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Oh My Baby (2020)

Drama: Oh My Baby (오 마이 베이비)
Network: tvN
Episodes: 16
Release Date: May 13 – July 2, 2020
Runtime: Wed. & Thu. 22:50

Jang Hari is a 39-year old single woman who wants to get married and have a baby. Unfortunately, she has not dated in 10 years and the doctor told her she has endometriosis and needs to get surgery. Running out of time with no prospects, she is thinking of ways to have a baby without getting married. Suddenly 3 potential men come into her life. Who will she choose to love and marry? Will she decide to have a baby or not? Can she have it all?

Main Cast
Jang Nara – Jang Hari
Go Joon – Han Yi Sang
Park Byung Eun – Yoon Jae Young
Jung Gun Joo – Choi Kang Ee Ddeum

It’s been a long time since i’ve watched a Jang Nara drama. Mostly because when i tried her more recent dramas, i find it cringey that they are trying so hard to make her look cute and young when she is not. Yes, she is baby faced and looks young for her age, but not enough to pass for a 20s lady. But once i saw the promo, I got so excited. I mean, look at the 3 main leads – Go Joon (who i super loved in The Fiery Priest), Park Byung Eun (who I liked in Because This is My First Life) and Jung Gun Joo (who was super adorable in Extraordinary You). So it was a no-brainer that I will watch this drama.

And it was such a good decision because this drama was a little gem! The first 2 episodes were a bit weird – it wobbled between comedy and drama and the transition from one side to the other was a bit jarring. But it slowly balanced itself in the next couple of episodes.

On the surface, I can see myself in Hari. I’m just like her, single, almost 40, not married. the difference is I’m not desperate to have a kid and knock on wood i dont have a reproductive issue. However, I have friends in similar situations so I can totally understand her issue. The only thing I didn’t like was that her dream was to be a “mother”. That she will only be happy if she was a “mom”. I thought that was not a good reason to be a mother and to live a life. I think first and foremost, you need to be happy by yourself to be able to be happy for your family. That the possibility to just get pregnant and raise a child as a single parent (without the getting married or having to deal with the father/husband) is something me and my single friends have also discussed in the last few years. So i can really relate to her. That’s why I was interested to see how this drama will unfold. I already have an idea how this will go – she will end up realizing that she doesn’t need to be happy to be a mom and she will be pregnant by the end of the drama. (Of course, i was right haha!)

And i know that because that’s the same thing me and my friends have realized in the last few years. It’s great to be married and have a child, but it’s also great to be single and living a happy life. That having a kid on our own is a bit selfish – it may fulfill your dream to be a mom and not to be lonely when you’re older, but the child may suffer from unintentional hardships and hurt because the child doesn’t have a regular family and might get bullied for it. Thinking about that, i realized that having a child is really a gift and a very big decision to make because it will impact not only your life but the child’s.

I applaud Hari for remaining true to herself during the course of the drama. That she didn’t give up on her principles and she learned to be happy – with her family, her partner, her colleagues and her friends beside her.

As for the 3 baby daddies – while i was rooting for Go Joon, i didnt expect that the show will single him out so early in the drama. I thought there will be a big love triangle between Yisang, Hari and Jaeyoung, and i will have a hard time choosing which guy Hari should end up with — the hot single photographer or the childhood friend divorced guy with a kid. Good thing the show made it clear that Yisang is the end game and i loved it!

Yisang is like one of the best kdrama boyfriends this year. What’s not to like? He’s handsome, sweet, sensitive, good at his job and sexy! The only problem – he has reproductive issues too, just like Hari! OMO OMO! This was the storyline i totally didn’t expect but loved because it brought a whole new issue to the story. Would you choose love or baby? Would you still choose to love and marry someone even when you know there’s a high chance you wont have a child together? For someone like Hari who dreams of having a child, that is one tough decision to make!

There’s no right or wrong answer here. It really depends on the person on what the person values more. Just need to be sure of your decision and stick with it. You dont choose love then start blaming your partner when you can’t have children. Likewise, you dont choose a child and neglect him/her.

