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Korean Pork Belly Rhapsody (2021)

TV Show: Korean Pork Belly Rhapsody (한국 삼겹살 랩소디)
Network: Netflix
Genres: Documentary
Release Date: 4 January 2021
Episodes: 2
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean

For the pork lovers, meat lovers, cooks, and just about everyone who loves to eat delicious food.

When I was a kid, i loved pork. I would choose pork over beef or chicken. But as i grew older, I have lessened my pork intake to only when I’m craving for a certain pork dish (like adobo, lechon) or when i just want to pause from eating chicken. Watching the process of how they use all the different parts of the pork and cooking them in so many ways was so satisfying.

Episode 1 mostly centered on the different ways to cook samgyeopsal or pork belly. The video is Ultra 4k so i was salivating as i see them grill the pork belly and watch the pork fat drip 😍 The last scene in episode 2 where they ate oven baked crispy pork belly looked so similar to our own lechon kawali or boneless lechon belly I’m surprised they haven’t thought of cooking it before. I only eat pork belly once in a while, i prefer the other parts of the pork so i enjoyed watching episode 2.

Episode 2 showed the other parts of the pork, like grilling pork tenderloin, pork and rice soup, sundae soup, braised pork tail, jokbal (pig’s feet), head meat, jamon. Im surprised they didnt have a section on bossam. Yummy!! 🥰 I think we eat every part like they do, but we like to fry everything (like pork cheeks) or put in a sizzling plate (like sisig).

It was also interesting that just like pinoys, when there’s a special occasion, they just go slaughter a pig and have a feast. For us it’s lechon (roasting the entire pig), for them it’s cooking the pig under the fire or boiling them.

I dont think they have exhausted all ways on how to cook pork. They havent tried our crispy pata (deep frying the pig trotters — they boil or braise them instead). And largely because of difference in culture and produce, we have our own menudo or afritada (using tomato sauce), sinigang (sour soup), Hamonado, ginataan (using coconut milk) and binagoongan (using shrimp paste) to name a few.

The taste of meat is evaluated by three different factors.  First, the sense of taste, which you feel on the tongue. Then theres the flavor you can smell with your nose. Lastly the texture as you chew.

Don’t watch on an empty stomach or you’ll be binge eating after (just like what I’m about to do now) 🤣

Rating: 9/10

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What Happened to Mr. Cha? (2021)

Movie: What Happened to Mr. Cha? (차인표)
Release Date: January 1, 2021

I was looking forward to this movie ever since I saw this in the coming soon list in Netflix. The movie started well, with Mr Cha as a fictionalized version of himself, has been actor still trying to be relevant but doesn’t know he is no longer popular like he used to. He has an inflated ego and it was both funny and sad.

I had no idea where the story would go, until Mr Cha was buried under the school. The scene where he was in the shower when the school collapse was hilarious!! The next day, he realized he was stuck underneath the rubble and the construction guys and owner arrived to inspect the damage. At first it was fun to see him stuck and trying hard not to be discovered. But I didn’t realize that the majority of the movie will be spent in this same scene. I thought it went on for too long that it wasn’t funny anymore. The construction guy was not funny. The agent was not funny. The owner driving madly was mildy amusing. Every line, every scene was falling flat to me.

Mr. Cha was so clueless and his arguments with his manager were starting to become annoying that near the end of the movie, I just want Mr. Cha to stay buried there because he was really dumb. I don’t know why and how I was able to keep watching the movie. I was curious how they will resolve this whole mess. I thought he will have this big revelation about himself — when his wife called to say “just be himself”, all the scenes of him putting his fingers to his temple and trying to think, and that weird sequence of him like he’s in space (I don’t know how to describe it). But, sadly there was no big revelation. Even when he got rescued, it wasn’t dramatic or funny. He just took off the dirty panty that he was wearing and no one blinked.

The aftermath of his rescue was also anti-climactic. He never changed his attitude, he was still dumb and clueless, the cameo of Ryu Seung Ryong and Ji Seung Hyun wasn’t mildly funny. What happened to Mr. Cha? I would say, “Nothing happened to Mr. Cha”. Pity since I really like Cha In Pyo!

Rating: 6/10

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Triad Princess (2019)

Drama: Triad Princess (極道千金)
Genre: Action, romance, comedy
Episodes: 6
Broadcast network: Netflix
Broadcast period: 2019-Dec-06
Country: Taiwan

The daughter of a gangster dreams of being independent and away from the shadow of her father. She runs away and finds work as a bodyguard of a famous actress, who is also the love team of her favorite actor!

