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Hwayugi eps. 15-20 (end)

Took some time for me but f inally finished watching the show. I think the ending was alright for a lot of the characters, but I have mixed feelings for the ending of Samjang and Son O’gong.

All through out the show, we were told that one will have to eventually kill each other and I was wondering if they will ever find a way to break free of their destiny or not. I mean, most korean dramas get a happy ever after right? This time, they did escape their fate – because they didn’t have to kill each other.. but.. someone still died and I’m not sure how I feel about that, even one week after i’ve finished the show. In a way I felt letdown. I mean, what’s the point of escaping their fate if they wont end up together and one will die?? then i would rather have had them have a big showdown and go all dramatic as one of them kills each other. I would probably cry and be happy with that ending than the one we’ve got. Plus, the last episode felt more like an epilogue just to tie up loose ends and have O’gong tell Samjang he loves her even without the geumgango – i was expecting O’gong to show her as he cradled her in his arms before she dies – that would have been a fantastic ending too, without having her come back as a ghost. To be fair, even though Samjang died, there is still hope for them to meet each other – and yes, i guess it made more sense for her to die than Ogong coz then she can be a spirit and they still have a chance to be together, rather than Ogong dying.

Though i’m sad Ogong left the gang, i’m also excited for him to embark on a journey to find Samjang and bring her back but i wished that’s what they showed in the last episode – go out with a big bang. But wait, i’m a little confused – why did Samjang end up in purgatory? She sacrificed herself, i think she deserves automatic admission to heaven or maybe become a honorary deity.

As for Samjang, I don’t think it’s the actress’ fault – i briefly watched her in Come Here Mister and she seems like a good actress (though a bit overacting), but Samjang’s character wasn’t that developed. I felt like she was used as a tool the whole time and she just has this unemotional face all the time that i found her boring – not even sure what Ogong saw in her. The only time i was impressed with Samjang was during the last 2 episodes, when she was finally showing initiative and showing disgust at Kang Daesung. I thought, finally, Samjang is showing her own fire. I could never understand why the gods chose her as Samjang – and we will never know. But i felt bad for her – like she existed solely to sacrifice herself in the end – and she didn’t even lived a full life before dying.

I loved Devil King finally meeting his own son. I feel dumb as the kid has been there since episode 1 but i never thought that he could be Devil King’s son until ep. 18. i thought he was just a side character. I find them both so cute, esp liking the same food and walking the same way. I just wished there was a way for Queen Mother to have met Devil King in the present time so that i hope Queen Mother will show him how much she loves him.

As for PK and Richie/Asanyeo, i didn’t like PK – he’s annoying, ruins everyone’s plans all the time. The only time i liked him was when he was with Richie. I was confused with Asanyeo’feelings because sometimes she comes off as nice and submissive to Ogong, but other times she is just a bitch. I find the end fitting her – we all know Richie needs to be burned, and i’m glad it was PK who did it, not Ogong. it’s a good way for them to say goodbye, but did PK like Richie only as a sister or more than that? Asanyeo’s last words from Richie said “i like you” and I’m thinking it’s not just Richie who feels that way – also Asanyeo. I cried a little bit watching this scene.

The same way I felt anguished by the Jade Dragon sacrificing himself to save PK. What the heck. Jade Dragon is supposed to be a guy right who so happened to enter Alice’s body? Why did he end up liking PK for real? it just felt off and weird. and did he really have to kill himself? what’s the point? they could have just called Devil King or Son Ogong (arent they supposed to be able to teleport wherever they want to?)

Kang Dae Sung — argh he deserves to be inside that coffin and buried alive under the sea. really.

SAmjang’s assistant – aww he’s such a sweety and great idea to give the whole company to him (but still find it weird it’s just the two of them running a profitable company). I just hope he will be able to sustain the company as he can’t even see ghosts. hehe.

Overall, i loved the show. It had some dragging parts and plotholes, but i liked the overall feel of the show – at times hilarious, serious when needed, some action and fantasy, different episodic storylines that kept me interested to finish the story.

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Hwayugi eps. 12-14

I was wondering how they can continue showing Richie’s character given that she is a zombie and every episode we see her getting worse that it is just a matter of time before she decomposes. But im happy and surprised to see her take on a new character.. as Asanyeo..a high priestess powerful enough to change the stars of a person. Now we know why theres a connection between Richie and Kang Dae Sung coz it looks like he is ambitious enough to want to be the president. I can already see how this one plays out.

The main goal of Asanyeo is to swap souls with Samjang so that she will be more powerful. She was awakened by Richie, who was awaken by Samjangs blood. As always,Samjang is clueless and always the last one to know. The second goal is to marry Ogong who is the great sage, so that will make her super powerful. Ogong and Devil king is trying to think of ways to bring Asanyeo back to the ground but Asanyeo has found Devil kings weakness.