I also felt bad for Yisang. He just wants to be with his girlfriend and have a family of his own, but his girlfriend left him! and now Hari almost left him too! I guess that’s what made him so gunshy of relationships and have crushed his dreams of ever having his own family to love. I was super happy that Yisang and Hari were both able to talk through and overcome the hardships as one. They are right. There will always be ups and downs in any relationship. And what’s important is that they are working and solving it together.

While i loved how the story between Yisang and Hari was developed and resolved, i thought Jae Young’s character and story was such a lost opportunity! I mean, Park Byung Eun is such an amazing actor and he can totally give Yisang a run for his money. We also saw his character growth, from being so down after his divorce and being a single dad, why can’t they just make him as sweet as he was from the start? Did he really have to be such an a$$ to Hari and Yisang? i disliked it every time he tried to come between the couple. C’mon, if you want to win Hari’s heart, you do so at your own merit, not at the expense of your rival. And he didn’t have the right (at all) to interfere. He is a family friend, not a family. I mean, even Hari’s mom let Hari decide on her own, so why make Jae Young’s character so bad? Ugh! Too bad really!

I loved his story line of moving forward and growing to be a better dad to his daughter, and to making peace with the ex-wife. I just think his loveline with Hari could have been handled better – and it shouldn’t have been the focus of his story. He can continue to be the nice silent supporter/friend of Hari while realizing that his bad decisions have cost him his chance to be with Hari and he can never have it back. (on a side note, i still dont think he really loved Hari – i think he loved the idea of it – instant mom and friend. i mean he was such a jerk to her when he fell in love with his ex-wife, that i dont think he really loved her. maybe a crush, maybe a what-could-have-been).

On the other hand, the young guy, i think from the very start he was not a contender. I dont know if he was just brought to the story because of the other alternative – have yourself a younger guy who is the “king of sp*rm” and have a kid. We know it definitely wouldn’t work and it is so-not Hari’s personality to do it. but still he gave us plenty of laughs. His story arc is a bit different – although he started as clueless guy (i mean if a younger guy kept calling me auntie in the office, i would probably do the same thing that Hari did to him!), he ended up becoming mature as he learns how to work in the office and dealing with clients and coworkers. I honestly didn’t like the story between him and the selfish girl. I thought he deserved a way better girl than her and i’m glad they didn’t end up as a couple. Likewise, the selfish girl also learned a lot during the drama which was nice.

I honestly didn’t care much about the The Baby closing down as a storyline, mostly because i can’t really relate as I’m not a mom, but i thought the storyline was very real – I’ve seen local publishing houses stopping the print releases and going digital. and it impacts a lot of people. but while one opportunity closes, there will also be plenty of new opportunities that will open up. As long as we keep our heads up and think of what we want and like to do, then anything can happen. I loved that Hari opened her new company (Oh My Baby) although it’s not very clear what it supposed to be. (It is like her own webzine?) It still stayed true to her character since she loves kids so much and knows so much about them. She was able to give her best friend work and give Jae Young a site to continue reaching out to potential patients/clients.

Lastly, what i loved about this drama is that it not just focused on Hari’s story about a single woman wanting to have a family. We see so many other characters that are relatable — Her former boss who had to quit her job because she is struggling on working while taking care of her child, while her best friend wants to go back to working after taking care of her twins but is not having luck because she was out of the job market for years, taking care of her kids. We see a couple struggling to have a child, but we also see a childless couple happy without having any kids but being pressured by family members to have one.

I also realized that it’s not just the females who have it hard. Yisang is single but wants to have a family. Jae Young is a divorced single dad trying to work and manage his daughter at the same time. We see Yisang’s best friend working on various jobs to provide for his family and we see Ee Ddeum’s boss trying to create a loving relationship with his teenager by getting into the kpop groups that his daughter loves. These are all so well written and makes me realize that everyone has their own problems. We all have different issues in life and we should all try to understand and accept each other without judgements.

Overall, i loved this drama so much. The OST was beautiful and the cinematic visuals were stunning! I recommend to anyone because i think everyone can relate to at least one of the characters.

