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My Golden Life eps. 46-52 (end)

Okay. Totally did not expect episodes 46 to 48 to be nerve wracking and all about Haesung succession. First up, Do kyung tells Grandpa that he will never go back to Haesung and that caused Grandpa to collapse. Do Kyung rushed to the hospital, felt guilty and decided to go back to Haesung. WTH! After all the bravado and sacrifices he did in the past few months, he just went back to Haesung like that? Argh!! I wanted to strangle him! That scene between Ji and Do kyung was heartbreaking. Ji an is right. She has made so many sacrifices for him and he has not done anything for her. it was a selfish love. it’s hard not to compare with Hyuk – he is more selfless and sensitive than Do Kyung.

Next up, I didn’t expect the entire news about Eun Seok’s disappearance to the fake daughter/switch to come out in the news. I mean what for? To damage the family? Oh yes. turns out it’s Jin Hee’s doing! Damn! I feel sad for Myung and Jin Hee – what kind of dysfunctional family fights over the family fortune and tries to take down your own father and humiliate your own sister and the reputation of the family just so your husband can take over the company? Granted, Jin Hee has been treated unfairly her whole life but is this how she wants to fight? That’s why no one takes her seriously! I think Myung Soo is a good guy – and pity that he lost the CEO role because his wife just took it too far and got too greedy? During the shareholders meeting, I thought it was just right that grandpa gets dismissed as Chairman of the Board. If I were Do Kyung, I would do the same thing – Grandpa has done enough damage and he needs to be stripped off his power. And I love how Do Kyung played fair and eventually won the chairmanship (grudgingly). Then argh! Grandpa starts clapping and dictating what Do Kyung has to do! My first thought was, hell with Grandpa! shut him out and ship him back to Hawaii. so imagine my surprise a few scenes later and Do Kyung does that! He accepts his dad’s resignation, stopped her mom from going back to the company and reinstating his uncle as president of the Hotel. Yes! I can see that Haesung will be heading to a new grounds with the young chairman. Also nice to see the meeting between Myung Soo and Do Kyung. Do kyung is right to give credit to Myung Soo – he is part of the family and has worked hard for it.

On to the SEO family – argh! just when the father is back in his family’s arms and they are all happy again, we find out he really has cancer! WTF!! how could you do this to him (and to me?!) just when I started liking the father, I can’t believe they will kill him. But I have to admit, it is the right way for his character to end. I love that he was able to help Do Kyung’s family — and I love that the Haesung dad and mom came to their house to say their thanks. The debts have been paid. Ji An and Do Kyung can be together right? I love the final scenes with the father – his time with Ji an, Do kyung visiting the dad, and him holding a guitar recital for his family. I cried with them when he finally passed away. and I know wherever he is, he is still looking after his family.

But before I talk about Ji An and Do kyung – another couple that is on the make it or break it is the Vice chairman and the mother. shocked that the dad served her divorce papers – is he for real or is he forcing her to accept her defeat and finally acknowledge her faults? I really thought he was leaving but then mom said the words he has been wanting to hear for the last 25 years. I am sorry. It’s all my fault. That’s it and they’re not divorcing. Aww. I wish there was more romantic / lovey dovey scenes between them, just to show that they still really love each other. On a side note, I hated Ms Min from the start, she had this weird expression on her face every single time. I actually don’t care that she left the household. i’d say good riddance.

Fast forward one year later – we get to see what happens to everyone – Ji Tae got promoted, he and Soo A moved to a smaller town, had a super cute baby and the mother helps taking care of her. Ji Soo is on the verge of opening her own bakery and there are plans for her and Hyuk to get married. Ji Ho gets a girlfriend, opens his own Block Bakery franchise and is still friend with Seo Hyun.

Ex-vice chairman is now a professor in business school, the mom is a housewife and just waits for her husband and they have a better relationship now. Ji Soo moved back to the Haesung house and is getting closer naturally to her own parents. Seo Hyun is back from studying abroad, has more freedom now to do whatever she wants. She decides she wants to take back Haesung and work in Hotel MJ. Hm.. (why didn’t I think of that?). Do Kyung left Haesung after normalizing operations and gave the chairmanship to Myung soo, which I think is just right. He went back to his own company which is now expanding. Jin Hee is also happy that her husband is finally chairman and opened a gallery, to the annoyance of her sister. I think they are still not in good terms but at least they don’t hate each other anymore.

Ji an left for Finland right after the funeral, studied there for a year while working part time and came back to Korea for a few days’ vacation. Of course Do Kyung will not just “coincidentally” meet her. Of course he will find a way to be back in her life again. I love that he wants to start over. Clean slate. as if the past never happened. and I’m glad Ji an finally gave him and herself a chance for a happy ever after!

Overall, I loved how the show was able to wrap up all the loose ends quite nicely. Everyone got their own happy ending. I was hoping the series will show Ji an become successful in her own business – and not just coming back to study. But Do Kyung flying to Finland to be with her and find a way to use Finland for his own business ideas is quite creative! Maybe it is better that their love story starts in a different country, where no one knows them and they can just be themselves.