The other half of the story is centered on Devil King and his love. All throughout the show he has been racking enough points to become a deity so he can rescue his love from her punishment. Now we finally get to see them interact in the present world but how exactly can he help her? So asanyeo tricked Devil king to persuade Samjang to help him by putting her blood on Asanyeo’s incese burner. Mixed with her own blood,they can swap souls,kind of how Asanyeo helped General winter years ago (a surprising twist!)

For a high priestess,i find Asanyeo to be a bit dumb as she keeps getting fooled and outsmarted by Ogong. Or maybe is it how the actress is playing her character? It is definitely different from how she portrays Richie but i dont feel threatened and scared of Asanyeo except when she sneers.

Since Ogong was able to stop Asanyeo, they encouraged samjang to help devil king,since if Samjang is more powerful than asanyeo then Samjang can do what Asanyeo can. Im in awe with devil kings unwavering love for the queen Mother, enough to want to endure 10,000 years worth of pain so that he can stop her punishment.

At this point im not sure how the story ends. It still looks like Asanyeo will continue to play a big part esp with kang Dae Sungs story. We still dont know what is Samjangs mission or how she and Ogong is supposed to fight (and only one will come out alive).

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hwayugi eps. 9-11

Just when they finally admitted their feelings go beyond the Geumganggo, we get another roadblock, this time it’s deadlier.

O’gong, Ms Ma and Devil King realize that Seon Mi has the death bell and it has rung – which means one has to kill the other in the end. I’m quite curious how they will resolve this main conflict. While O’Gong loves Seon Mi, it seems like he is not yet so fully committed that he is willing to die for her, which makes sense since he has lived and so long being ruthless when it comes to survival. I’m not sure how he thinks he can get Samjang killed given the circumstances since based on the rules of the Geumganggo, he will feel as much pain as Samjang feels – just like how at the end of episode 11, when O’gong was so angry at the 2 goons for killing Zombie girl and Seon Mi rushes to stop him, his heart was suddenly squeezed so tight by the thorns that he actually bled blood. I feel pained seeing O’gong’s look of astonishment and Seon Mi’s look of horror as they try to decipher what has happened even though they dont know how. I really hope they can complete the storyline in a good way coz i will feel totally let down if they just skirt away from this issue a few episodes from now.

On the other hand, these 3 episodes gave us a glimpse of how much Seon Mi finally appreciates the special skill that was given to her, even though it may also cost her the love of her life. All she wanted since she was young was to feel ordinary and not see or interact with any ghosts – and when the bookseller took her child’s soul away, she was able to live and try how it is to be normal. The first few times she felt sad, coz suddenly from being a special and doted by the monsters, she is now a nobody and useless. I dont know exactly how long she spent living an ordinary life – but i’m disappointed that it felt too short though – probably just 1 day for her to realize she wants it back. I think it’s a combination of wanting O’gong back to her side, to helping Zombie girl and feeling special again by helping other people get rid of the evil spirits. it’s like saying you quit smoking for a day or you will start dieting then go back to your habit a day after. And honestly right now, she is getting rid of evil spirits – but these are mostly the little monsters – she hasn’t dealt with the big ones that can really wreak havoc to the world and make a difference – though i think we are gearing up for that.

Another interesting storyline is the sacred tree – i dont know what the Professor saw when he touched the coffin – all we saw is a glimpse of a woman wearing a veil. I dont know how powerful she is or how she is important to the monster’s group world and Samjang – but definitely another storyline that is interesting.

finally after several episodes, Zombie girl finds out her identity but she gets tricked by the 2 goons and pushed from the rooftop. I am so so so angry now. I like Zombie girl and i really wished she lives longer – but i also dont know how. It seems like her storyline has ended. and i love her she was so brave to say goodbye to everyone and make a decision to ask Ogong to burn her before she rots away and become an evil spirit. I really really wish she comes back! and I’m sure PK will feel totally devastated once he hears what has happened to Zombie girl. As for Jade Dragon, right now i feel like he/she doesn’t really do anything to the storyline except argue with PK. I hope we see his/her power later.

I also feel like Devil King has become more of a side character without any real storyline aside from helping Ogong and Samjang, which is kind of disappointing coz i was really looking forward for him to complete his own mission of rescuing his love (which i dont know if she is still alive or dead). At this point, he is a big ally to the team, and i’m not sure if he will ever betray them for his own interests. I love the bromance between Devil King and O’gong, i guess they have lived long enough to like each other and even talking about forming a hotel or restaurant together. hahaha. face it Devil King, despite you trying to get away from Ogong, you will always protect him, the way i’m sure Ogong will protect Devil King when needed.

I’m not sure how long the drama series will be since i’m already in episode 11 – but i still feel like we’re just in the middle of the whole story and there’s still a lot to tackle.