Rating: 9.5/10

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Search: WWW (2019)


Drama: Search: WWW (검색어를 입력하세요: WWW)
Network: tvN
Episodes: 16
Release Date: June 5 – July 25, 2019
Runtime: Wed. & Thu. 21:30
This drama tells story of three beautiful, successful and strong female directors in the web portal industry: Bae Ta-Mi, Cha Hyeon and Song Ga-Gyeong, as they compete to be the best web portal company and balance their professional and personal lives.
Main Cast
Lim Soo-Jung – Bae Ta-Mi
Lee Da-hee – Cha Hyeon
Jeon Hye Jin – Song Ga-Gyeong
Jang Ki Yong – Park Morgan
Lee Jae Wook – Seol Ji Hwan
Ji Seung Hyun – Oh Jin Woo
Wow! I loved this show so much I binged watched in just 4 days. I was blown away with everything and can’t think of anything I didn’t like.
Web portal vs Government
This topic of this drama was very timely and important since more and more users are depending on web portals to get real time information. I didn’t realize that’s how these web portal companies work and how powerful they can be with all the information they have. Reminds of the recent Facebook issue and all the discussions on political agendas and fake news that is being experienced around the world. Interested to hear more about real time keyword search and how web portals can actually delete these keywords if needed. I love that the drama showed various sides of the story, there is no right or wrong way, and we need to learn to consider all options and that big companies have the responsibility to manage the information, esp if it will have a significant affect to the people. I also liked the working style of Barro vs Unicon. While I liked that Unicon is more traditional, I liked Barro for being more open and where each individual’s opinions are considered. I also would love having a boss like Brian and maybe Tammy – they are good people to learn from. As for the evil mother-in-law, I have always seem to watch the actress play pitiful characters so was surprised to see her be so effective at being cruel and manipulative. So glad she got what she deserved at the end.
Women empowerment
I love that the story focused on three very different but equally confident, successful and gorgeous career women. Society has always demanded that when women reach a certain age and status in life, women should be married with children and if you’re single, it seems that there is something wrong with you — like you are too career focused or too intimidating and that you have such high standards. There is nothing wrong with aiming high and not wanting to be married and have children. Each one has different choices in life and there is no life that is more fulfilling or worth it than the other. I liked what Tammy said to Morgan — why is it that when a women decides that she doesn’t want to marry, she has to explain her reasons and it’s considered as abnormal? This is so true. I’m not sure who started this whole, “you have to be married with kids or else you’re not a woman or not fulfilled” thinking but this has to stop since it just puts pressure on women, which does not happen to men. Not that I’m saying that being a married career women is wrong either – in fact I admire these women and I have a lot of friends who juggle career and family and do it so well. I just mean that single women can also thrive and be happy with or without a love life and no one should belittle them for not wanting to reach their dreams and career goals.  Likewise, I loved the support/friendship that these women have with each other. They may argue/fight/disagree but these women check each other when one is crossing the line, comfort each other when one is down and support each other when necessary.
I also love that their personal (love) lives were secondary to the story. It’s nice to see that they have good support and interests outside of work. Tammy, Ga Gyeong and Hyeon’s romances were all different but I also love them.
Tammy and Morgan’s relationship was the most realistic and relatable. They tackle the usual issues about the age gap, differing values and I was happy to see it “resolved” in the end. I agree with Morgan, it’s too early to think about the future and the end and they should instead focus on the present. But my practical and mature self agrees with Tammy, why start something when you know it’s going to end? Why go through the heartache? Life is so short, if not being with each other is just not making you happy, then why not just be happy together? Even if years from now their relationship ends, it will not be useless because they would have had many wonderful memories and moments together and that is something you can never get back. As each person grows older and people’s habits and likes change over time, maybe Morgan will realize he doesn’t need marriage to be happy or maybe Tammy may realize marriage may not be so bad at all. They won’t be sacrificing anything if their opinions change naturally.
Hyeon and Ji Hwan’s relationship is the total opposite of Tammy and Morgan. I felt it was too childish/unrealistic/fantasy-ish but I don’t mind. I thought they were too cute. It was like every fan girl noona’s dream to meet and fall in love with their favorite Korean actor/kpop idol, even though they are younger (haha. PSJ or CSW for me!). Hyeon is fed up with all the cheaters and Ji Hwan is such a pure soul/puppy and they are perfect for each other. I love that Hyeon looks so fierce at work but so giggly and girly when she’s with Ji Hwan. The same way that Tammy may be tough and independent at work but becomes a cute lady and dependent when she’s with Morgan.
Ga Gyeong and Jin woo’s relationship was the saddest, yet one i’m most optimistic for. Theirs was a marriage of convenience and they were almost strangers for 10 years. And when they both took a stand and divorced, it was only then we saw a glimpse / glimmer of hope that maybe, when you take out KU Group, Unicon, and the pressures and just put them together in one room, maybe they can start over just as a man and a woman. I didn’t expect that Ga Gyeong will resign from Unicon but I think it was the best decision she has made — she finally got her wish to disappear and live her own life. most especially away from her parents (who I nominate as worst parents of the decade!!)
And everything else!
The fashion (I loved all of their power suits!!), their makeup (Hyeon’s lips, Tami’s hair, Ga Gyeong’s eyes), the cars, the soundtrack, the shots. New “oppas” to add to my endless collection – Jang Ki Yong and Lee Jae Wook.
Overall, I would say this is one of the best dramas I watched all year and I’m glad I’m closing the year with such a great feeling!
Rating: 9/10
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She Was Pretty (2015)