Trying to complete 52 episodes in one month is quite difficult, but also satisfying. I feel like I was part of their journey from being two broken families to seeing them grow and mature into two loving families. It really is a golden life!

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My Golden Life eps. 26-30

Wow! I have watched a few weekend dramas already but this is the first time i saw the rich guy leaving his fortune to make it on his own and to be equal with the girl he loves. Totally loved Do kyung for finally standing up to his family.

There were lots of good things that were said in these episodes. The two that struck me the most were when the shared house members were talking and the girl said to Ji an, “You live your own life. You are not living for someone else.” How true. Sometimes we worry too much on what others may say and it stops us from doing what we really want. Im so happy that Jian is alowly getting back on her feet and this time doing what she loves. She may not be a sculptor now but she is doing furniture and design and her business skills are still in tact.

The other one was when Jisoo and Hyuk were talking in the car and Hyuk said, “Every person has an inside story… but getting over it is part of life. So i am just waiting to get past it.” Hyuk and Jisoo are getting closer in every scene and i can feel the tension between them.

Im glad there is someone listening to Jisoo. I’m sure she feels sad, her sister and dad is deserting her and she is feeling too much pressure as a Haesung daughter.

I am also liking the father daughter scense between Jisoo and the vice chairman. He must understand how she feels as he is an average man who married into money. And i can really feel how much he loves her. Maybe he will be her ally in that cold household. I cant imagine how her parents even fell in love. The mom is too different from the dad. And i can feel how sad he is becoming, seeing his daughter too scared to go home, his son resigning and wanting get out of the house. Does Seo hyun have to leave too for them to wake up?

The grandpa is really really awful. Why cant he just die already and make everyone be at peace? So what if he built his company? Serves him right if everyone leaves Haesung and he has no heir to leave his precious company to.

Lastly Sora.. when i saw the actress, i thought, oh no. she always plays the bad girl. I am so glad she isnt this time. It is nice to see rich people actually falling in love with average people. Even though this may be a fairytale.

Oh and if you noticed by now, ive been capping Park Si Hoo shamelessly. Haha. I cant help it! he just looks so good in every suit, jacket, he wears and in every smile, sad eyes, and angle.

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My Golden Life Eps. 21-25

These episodes were difficult to watch, not because it was boring, but because it is hard to see Ji an so lifeless and Ji soo so bratty. I would say since this is the middle of the 50+ long series, we are now at the point where the characters are at the lowest of low and audience are seeing the slow transition from the most difficult part of their lives (which is finding out the switch and chaos that ensues) to picking up the pieces and moving forward.

Previously, I thought Ji an was an okay lead character, she has a lot of flaws but I commend her for her relentless passion for her family and unending work ethics. Seeing how so down and lifeless made me sad for her, not pity. She has worked her ass off compared to her family and her sister, yet she is not seeing her hard work pay off at all. It seems like the world is conniving to just ruin her life as soon as she starts feeling good. I also did not like Hyuk before because I thought he was creepy for always trying to force himself in Ji an’s life when she isn’t really interested in more than friendship, but this time I was glad to see that someone cared enough to actually look for her and convince her to come back. Not even the best friend bothered to look for her!

On the other hand, Ji soo is in a bratty and immature mood. She feels like the real parents didn’t care for her enough not to lose her while her foster/adoptive parents worried more for the real daughter than her. I could understand her anger and she is taking it out on both sides. But I know the real Ji soo is not vindictive, she is even sweeter than Ji an. a bit clueless, a little insensitive and unintentionally selfish but still has a pure and good heart. Looks like she is starting to thaw as her anger is fading and I’m glad to see her real parents, especially the mom, take their time to let her have her way for now. I’m sure when the time comes, when Ji soo is ready, she will be part of the family. and I’m thinking maybe her fresh ness is what the household needs. They are too cultured, too refined and too restrained and a little bit of positive energy and cheerfulness will do them good.

As for Do Kyung, I’m not liking him right now, mostly because he let Ji an down. I know he means well, as is trying to find her to bring her back and make amends, but he deserves to be in agony for now. Until he realizes he loves Ji an and take back all the hurtful things he said to her, I’m fine to see him suffer a little.

I’m excited to see the next 5 episodes. Ji an is back in the city. I don’t know how she will recover but I’ll be watching and cheering for her!

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My golden life eps. 16-20

Wah!! The smitten look on Do kyung’s face says it all. Cant believe he was so mean and hurtful to her. I get that he is angry mostly likely at himself, and that he wants Ji an not to expect anything from him, but must he be so harsh? It is not as if ji an ever said anything or hoped there was something more. at this point she is still swimming in emotions – scared of being found out, worried about her parents, uncertain of her future. I really felt bad for her and Do kyung was a jerk. The inevitable happened, the dad found out just when Ji an was about to tell the truth and i feel so sick with the way the dad reacted against Ji an’s parents. Im not saying Ji an’s parents was right, but super felt bad for the father who was powerless to do prevent this all frim happening.