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Hwayugi eps. 6-8

Of i can name the pairing of Ogong and Seon mi, i would name them the Wishy washy couple. Im getting confused with their feelings.When one goes in, the other moves out.this happened in the 3 episodes.they both can’t admit that they like each other and i understand why but it’s getting a bit frustrating when every other scene is of them brooding.

The addition of a new guy didnt really help as he didnt have enough charisma and power to tore the wishy washy couple apart. Seonmi remembers Jonayhan but she didnt really like him she is just happy to hear a human actually likes her. I’m not sure where the storyline will this jist a tool to force yhem to admit their feelings for each other or if it’s just a funny way to refetence okja.

Likewise i also didnt see the point of Devil king drinking Samjang’s blood. Im thinking it is just a great cliffhanger for the previous episode because they were able to fix it in the next one by Devil king drinking an antidote to neutralize her blood.

Im getting more curious with Zombie girl’s story. Turns out she was accidentally ran over by the politician i thought she did something bad has having an affair. Nonetheless i guess the monster group will be helping her later on avenge her death and bring down the guy (and maybe expose more corruption and evil things)?

The episodic ghost cases are just did introduce us to another character the jade prince or something who is an octopus that possessed Alice’s body. Bora was kind of hilarious trying to act like a guy. The mermaid story was also chilling.shows that even humans are bad to monsters.

Im not sure if there will be a love triangle between PK Alice and zombie girl. But im rooting for PK and Zombie girl.just dont know how coz Zombie is rotting everyday.

Overall the storyline is very slow. i still don’t know where everything will lead to. we keep hearing that samjang has to finish her mission (we dont know what and when) and we dont really know what happens after and when the Geaumgango disappears. For now i’m just enjoying the ride.

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Hwayugi eps 3-5

This is a Hong sisters drama alright. Just like in Masters Sun, they came up with an absurd reason why the couple always has to be together and justify all the skinship. This time, Ogong got locked in a Geumganggo which is a bracelet where he becomes in love with Samjang and feels pain when Samjang feela pain. I find this less believable than Masters sun because it makes me feel uncomfortable that they are forced to like each other. And i cant believe that Samjang is actually falling for the sweet words when she knows it’s not real. Is it because she is so starved for affection that as soon as a guy stays with her or does things for her she already likes him. Tsk tsk. And how is it that she is already falling for him when they have only encountered each other a few times? I feel sad for the girl. On the other hand, i like how Lee Seung gi is delivering Ogong’s lines. Too funny to see him angry but spouting sweet cheesy words. Im sure he will end up really liking her in the end.

Another plot that does not make sense is Samjangs mission to rid the earth of bad people or else the world will collapse or go into war. Why her? She doesnt even have any power. I think it’s a ruse to keep Ogong occupied and make use of his power instead of causing trouble all the time. What is bad is Samjang getting pulled into schemes involuntarily.

As for Devil King, i like his character right now he is so funny and tries to keep the other guys in line. But ahh we find out the reason why he wants to be a diety so bad.. It’s to rescue his love from the cycle she is trapped in. I still dont understand how She was in the film when the film is not a real world.. And is she supposed to reincarnate over and over again.. Is it as the same person or different persons but gets killed everytime? I think this storyline needs to improve. Also im surprised by thr end of episode 5, ogong tricked Devil king to drink Samjangs blood now looks like he will also start liking Samjang. So now what happens to thr first love?? Nad why bring him as a love triangle for Ogong and Samjang? We obviously know that Samjang does not feel anything for Devil king so i dont think she will feel confused at all. Poor Devil king now he is also forced to like Samjang who i think doesnt really have any charming qualities for men to fight over for.

Im interested to see how Zombie Richies case will unravel. But first, another story that makes no sense. She was reported in the news as a trainee that is missing yet no one has figured out who she is or has even bothered checking for her. Right now she is jist there as part of the weird group. Im interested to find out how her death is connected to that political candidate, who happens to be connected to the korea foundation lady. Hmm.. Seems there is a bigger political story in the works.

I like the episodic cases.. Some are fillers like the motel ghost and the condo ghost while some serves as a way to move the story forward. I still didnt u derstand the red kimono kid story.. If she killed the korea foundation lady.. So who is she? She is a japanese ancestor who possessed the old lady and bent on restoring the japanese connections in modern day korea? And since Ogong burbed the film set, what happened to Devil King’s love.. Did she also perish in the fire or did she found a way to escape?

Too many questions and too many inconsistenices but at least the storylines are funny, the group is wacky. We have a secretary dog, piggie kpop star, the siblings, the mobilephone chairman, devil, Ogong, Samjang and Samjang’s secretary with a distracting setof brown eyes (contacts?). Im also starting to hear more funny quotes like Devil kings”you passed” and Ogong’s “i love you” that is standard in any Hong sisters drama.