mean bitch ugh!!
– I like how the case went. Forces do yeon to find evidence to charge the real killer. I think it’s the nice twin who killed the guy. Or maybe they were faking it?!? Argh!!! That ending looks like the twins planned to kill the guy! But why? Who is that guy ?
Another great episode!!

Episode 6
– I like the mini flashbacks.. Shows us a bit of what happened after the case and what sooha went thru. But i hope we also get a glimpse of hyosung’s life during that period.
– Great plan by do yeon! Hope they catch those smug looking twins!!
– Wait i didnt understand what lawyer said to hyosung abt being a lawyer instead of a public defender.. Let me rewind that part again. Oh i thought the crying girl was the wife.. Didnt realize she was one of the twin’s gf!! Hmm maybe a public defender is abt defending your client at your best even if he is guilty yet she exposed the twins so she wasn’t acting out of their best interests. Good point! But it’s better to do something right than ignore the wrongdoing.
– Aww mom is so nice to joongook. Hope his cold heart melts and later changes his mind abt killing hyosung!
– Lol pretty embarrassing to have someone read your thoughts esp if it’s about them!
– Mmm the jjajangmyun looks tasty! And the seolleongtang!! And im loving hyosung’s hair and green outfit!


– Oh so we finally hear the reason why they killed the guy.. Because he raped the gf!! Aww if she had known, she could have defended them better. Lesson learned for hyosung!
– Wow lawyer cha looks so handsome!! 🙂 nooooo.. Why did u just leave him like that? You could have just signalled him to wait so he wont misunderstand !!
– Urg those cops are dumb!! I hope they serve their purpose in the later episodes!
– Ohhh kid vs hot lawyer!!
– I like hyosung’s advice to sooha. Two wrongs dont make a right. Dont fix a mistake with another mistake. Wait… So did sooha really take the gun??
– On the other hand we see killer’s dilemma.. Accepting the mom’s bday food or continuing his revenge?
– The director made a great choice shooting the last scene together so we see how they both feel now.

Episode 7
– ok sometimes it’s fun when you don’t need to speak and the person can read your mind
– dont understand the point of showing the three judges all the time! Aside from comic relief
– pity cute assistant torn between the three lawyers haha
– wonder what the case abt the old man and how it will be resolved
– hyesung is visiting her mom! Will joongook show up?! Ha! He broke the cctv in front of the chicken store!
-aww lawyer cha is so nice!!! Why cant hyosung like him instead of the kid??
-didnt realize the role of public defenders.. Is it really like that in real life? But the show is portraying them as if theyre so selfless and nice. On the other hand, its a good wake up call to hyosung to do better in her job
– i think i love team dinner scenes the best! Always so funny yet the dialogue abt law and morals are worth listening to. Is it normal for public defenders, prosecutors and judges to always meet and discuss and havr lunches too?
-oh kid looks spiffy in a suit. But if hes an orphan where does he get his money?
-is there only one prosecutor? How sad ofr do yeon to always keep losing. Haha. And why is hyosung so shocked when gwanwoo hugged her? Lol now he is kissing her hands.. Haha so smooth. I like him now!!! Poor kid in reality theres no way and adult woman will like a high school kid. Seriously!
-oohh killer finally clicked the link now they can find out where he lives!! OMGGGGG!!! Scared for the mom.. Hope nothing happens to her!! If he kills the mom i will hunti him down muself!!! Mom seems like she is saying goodbye huhuhuhu 😦 the scene between mom and killer.. HYESUNG MOM IS THE COOLEST!!
-oh no.. Killer really killed mom!!!
Now i get why this show was so popular!! Just so good!!

Here’s a song from the drama