I also felt sad for Jisoo. The mom already expected this would happen and Ji soo has every right to be angry for being lied to and it is wrong her the parents to ignore her feelings and kept worrying over Ji an. I know she hasnt come home but come on, they should have explained it better to Jisoo and reassured her. I know Ji soo is also angry at Jian, i prolly would too if i thought my sister deceived me or chose money over her but Jian is also right. Jisoo is immature and selfish and have never thought of how much sacrifice she has made over the years for her. again im not saying Jisoo is wrong to feel betrayed but she ciuld have been more understanding or listened to Jian. All throught out thr show jisoo was shown to be happy and cheerful girl. For her to suddenly go to the parents house and claimed her birthright is a big decision. I dont know if she will rebel or start being a bad person i hope not. She is right. It is every bit the Heasung parents’ fault for losing her in the first place and should also be held accountable. and Do kyung is right. How fo they expect Jisoo to just be okay with going to them when she saw how bad they treated her foster parents.

On the upside, i think it is the start of Hyuk finally noticing her. Just when she has ket go and is preoccupied. That look when hyuk realized the pretty girl is jisoo is priceless.

I didnt expect the driver to be an ass, totally scamming Seohyun for her money. Im glad she has Jiho by her side. He is streetsmart and no doubt will kick the driver’s ass. And maybe she can learn a thing or two from him. I also wish Seohyun trusted Do kyung to help her out too. So far i think she still doesnt know what happened to Jian.

Mr Baker finlly got caught by Ms Cafe. Hope they get it right this time. would love to see them both happy. and stop the misunderstandings already.

Wah! Cant wait for Jisoo to wreak havoc in the Haesung house. I have a feeling the parents will wish Jian was their real daughter. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

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my golden life eps. 11-15

I can’t stop watching this show. While there are some boring parts, the show keeps it interesting enough for me to keep watching. some of the main things that struck me in these 5 episodes:

When Ji an realized that she is not the daughter. wow. to be honest, I was expecting her to keep quiet and not do anything but I forgot that she is the lead, and despite all the money and opportunities she has been given, they can never replace family. I also love how she has also learned to love and protect her “new” family even though she has just recently met them. The Haesung group family has been nothing but great to her and she knows how scary the mother can be so she is trying her best to put on a great 40th year anniversary event so as not to publicly shame them and also, just maybe they will not be that hard on her family. And what a big change for Do Kyung from the sweet and smiling oppa to a hard ass cold hearted jerk. I guess it’s a normal reaction for someone who felt betrayed and despite his icy behavior, his good manners and good heart still shows as he also helps Ji an get through the event and his family.

I also love how this drama shows that sometimes, poor people just need the right break or opportunity so that people can see that they are as smart and skillful as the privileged people. At the same time, you can be successful even if you are poor, as long as you work hard and right.

Ji soo is so adorable. I love that she is starting to be more confident yet still be pure hearted. I just wish she stops wearing her hair like a cute girl. They so do not look like twins – she looks waayy younger than Ji An. and I think it’s the beginning of the end for Hyuk. He finally learns she is not just a klutz or a dimwitted girl. She may not be as ambitious and smart as her sister, but she is equally passionate with her dream and is slowly working her way towards her goal. Loved the conversation between Do kyung and Ji soo – he learns that Ji an is a really good person who takes care of her family even though she is living a difficult life. and I guess that’s why he also can’t fault her or get angry at her.

Funny to see Mr Baker pretending to be successful and try to pass by Ms Café everyday. I think his move will work very very soon and I can’t wait for Ms Café to realize he is her bread supplier! It seems like Mr Baker really loved her but had to break up with her because of the dad. Maybe this time her dad will finally realize that he is a good man and will not treat her as bad as her ex-husband. Ms Café is so pretty when she smiles and I would like to see her shine bright again.

I love the simple and sincere relationship between Ji Tae and Soo A. I’m glad his love for her made him change his mind about marriage. Soo A is right, they are not rich and they don’t need to be like other people by hosting a grand wedding that they can’t afford. It is much better to just have a simple ceremony and save their money for their own house.

Ji Ho, I know he is working really hard coz he needs money and I applaud him to be so hard working like Ji an, but I wish that he also finishes college, even if it takes him longer than the others. at first I thought the love line was going to be between Do kyung’s sister and the bodyguard but now it makes me think if it’s going to be with Ji Ho. I don’t particularly like the sister, she seems robotic and shallow with a hint of meanness but I think she just needs more affection and attention.

I used to skip the parts when Ji an’s father is moping around, but now that he is starting to work hard again and motivated, I would really love to see him succeed. on the other hand, while what the mom did was tacky, I could understand how she had to do it. and I don’t know if it’s right for her to save the money for Ji an or Ji soo, so that she doesn’t come out as greedy or scheming. I’m scared to see what happens when Haesung mom finds out she was duped. (but it was her fault in the first place for not confirming the DNA results – really stupid move).

Can’t wait for the next 5 episodes! I hope Do kyung starts falling for Ji an and Hyuk with Ji Soo. hehe!