Drama: She Was Pretty (그녀는 예뻤다)
Network: MBC
Episodes: 16
Release Date: September 16 – November 11, 2015
Runtime: Wednesday & Thursdays 21:55
Two childhood sweethearts meet again after 15 years. Sung Jun who used to be fat and unpopular, is now hot, handsome editor of a fashion magazine while Hye Jin who used to be pretty and popular is now ugly and jobless. She persuades her pretty best friend Hari to pretend to be her in front of Sung Jun so as not to disappoint him, but Hye Jin ends up taking an intern job at Most, where Sung Jun is working. Can Sung Jun figure out who is the real Hye Jin and will they end up falling in love?
Main Cast
Hwang Jung Eum – Kim Hye Jin
Park Seo Jun – Ji Sung Jun
Choi Siwon – Kim Shin Hyuk
Koh Joon Hee – Min Hari
Because i just finished watching Revolutionary Love and attended Park Seo Jun’s fun meet that I decided to watch this drama. For the very first time in my 18 years of watching kdramas, I was torn between the main male lead and the male second lead. In fact, if my mind wasn’t hard wired to choose the main lead Sung Jun, i would have chosen Shin Hyun hands down. Sung Jun’s not bad — he is actually sweet and caring, but what really put me off was his really bad attitude at the start of the show. Seems like every time he feels pressure, he turns into a little monster and no matter how much nicer he treated Hye Jin when he fell in love with her, i will never forget how he made her feel so small and so humiliated in front of everyone when he thought she was just a loser. Seriously. How he treats his staff shows how much he treats people. I know, i should cut him a slack because everyone makes a mistake etc and he eventually apologized to her but Hye Jin should have told him off that he can’t treat people like that.Secondly, aside from that time when they were kids, i still dont know what they liked about each other as adults. I feel like it’s the nostalgia, more that anything that is keeping them connected and feeling in love. but it is a powerful feeling and i dont mind them ending up together.

Now Shin Hyuk, no matter how much a good catch he is and how much he also liked Hye Jin, i understand why he didn’t get the girl. he friendzoned himself, almost made fun of her and manipulated her, was always cracking jokes that when he finally is serious about her, Hye Jin didn’t believe him. and Hye Jin is really so stuck on Sung Jun, Shin Hyuk never had a chance except as a friend and older brother. I felt so bad for him — that time when he came running / rather driver in a motorcycle and got into an accident, and Sung Jin beat him to Hye Jin and he was limping all week without Hye Jin knowing what happened. and all those times he had to send her to Sung Jun while his heart his breaking.. and those 2 scenes that made me cry. One, when they had their date and he finally send goodbye to her and he was silently crying while driving back home, and when he met her one last time and hugged her. Aww.. i wish I can fly to wherever he went to in Europe and hug him back.

I love the friendship between Hye Jin and Hari. I didn’t feel angry at Hari – i could understand her, just like how Hye Jin understood her very well. She is starving for love and affection so you can’t blame her for liking Sung Jun because he was the only one who made her feel special even though it was really for Hye Jin. I actually thought that hari and Shin Hyuk were a fun pair — too bad they didn’t become a couple. I guess Shin Hyuk’s love for Hye Jin wouldn’t have been effective if he ended up with hari. and Shin Hyuk as Ten really seems like a loner and a private person.