Main Cast
Jasper Liu – Xu Yi Hang
Eugenie Liu – Angie
Chang Zhang Xing – Lin Gui
Hong Yan Xiang – Ding Ding
Cecilia Choi – Julia
Tsao Yu Ning – Eddie Chin

Short but oh so sweet! I was expecting this to be a light cheesy romcom but was surprised that it also had a lot of heart! Despite only having 6 episodes and the super quick romance between Yihang and Angie, i totally believed in them and wanted them to be together!

Angie looked as cool when she is tough and fighting the guys, but then gets super cute and swoony everytime she hears and see Yihang. She wants to get away from her father’s strict rules and overprotectiveness by running away and trying to work on her own. She gets a chance to be the bodyguard of a famous actress, who is the love team of her favorite actor! I love that Angie is more than just a sheltered “princess”. She is actually level headed and willing to help someone in need. She yearns to have her own and be independent but how can she get away from her family and their lifestyle?

On the other hand, Yihang is so cute with his adorable dimples and wide smile! He is the actor known for his good looks but wants to be taken more seriously. He is starting to write his own script but the increasing pressure from media and netizen to have this “good guy image” is suffocating him.

There’s an instant connection between Angie and Yihang and they immediately fall in love. A little bit rushed but considering the drama had 6 episodes, they were still able to write the romance in a way that it was believable and you would root for them to beat the odds.

Angie is so sick of lousy boyfriends who always cheated on her so she felt disappointed and let down when Yihang publicly told everyone she was just an assistant when he just texted her a few minutes ago and he is ready to go public with them. I totally understand why Angie reacted that way, but i also wished she gave him a chance to explain. Between Yihang and Angie, Yihang had so much more to lose! And yet in the end he stopped not because he was afraid of his popularity but he was afraid that his fans and the public will bully Angie and treat her negatively. On the other hand, Angie didn’t think think of the possiblity that her family ties will bring him down and she only left when she felt let down. I thought if Angie really loved him and was as selfless as Yihang was, she also would have paused or tried to understand him.

I liked the addition of Eddie Chin as the fiance who seemed like a nice guy, but totally blew my mind when we find out he’s a jerk! Well, what do we expect? he’s the son of a ganglord in HK and is used to getting things his way.

I also liked the stories of the other characters –
– Sophie was like a b*tch robot but i cried when she said “i love morons”. I wished she would live more and be happier. She shouldn’t blame herself for an accident.
– I also liked Liu Yin and i hope she finds Hao Hao! I hate the ex, i can’t believe they expect to just throw him in the water and die. I mean, Yihang is still alive right? and Grr! that ending with Eddie teaming up with the ex is going to be bad.
– Ding ding and Gui were so funny and cute at the same time!

Please tell me there is going to be a season two!

Rating: 8.5/10
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Kingdom Season 2 (2020)


Drama: Kingdom Season 2 (킹덤 시즌 2)
Network: Netflix
Episodes: 6
Release Date: March 13, 2020

The story continues from Season 1 where Lee Chang is trying to fight the monsters, while figuring out how to stop the plague and the evil Cho Hak Ju.

Main Cast
Ju Ji Hoon – Lee Chang
Bae Doo Na – Seo Bi
Ryu Seung Ryong – Cho Hak Ju
Kim Hye Jun – Queen
Kim Sang Ho – Moo Young
Kim Sung Kyu – Young Shin
Jun Suk Ho – Cho Beom Pal
Heo Jun Ho – An Hyun

Please click the link for my review of Season 1: Kingdom (2019)

Season 1 was so amazing and I was really looking forward to season 2. and It didn’t disappoint. We were able to finish the story in one night. The story, the pacing was on par with the first season. But this time, there were more monsters, more blood and gore and more deaths. I love Lee Chang as the Crown Prince. Like i said in season 1, he started as an immature prince but as he meets the villagers and his mean, he started learning how to adapt, how to think quickly and how to strategize. Most of all, he learned to love his country and his people more, to the point that he sacrificed himself and the throne to continue his mission to find the cause of the plague and stop it. I love that the people believed and trusted him, even to the point of dying to protect him. I didn’t want to care too much for the characters because they might be the next one to die but what i loved is that even with Lee Chang’s men dying, the show introduces new sets of courageous people willing to join his cause and fight for Joseon.

The cinematography was also spot on. One of the most beautiful scenese was when Lee Chang was trying to break the ice, then he bodyslammed one of the monsters, then we see the wide shot of the ice breaking and they eventually all fall in to the ice. WOW! Amazing scene! other scenes I love were everytime Lee Chang walks with his men and the scene does a slow motion. it’s like he’s walking the Joseon runway! The costumes were also gorgeous, and the colors! Lee Chang in white/ivory costume that became almost red/maroon from all the blood. Just beautiful.

