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CDrama Actors Quiz

Something different for everyone, CDrama Actors Quiz.

Whether you’re a long time Chinese Drama fan or a newbie like me, try this fun game and learn a bit more about Chibese actors and actresses through pictures.

Download from Google Play:

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Best KPOP Quiz

Love KPOP? This game is for you! Try to guess the names of the girl groups and boy groups through hidden tile pictures!

I will be regularly updating this game so dont feel bad if you dont see you favorite artists now.

Try it and share with your friends!

Google Play link:

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Guess that Korean Actor Quiz

I had a lot of fun creating this quiz called Guess that Korean Actor!

Please download in Google Play Store.

The first release includes 100 levels. Will try to increase the levels every 6 months.

Please also take time to rate it and leave comments. I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions for actors/actresses.

Lastly have fun and share with your friends! Challenge to see who is the best Kdrama fangirl/boy!

I will be releasing more quizzes about Kdrama, Kpop and other topics in the future.