Finally Hye Jin — i was delaying watching this because Hye Jin looked too “ugly” to watch. but as I watch her with her frizzy hair and red face and slowly changing to the sophisticated “Most” look, I realized how much i missed her old self. She was much more charming and real with her frizzy hair. Sometimes the actress was overacting a bit with her expressions but I eventually liked her and maybe that’s why guys like Sung Jun and Shin Hyuk are falling all over for her.

i recommended this drama to two of my friends and they loved it too!

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Revolutionary Love (2017)


Drama: Revolutionary Love (변혁의 사랑)
Network: tvN
Episodes: 16
Release Date: October 14 – December 3, 2017
Runtime: Sat. & Sun. 21:00
Byun Hyuk (Choi Si-Won) is the son of a wealthy family. He is carefree and a troublemaker. After one too many scandals, his strict father kicks him out of the house and he ends up meeting Baek Joon. Baek Joon, is a hardworking girl from a poor family who resorts to taking up part time jobs because of her tragic past. She is neighbors with long time college friend, Jehoon who has a secret crush on her, and who happens to be Byun Hyuk’s family lawyer.
Main Cast:
Choi Siwon – Byun Hyuk
Kang Sora – Baek Joon
Gong Myung – Kwon Jehoon
Lee Jae Yoon – Byun Woo Sung
A lot of people said this was not a good drama so i delayed watching this until a few weeks ago because I was looking for a quick romcom and I was missing Choi Siwon. I ended up watching this drama in just a few days. I liked this drama – i thought it was hilarious but at the same time it tackled company corruption. It also dealt with family relationships.
Many people thought Choi Siwon was playing a similar character as he did with She was pretty – a rich and funny guy – but I beg to disagree. I thought Byun Hyuk and Kim Shin Hyuk (Siwon’s character in She was pretty)  were totally different characters in terms of personality and outlook. Byun Hyuk was a carefree rich guy, not because he wants to, but because that’s all he is known for all his life. He was the second son and was never taken seriously but his father. He is naive and warm hearted but he keeps getting into unintended accidents. There were times when I want to wring his neck because he doesn’t seem to grow up or learn from his mistakes. I don’t think Byun Hyuk is stupid or that Siwon plays his character badly, it was the way the writer developed his character that made it seem like Byun Hyuk is dumb. But I think Byun Hyuk redeemed himself in the end. He really became mature, we saw how smart he actually is, and he was able to maintain his big heart despite how his family fell apart. Oh and I love that Siwon has such a meme-able face. He is the visual of Super Junior and always looks so put-together but he is so confident that he can let go and do crazy things when he plays a character.
I love Baek Joon, she is a strong and independent and was a great friend and ally to Byun Hyuk. I thought the romance between them started a bit late (Byun Hyuk confessed early on but it took some time for Baek Jun to return her feelings), which is understandable as she is focusing on her life/career and romance was not a priority. I did notice that her character took a back seat in the last few episodes of the drama as the show focused on the corruption/scandal, which is sad because Baek Jun was such a great character. I also felt bad for what happened to her family (particularly to her father). Good thing she grew up to be determined and optimistic.
I didn’t like Jehoon that much and I don’t know why some viewers liked him over Byun Hyuk. He was awful to Byun Hyuk – he had a lot of resentment against Byun Hyuk but never said anything to him, he was arrogant and put him down so many times. and it turns out it was all a misunderstanding when he was young! Byun Hyuk was such a good friend to him and he relied on Jehoon so much. As for people saying that Baek Jun should have ended up with Jehoon because he liked her first – I disagree. “All is fair in love and war”. Jehoon never showed or told Baek Jun his feelings until it was too late. He never told Byun Hyuk too. On the other hand, Byun Hyuk liked Baek Jun and he wasn’t afraid to tell her. and Baek Jun may have liked Jehoon when they were younger, but it was obvious that she liked Byun Hyuk and treats Jehoon as a friend.
Byun Hyuk’s father and brother were so terrible, especially the father, but I’m glad they were able to end the story with them paying for what they did but also still end the drama happily.
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Suspicious Partner (2017)


Drama: Suspicious Partner (수상한 파트너)
Network: SBS
Episodes: 40
Release Date: May 10 – July 13, 2017
Runtime: Wed. & Thu. 22:00 (35 minutes each / 2 episodes per day)

Bong-Hee had a bad encounter with Ji-Wook (Ji Chang-Wook) when she accuses him of being a molester. They again meet at a hotel when Bong Hee caught her boyfriend with another girl and tried to get back by going home with Ji Wook. She ended up drunk and woke up at Ji Wook’s house.