I was disappointed in Cho Hak Ju. after all the things he did, he will just die from drinking poisonous tea from her daughter Queen? How anti-climactic! and I was right, the Queen really is more evil than Hak Ju.

The young king — wah! i’m delighted they got the brilliant kid from When Camellia Blooms. he is an amazing young actor and i’m already expecting him to bring in the tears next season. My theory is once he knows what happened, he will most likely sacrifice himself so he stops the plague and give the throne back to Lee Chang.

The ending was definitely a shocker and I wondered what can season 3 possibly be? and I’m so excited to see Jun Ji Hyun in the last 10 seconds of the show. I think she will play a big role in season 3 (if it ever happens). She doesn’t look like the bad guy here, I think she was the one who discovered the new monsters and is trying to fight and contain them. Argh!! I can’t wait for Lee Chang and her to meet and work together! Can we have a love scene of the two of them?? Pretty please???

Rating: 9.5/10


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My Holo Love (2020)

Drama: My Holo Love (나 홀로 그대)
Network: Netflix
Episodes: 12
Release Date: February 7, 2020
So Yeon is a woman who has problems recognizing faces, thus is lonely and keeps distance from others. By chance, she finds the unique HoloGlass and meets Holo. Holo’s owner, Ko Nando tries to retrieve Holo but ends up letting So Yeon become a beta tester and moves in next door. Soon, So Yeon is torn between Holo and Nando. Can you really love an AI or is it better to love a human?
Main Cast:
Yoon Hyun Min – Holo / Ko Nando
Go Sung Hee – So Yeon
Choi Yeo Jin – Ko Yoo Jin
Chansung – Chan Sung
The whole premise reminded me of I’m not a Robot where there’s a love triangle between 2 humans and AI. of course we all know how it will all end up because it’s really not possible and realistic for a human to choose AI over a fellow human, but it’s the journey of how they get there is what interests me. I loved the first couple of episodes of My Holo Love, it was both exciting and at the same time emtional to see Nando, So Yeon and Holo interacting. But the middle part of the drama got too boring and dragging that i was almost itching to fast forward the episodes to the end. I really wanted to see how the story ends and I read various reviews that the ending was worth it. And I’m glad I stuck to this drama becausee indeed, the last 2-3 episodes saved this drama from being bad.

I think the best character is Holo. he was so much fun to be with and sweet and smart. There was a time i thought, you know what, I wish I had my own Holo. He was a little creepy though because he is everywhere, sometimes even when So Yeon hasn’t worn her glasses. and he also gets terrifying when he unleashes is power. Something i learned from the show was being surprised that AI can learn how to feel, and care like a human. It’s a sad and scary thing because lonely people like So Yeon may really start depending on AI instead of humans for affection and you realize how much power machines can be, especially when it is used in the wrong way. I didn’t expect the ending, but it made sense that he has to “die”.

I also liked Nando, he may look and seem cold and distant, but he is really a sweetheart, and i think that is why Holo is like that. He projected his true nature through Holo. So in a way, So Yeon may have fallen in love with Holo, but it is somehow falling in love with Nando too, although not directly. I think my only complain about Nando is that he got the noble idiocy thing in the middle part of the show, which was annoying. I just wanted him to get the girl.

I have mixed feelings for So Yeon. I liked her at the start but then as she starting relying on Holo and crying when he was gone, I felt that she was either pathetic or sad. Does she she have no friends and no life that she clings on to AI and even fall in love with him? What is wrong with her? But then looking back, she had a tragic past and traumatic event that kept her from opening up to others and being herself. Then I started understanding her actions and feelings. I’m happy that she got over her trauma. I think the lesson learned here is that nothing beats human companionship. We really need to open our hearts and we will see how wonderful life can be to have great support from friends and family.

The childhood friends trope was something I thought was overdone, but this plot actually tied up/connected the 2 leads with one another and added a mystery/twist to the show. I think this is the one that stood out and saved the ending.

I have seen Chansung in 3 dramas and he always plays this lazy or arrogant guy but ends up being nice. I think it’s his face. his face looks like someone who can be a jerk. I knew from the start that he is going to be bad but i also can’t help but feel bad for him. he is scared of his grandpa and is forced to do things he doesn’t want to. Speaking of the grandpa, this is one person i felt was badly written. he is too evil and we dont even know his motivation other than wanting power (and why?). His actions like murder just didn’t make sense. While i cheered that Chansung finally got the balls to fight back and break grandpa’s formidable cane (i was itching to grab his cane and break it too), the whole scene was laughable because all it took was breaking his cane before he was defeated.

Of course, the ending was beautiful, with everyone having their happy ever after. I think overall, this was a quick and light show to watch at 12 episodes.

Rating: 7/10