A few months later, Bong-Hee, who is a law student/researcher, is assigned to work in Ji-Wook’s office, who turns out to be a great prosecutor. One night, when Bong Hee got home, she found her ex-boyfriend dead and she was arrested for his murder. Ji-Wook becomes the prosecutor in her murder case and was able to prove her innocence. However, Ji Wook had to quit his job and become a lawyer. Meanwhile, Bong Hee also became a lawyer and is trying to search for the real murderer. They meet up again after a few years and decided work together to find the murderer before the murderer gets to them.

Main Cast
Ji Chang Wook – No Ji Wook
Nam Ji Hyun – Eun Bong Hee
Choi Tae Joon – Ji Eun Hyuk
Kwon Na Ra – Cha Yoo Jung

My very first Ji Chang Wook drama. Yes, sadly, i’m late to the Ji Chang Wook ship. i don’t like his older dramas because it is always action (eg. Healer, K2). I also didn’t like his “face”. haha. I was bored and looking for something light and fun so i picked up this show on a whim. And I’m glad I did. The more i stared at Ji Chang Wook on the screen, the more i was mesmerized by his good looks – his beautiful eyes and kissable lips. He was especially cute when he wears his big glasses. though i preferred his prosecutor hair (his hair is up and slicked back) than his lawyer hair (his hair hiding his lovely forehead).

Okay, back to the drama (sorry got sidetracked). i thought this would be a zippy romcom/light murder mystery drama, so i didn’t expect that this show had a lot of murders, gripping scenes and a psychopath killer!!! Super hooked on the murder part because i hated the psycho killer so bad I wanted to see how they catch him (he is too good and is always one step ahead of the pair). I read the reviews of some people and I honestly don’t understand why they feel bad or sad about the psycho!! yes, the twist at the end was marvelous (i didn’t even consider that angle) but it does not justify what he did – killing each one of them and asking for sympathy.

the law firm group was hilarious – especially the law firm dad. he used to play the mean guy in his previous dramas but this is the second time i’ve watched him play the fun and cool dad/granddad so i love his love/hate fights with Bong Hee. and Bong Hee’s reaction when she realized that he is Ji Wook’s “dad” and she has to be nice to him. and Ji Wook’s mother! She is a great actress – most of the time she is so effective at being the screaming, scheming bad mother – this time, while she is annoying, she is so funny with her fight with Bong Hee’s mother – cracks me up!

The best friend (Eun Hyuk) and the bitch ex girlfriend (Yoo Jung). Hm, at first i didn’t like Eun Hyuk, i thought he was really mean for coming in between Ji Wook and Yoo Jung but then I found out he was the first one who liked her and i felt bad for her. And while he did hurt Ji Wook, he was still there, trying to make amends and asking forgiveness. i get why Ji Wook was mad at him – he betrayed him after all but it felt like he was more hurt at Eun Hyuk than when he broke up with Yoo Jung. As for Yoo Jung, ugh! I thought she was a bad ass prosecutor, but then she got whiny and clingy, expecting to just get back with Ji Wook as if she didn’t cheat on him! (the nerve!!!) and her glares to Bong Hee is totally unwarranted – she has no right since she’s the ex. I still can’t believe Eun Hyuk still likes her after all that she did. I think he deserves someone better than her. but oh well, she was not bad by the end of the show.

the other friend – the girl Bong Hee caught cheating with her dead ex-boyfriend. Ugh! i wanted to slap her face for giving Bong Hee such a hard time. and it was too funny when Bong Hee found out and they grabbed each other’s hair! The nerve of her assuming Eun Hyuk likes her (haha!) I was prepared to hate her but she was nice for giving Bong Hee a space to live in when she needed it and she became a nice person.

This was a super fun show – with the right mix of comedy, murder and romance.  Looking forward to Ji Chang Wook’s new drama (and if he ever comes to Manila for a fanmeeting, count me in!)